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Grim Reaper this, Grim Reaper that. Why can't he have a little job satisfaction? So, JollyReaper. After a while I dropped the Reaper bit.
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Its over 9000!!!
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My company name is Omni X Auto Sports - shortened to OMNIXAS
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A deliberate misspell of my name : Haze
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Tubby has been my nickname for 4 years now. And I'm not fat/tubby which most people find ironic
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I'm impressed with all the posts since I started this xD
I read all of them, so lets keep it going.
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My name is what they called the virus that killed everyone in the Stephen king book The Stand.
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Atropos...Greek Mythology, one of the fates...the one who cuts your thread which I thought perfectly suited a caster.

I used to use Ariachne for everything (combination of Arachnid and Ariadne); pretty much since EverQuest in 1999; but back in around 2004 Mistress Ariachne on an S&M site apparently got very popular and I was getting a lot of....interesting tells in game......

My rogue/ranger type characters are usually Nyad which is really just a simplification of Naiad (freshwater nymphs).

My Surname is always Anansi (African Spider trickster god)

Apparently I like Spiders and mythology.
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11/28/2012 04:23 AMPosted by Rafael
Mine is my name... my imagination is incredible!

You registered yours faster than me and I had to come up with something new :P
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i made mine up in 8th grade.. means nothing.. probably was stoned

oh sometimes i use my last name backwards.. but i used plouyd in d2 so i had to keep it 8)
Edited by plouyd#1632 on 11/28/2012 10:35 AM PST
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I don't condone the practice, I swear.
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I was reading the Hunger Games books at the time I made my tag and I had planned on making a female demon hunter so I figured Mockingjay would fit
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Mine is a combination of a nickname I was given in high school (Weird Harold) and the song/album by the (hopefully) future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Rush... who are playing in Dallas tonight, which just happens to be about 20 miles from my home. Hell yeah!
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My OCD loves prime numbers!
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Jack Of All Trades
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Wax dabs - what I spend my time doing right before I play D3. And usually during, and then after.
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