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YakumoYukari is the demon lord originating from the world of Touhou, she possess the power to manipulate boundaries (aka the most HAX ability in all fiction), bending the gap between existence/non-existence, reality/fantasy, life/death. Most certainly the strongest among all fictional characters. Marvel omnipotents, demonbane or Gogeta from DBZ are like puny bugs compared to her.
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Fictional pirate from Malaysia. Known as "the Tiger of Malaysia". Although I'm not from Malaysia or South Asia, I like the character...

He's like Jack Sparrow, but less drunk...

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Mines based off of my YouTube channel, crudmuffingamer.

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Mine comes from Quake 3 Arena - I always thought Anarki was cool with his hoverboard. Have used the name ever since! Had to add a 99, as it often unavailable popular :P I use this handle for most things :)
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Mine is from Page 35 of the Diablo 2 book that comes with the game!

I am true nephalem!
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<-- the sound of speaking my initials.
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Mine was booooyaa, however I couldn't "view profile" on it or do anything to fix it. I opened a couple of tickets, but to no avail. I did a free battle tag change and now I can "view profile" and others can see as well. I was also a bit tipsy so the name was funny and I chose it. If anybody asks I put my hand over clocks.
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And it was also the name of my Tauren Shaman in WoW.
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I have mastered the ancient craft of pranking.
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My first foray into online gaming was Left 4 Dead, eventually settled on my favourite prehistoric messiah. Stuck with it ever since
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Mine's from the fantasy book series The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan. Na'eblis is the title that will be given to the Forsaken chosen by the dark one to be the most powerful Dreadlord in this age. The other tag I use a lot is 14th Forsaken since there were 13 forsaken(Dreadlords) in the books and I would have become the 14th if the series was actually real and I could channel the One Power.

Yes, I know I am a WoT nerd.
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<--- no prizes for figuring this one.
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Daphboy69 in D1- dunno why daphboy. 69 because i was 14.
Daph_boy in D2- Slightly more matured
Daph in D3- Big boy gamer now. Get ready to bend over in LLD pvp ;P
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Crymore has been a name ive picked for a long time, in mmorpgs too. Especially the ones that have pvp, ultima onine, dark age of camelot, lineage2, and so on.

Nothing worse than getting a pop up that says you have been killed by crymore. And if you you complain well than you can crymore to someone who cares.

Not really that big of a @!#@!#!%, but come to learn over many years in games especially online ones, that a tremendous amount of people cry ot only in the games but on the forums too. So it seems fitting.
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... my first thought when I read what they did to Deckard Cain in D3
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Mine is an engrish translation of the Pokemon Celebi.
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Play "swords of xeen" long enough and you may find out.

P.S. An older "might and magic" game.
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My tag is inspired by these crazy mofos.


Takes a whole lotta plums to do this!

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