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Spent a lot of time on mine actually, it means flawless, immaculate, unblemished, untarnished, in german. Constantly gets mispronunciated though...oh well. I wanted something that I had never seen and something that i didn't need to put xx ____ xx or anything like that. It is my xbl name and my psn name. Use it for everygame.
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My name could (very) roughly be understood to mean "blood goblin" and is a play on the word "hemoglobin;" a metalloprotein in red blood cells responsible for carrying oxygen.

It was also a name I used for one of my many necromancers in Diablo II.
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Several games ago, I tried to obtain the name Brianboru, after the king of Ireland. The name was taken, so I attached the shorter version of my name to boru instead and came up with Liamboru. it has stuck across the last 6 or so games I have played.
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I wrote a fantasy book for a creative writing class while I was in college, the main characters name was Arkand. The professor like it and had the book published for me. I have used the name since I first played eq1.
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Mine, simply the courage. ^^
and the main character of a book called: Berserk
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My Daughters initials.
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Mine is from a character from Ferngully. Originally I wanted it to be "Hexus" as it should be but the game I was on it was taken, so I changed it to "Hexxiss" and it's stuck ever since
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When I was like 14 or so I made up the name Scorch Hellfire based off my real name for some demonic character I came up with at the time and liked to draw and make up stories for, and I still use it for many of my game profiles and such, but since Blizzard restricted names to 12 characters I couldn't use the full thing and had to go with just plain Scorch instead... =/
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Kimris was the original name of my first Roleplaying character, Along with d2 character.
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DVS sounds like devious and I was a charge smiter pally in D2.
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Played the original Everquest when I was a kid... random name generator of my first character came to "Oumadien". Ever since, I've been known as Ouma on all games afterwards.
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I am a college mathematics instructor, hence "mathnut"
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I was staring at the character creation screen for my first WoW toon, a dwarven paladin with golden hair and a long braided beard. The name popped in my head, I typed it in, and I've never been able to live it down. I'm now married, with a son and wife of my own, but I still remember the first time my mom yelled from the kitchen "Hey Goldilocks, leave the damn dragon alone and come eat your dinner!". My wife, on the other hand, has promised that she'll never call my Goldilocks. Which is probably a good thing, as it might be hard to concentrate if she called that one out in the heat of the moment. :-)
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i am officially the worst name picker ever. i got bored one day trying to create a WoW character so i had a quick look around and notice i dont have much art. i like native art so i went with a misspelled version of a native land marker
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It's really my name
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Uccheda (pronounced YOU-KAY-DUH) is Sanskrit and roughly means the annihilation/destruction of everything. I always thought that seemed appropriate for a game where destruction was key =)
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Dutch translation of a dialect Cn word. "Fart egg", it means that what you're saying is "like an egg full of farting goodness".

That aside, my characters' names consist of 2 words from 5 different languages.
Potty - Bear -->English
Bidet - Orvet (type of snake) --> French
Benjou - Karasu (crow) --> Jpn
Secreet(us) - Ness (Loch Ness) -->Dutch with Latin swung
Niao - Niao (bird) --> Mandarin

With the exception of Mandarin version, the first parts all refer to potties. "niao 尿" means to pee in Mandarin.
Reason: Pottybear's fault, I wanted to give the big muscleman a ridiculous name.

EDIT: how did I get in US forums -_-;;;;
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Name of a blacksmith on and old mmorph i played in the late 90's / early 2000's called Ultima Online. i dont know its actual origin it just poped in my head and has never been taken in any other game ive played so i keep using it. i also use Keeran a lot and it has the same origin
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Say, this isn't one of those quiz type threads on social media where they ask you best friends name and your pet's name all in hopes of trying to guess our account passwords is it??? Tsk tsk and tsk.

I just like to give people a hard time and get myself in trouble. Aside from that, "hooligan" is just a fun word to say. Right up there with "shenanigans". Oh no! My passw... nevermind... :-/
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