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Exactly how it sounds. ;)
Edit: I love waffles... lol used to eat a whole bunch of Eggos

Blue waffles by any chance? XD
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When my best friend first got me to play D2, I asked, what my Bnet account name should be. He said, "Whatever the F*** you want." Alas the name Wtfuwant has stuck.
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Dbum357. Ok d is for my first name Dennis. Bum is when I was living in my place of birth by the beach "beach bum" 357 is my ibew local union number. Dumb but I never forget it
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I was calling my Chars in Diablo 2 by their build/play style. It started with the Necromancer using only bone skills, curses and Clay Golem. I called him Pure_Bone. Then all others started by Pure. PureSword, PureChant, PureLight, PureKiller(PK).

Also, Purelaine is a word used to name people with roots from the old French colony in Canada. I started using it so people from Quebec would know I'm french Canadian without asking.
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I was really into linkin park's meteora album way back in the day and my career now is as a meteorologist...so it just fits.
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[Aster ("Star" in old grec) - Also several names of flowers in shape of a star.]

Asther Am Nargath : The Star of the North is the complete name.

She is a Barbarian old caracter from Dungeons & Dragons, played on paper and on computer (mostly in Baldur's Gate serie and Neverwinter Nights) since the mid 90's.

Her origin takes place in Icewind Dale, behind the Spine of the World and at very north from the Sword Coast.
She left her land and her group (just like in diablo) to discover the world.
After brawling in disgusting bars in Luskan city, she earned a crappy-magnificent boat that she named proudly after her "The Star of the North". She left quicly to install her in a more respected place like Neverwinter.

She killed Baal in 1999 and Diablo in 2012, and also appear in World of Warcraft from 2006 to 2012.

To be continued...
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Multiple lung surgeries, got the nickname at work.
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"Where's Zed?"
"Zeds dead baby!"
"Zeds dead!"

Quote from Pulp Fiction of course
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I am the true proxy.
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Mine harkens back to Unreal Tournament days. I used to love playing a female Necris and I originally named her Ice Queen B!tch, but shortened it to Iceqb, which can also be pronounced like ice cube.
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I hate English DUB, sounds like gun damn! Totally destroys the original theme!
There should be no English DUB for Japanese anime.
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Fisting...Enough said.
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I really wish you people would stop killing me...
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Started reading " A Song of Ice and Fire" about 10 years ago. Any of you who read the book know who this is.

My in game charcter is Beric.

You see the theme.

I love when i meet someone who knows what my name is

Bonus Point to
whoever says what happened to Rhaegar
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Self explanatory
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The sword used by Arithon in the brilliant Janny Wurts series started with Curse of the Mistwraith and still great 7 or 8 books later.
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I live in British Columbia, and I really like the story of the Hawaiian God Lono. Hence; BCLono.
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When your fighting an elite mob or doing ubers... and you need a smoke/nicotine fix, Nicfit.
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