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Post What Your Battletag Means

The Search for Animal Chin was an old skate board movie that I loved.

I've used Animal Chin for everything since.

Skater from the late 80's.... Golden age of skating till the early 90's IMO. Cheers man!

Battle tag from a golfer from Japan, Shingo Katayama... But I modified it to Shingo Agogo... As I will go go go.... Lol
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Poobah... as in the Grand Poobah. Of course i use alts like Poodah, Poobanator, Poobad, Poodaddy, Poobious etc. etc.. Fun with Poo!

My D2 cow runs were of course... Poocow 1 / Poocow 2 / etc.

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Hey, I'm Dude.
Not to be confused with man, guy, or bro. Or even a mixture of the three, such as bromanguy, broguyman, or of the four, brodudemanguy.

I'm just a Dude who was lucky enough to snipe this battletag during the D3 launch! Henceforth becoming the only and ultimate "Dude" of D3 :)
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Blind Valkyrie - my old handle from IRC days... basically a valk who doesn't just choose heros but anybody! after all she can't really see...
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I really like the one inspired by a typo from a UO PKer hahaha

Mine is a mix of 3 or 4 things:

1- Xeno from xenogears
2- Cid from Final Fantasy (especially the VII or Orlandu in FFTactics)
3- Xenocid together sounds like Genocid
4- "Dius" at the end is from the Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars (Darth Sidious)

I used only "Xeno" as my online name but it was too common and most of the time already taken :(
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I am Uber hear me roar!!
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Phoenix :

My favourite creature in myth.
My favourite clan in Legends of the 5 Rings. (My life, my soul for the Phoenix....)
My favourite level 7 unit in Heroes 3. Fastes unit, rebirth etc...
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Haushinka is a girl with a peculiar name. I met her on the eve of my birthday.
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Im just very thorough in my exploration
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Very cool thread, :-)

To start with, MDM is my initials.

As for the Cardinal part...my first girlfriend used to call me her Phoenix, her "bird of fire." When we broke up (i.e., when she wanted to move on), I didn't feel right calling myself Phoenix anymore, so in looking for my own bird-related moniker, I chose Cardinal.

I was involved in the online beta test for the original PS2 Killzone game, and adopted the name CardinalPhoenix for my account, which I believe has been adopted by a fair amount of people in other games since, as whenever I try to make that my online handle in new games, it's never available, ;-)

Anyway, when CardinalPhoenix is too long, I tend to shorten it. And here we are.
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Should be obvious.

I am a Witch Doctor.
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aqua teen hunger force Brah
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From Legacy of Kain games.
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Typo of Loup de noir, an AD&D Ravenloft lycanthrope that changes form by use of a wolf pelt.

Every character name of mine has some tie to a wolf or canine:

Volk (should have been spelled Волк, but damn naming conventions)
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Jace Beleren from Magic The Gathering™

Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad from Assassins Creed™

I like hooded figures =)

JaceAltair EU Server

DH Stun Build Trolling Elites and Ubers on MP10
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Typical RPG/fantasy title for the Bringer of Death. meh.... LOL
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Also. old MiSfiTs song.

F, I said F I
F I N, F I N K
F I N K, fink, fink, fink
R, I said R A
R A T, R A T T
Rat, R A T T F I N K
Rat fink, Rat Fink
Rat fink, Rat Fink
Rat fink, R A T T F I N K
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, oh R A T T F I N K
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Rat fink (R A T T oh)
R A T T F I N K, R A T T F I N K, R A T T F I N K, rat, oh, oh, woah
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