Diablo® III

Phantasm vs Acid Cloud

Phant is 45% weap dam per tick, AC - Slow Burn is 50% weap damage per tick.
~110 mana vs ~170 mana. Meaning for the 'cost' of the initial direct dam on acid cloud you could drop 6 fire bombs with old Phant.
You can also directly increase the damage of phant with gear, acid gear is just more crit.

Life on Hit Returns, are 25% per mob, per tick for Phant. Acid Rain is a bit more tricky, it's higher in the center of the circle & weaker to the edge. If you get used to acid rain tho, it's alot more punchy & stronger heals.

As they are 6 & 5 sec, there's no reason you can't use both, with 3-4 other attacks between.

(Haunt another 95 weap dam per sec, locust 45, that's 235% weap dam per sec sustained with a 1 sec brake per cycle move/suck up slower weaps, add ontop fire dogs x4 [45 dps], and a guarg bruser[100], that's 380% weap dam per sec, sustained! More effort but double the actual damage of a WW barb!!!) (Also not the most effective dot build for us, just an example)
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Guys Phantasm DOES stack. I kill faster when I pile 3 Phants under a monster then when there is only 1. So I am doing 135%/s with three stacked up.
The question then is how does this compare to Acid Cloud and Bears?

Well for one AC does not stack. Bears can stack in some cases. And they have a larger radius. AC radius is much larger than Bears.
Ac and Bears costs a lot of mana whereas Phant is free with RoE.

Phant 135%/s
AC 110% followed by 50%/s
Bears 236%

With a single target, you throw in 3 Phants and start spamming PD that does 180%. While the other two don't have this benefit.

So over 5 seconds, 1 attack/s.
Phant 540% + 540% from splinters (you cast the first Phant then 2 Phants plus 3 Splinters)
AC 550% + 225%
Bears 1180%

So which one is better? and how do we tell apart from theoretical calculations?
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Well, even with 3 stacked phantasms you're only doing 135% weapon damage/second, whereas just the INITIAL shot of acid cloud does 115%.

It does feel lackluster, but you might be able to make it work by using ROE and a bear build. I'm playing around with Spirit Barrage and ROE now with bears and I like it a lot more than I thought I would.

Remember, this is still Diablo, tinkering with something that seems like crap and finding a way to make it awesome is what makes the game fun.
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