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shn = shin
dany = daniel

My name :D
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Named after a dungeon and an anti-virtue(Pride) in one of my all time favorite games; Ultima Online
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I worked in Glencoe near the Cave of Ossian.
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Mine is self explanatory.
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I am a professor in the field of Awesome. I teach at a local university.
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Well, mine is probably not very original but it's my nickname which I got a lot of years ago from my rl friends. Why Beast? Very long story and probably not very interesting for most people.............:)
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I've always enjoyed smashing into Lake Erie waves on a boat or my jet ski.
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My battle tag was MudharFarkar named after a character by Matthew Reilly in his Schofield books. I changed it to my name once I started posting in forums to avoid ambiguity.
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@Heisenburg - Heisenberg is The One Who Knocks.
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Mine has history.

Over 10 years ago, well hell, 13 years ago... There was this FPS called UT (Unreal Tournament). I started playing this game, right when it hit the market. Wasn't a month, and I was running dedicated servers, hosting matches, both one on one arena games CTF, etc. Me and 2 others founded a clan called Dragon Talon Marauders. =DTM= grew to having at one point nearly 100 clan members. I played this game a LOT. It makes my time with D2 and D3 combined look small and useless. Anyhow, we grew to the point of having our very own dedicated T3 line, multi core server running anywhere from 4-10 games at the same time. Used to participate with online ladders, matches, host games for people, ran a website, created our own maps, you name it.

But somewhere in 2003 I was pretty burnt out on it after about 4 years, and had to give it up. Handed the clan control to another founder and left UT entirely, from the online side. I play it occasionally here local, but not very much anymore.

My in-game name was Ace. So for those on here, most of you can just call me that. But that is what my tag is from. Cheers.
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Berserker Manga --- Zodd the Immortal

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Yelyah - Hayley spelled backwards. Because hayley Williams is my favorite artist.

Previous one was Alexithymia which means the inability to describe emotions within yourself

On a side note, I've used my free battletag name change and I was wondering if I could change it again by paying a certain amount of money?
Can someone link me to how, if its possible? Thanks.

I would change mine to Sempiternal which means eternal or unchanging.
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11/28/2012 06:18 AMPosted by phnx
My favourite level 7 unit in Heroes 3. Fastes unit, rebirth etc...

I thought my friends and I were the only people in the world that still played that game. I love it. Prefer using the Barbarian class, and the "Ballista specialty" hero.

Anyway, my name comes from books by Melanie Rawn.. the Dragon Prince series. Azhrei is one of my favorite characters/names in the book. Kazandar is actually my favorite for both, but Azhrei has, for some reason, always been the name I choose for my accounts. Maybe cuz I know I can't live up to Kazandar? lol
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Many years ago, while an undergrad at university, I stumbled upon a chat site. Chatropolis. While browsing the site, I encountered several fetish forums for which I had no prior knowledge. Being the nosy sort, I came up w Inquisitive and entered the chat rooms to question ppl about their penchant for said fetishes. It's been my online name since. Well over ten years now
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Khala has multiple meanings:

1) Translated in Greek, it means "good". I have Greek heritage
2) Starcraft. In Protoss lore, the Khala is the main religion of the Protoss. It is also referred to as the Path of Ascension.
3) From Game of Thrones, Khal means basically king (eg., Khal Drogo before he died)

And the ARon part is just my first, middle, and last name compressed into 4 letters.

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Quetzalcoatl is the Mayan god of the air. Seemed like a cool name for a wizard, my 1st character in D3.
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Bet y'all can't guess mine.

Hint; People over 35 years old and who "party" might get it.
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The best mini boss of all time are The Dark Nuts! Epic Battle when you face them in Legend of Zelda.

This one is from TP:


Nasty sh-t
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