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Pariah - An outcast of society and my fav Lamb of God song
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Deep Thoughts...

I'd rather be rich than stupid.
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I have been using my name "Zentar" since D2 (Knight_Zentar) and I even used it when I played FFXI Online. I actually use it for any game with an "RPG" feel, even if it is not online. It actually was going to be Xentar but that was taken on FFXI so I always just stuck with Zentar. Granted I have had this name for 13+ years so when I created it I was 13... that being said it is actually from "Knights of Xentar" a really old "h.ent.ai" (they censored it normally) turn based RPG lol!
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Last name.
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My friends always yell doctor frost whenever I walk inside during the winter because my glasses fog up
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The Brool Story Company is the group of people who often tell stories that facilitate the response, "Cool story, bro."


Hey, did you notice how Bob is an obvious member of the Brool Story Co? He always tells the most pointless stories!
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Most people accuse me for having a Chinese farmer name or scammer :( i'm so sad.
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It means Poop...with an o at the end of it.
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Started with my PS3 purchase when I first had to create an online identity. Most of the usual RPG names and fun pseudonyms were taken so I tried to create a new name. Based on "Daedalus" from Greek mythology = creator of the Crete Labyrinth. Changed the ending to make the name unique and because I like the phoenetics better. Use it for everything from Twitter to Xbox Live.

No offense to anyone, but I always cringe when I see an online name with a ton of numbers behind or in front of it. I mean really? You couldn't come up with anything original that you had to name yourself "Chris463" or "supercoolguy36"? Haven't seen it on D3 forums much so thank you all for that.

Great forum topic by the way.
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Years ago I needed a Char. name/acc count name the day I bought the first D and couldnt think of a decent one. I happen to be drinking the old Safeway brand soda at the time Cragmont and the agmo in the middle jumped out at me.Been using it for D ever since :)
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xking is actually not my name/name created by me .i only added the 89
its the person who first bought me to online gaming through online chat room.
he/she is the one that first ask me to join him/her on a game call priston tale a long long time ago
i wanted to find the person,thats y on all mmo, i will use this name.
still i m looking for the original xking who is a fighter class on the original korean priston tale.^^
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Exactly how it sounds. ;)
Edit: I love waffles... lol used to eat a whole bunch of Eggos
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nick name friend of mine game me ages ago when the toy jibber jabber was out. He claimed I talk to much and never say anything, much like the toy.

The first part came when he was watching the news and the US ambassador to Syia name was "Kamel Jabber"
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Im hardcore in to ants (yes) and this is my alias on antforums..
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The name of the Marine starship in Aliens
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The predominant composition of my blood volume.
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If Snoop Dogg "izzled" b u k a k k e (have to put spaces because it gets edited out), you end up with Bukizzle.
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