I have been die hard diablo fan since diablo 1 was just released and i was bounceing some ideas around in my head. Does anyone remember playing diablo 1 expansion hellfire? Well what if a lesser demon or sinister person (maybe adria) used something to turn time back to D1 time frame. Old trist would be perfectly fine and where new trist was would just be wilderness. You Would have to do some very memerable quests but theres new agendait's Now the nephelem have to stop warrior from taking the soul stone (knowing he becomes wanderor). As well as stopping the arch bishop lazurous from killing leorics son tho the mad king was still too corrupted, the old enviroments with a newage look and gameplay would be entertaining. Include the extra content from hellfire and a couple new classes. Id also like to think expansion could be two acts. Traveling to kurast while in its thriving prime would be awsome.

Class ideas - Do you remembet the veil of steel in diablo 1if i remember right there was a doom knight who was going rouge or cast out or something, well it would be cool to have a doom knight class would be Vit oriented but his life is life and resource, im invisioning melee skills like zeal and unholy sheild haha, as well as some dark magic skills caster skill,
Since they already ruined templar for us would give a diff option for sheild weilder

Druid!!! Enough said

Let me know what you all think, just some ideas