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New ring should be better than the old one.

Found a new ring that is strictly better than the old one (disregarding the resistances). It particularly has higher min/max-damage and higher int. It should therefore increase my damage, but apparently it doesn't. See http://bit.ly/VpPz5i
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The first amulet probably has a +min damage affix which is not (correctly) displayed. If you had posted the account the amulet is on, one could check for sure.
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More than likely just a bug with the tooltip's damage calculation. It seems to not take some abilities and passives into account. There have been several times I have equipped an item that shows it would result in a DPS loss (it didn't), and looking at the tooltip for the first item I had equipped would ALSO result in a DPS loss.
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@McLight: why would the account be helpful?
@Keiser: equipping the new amulet also results in less damage.
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You could do a "find similar" search on your amulet in the Auction House. Afaik this one calculates "average damage" correctly.
Tooltip doesn't calculate changing passive bonuses (like weapon types for "Archery") or set bonuses. But for this case (non-set amulet) my bet yould be hidden min damage.

Edit: Account would have been helpful as with the bnet-web-api you can get item identification and properties to verify whether it has a min damage affix.

If you look at the source code of the Hero-Profile you can find the item id and then check its stats.
Like take mine:
<a href="/d3/en/item/cudgel" class="slot slot-mainHand" data-d3tooltip="item/CiAIqbXruQsSBwgEFb8LS50dXxOvNTAJOPUEQABQBGD1BBiB0aerDA">

using that on
shows all properties of the item
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@McLight: You were right. The first amulet contains a property that is hidden in the popup info.


It's this property:

"Damage_Bonus_Min#Physical" : {
"min" : 34.0,
"max" : 34.0

Thank you for your help. Now I know why the old amulet has better stats after all. But still, this is a bug. I mean how am I supposed to know how a good an item is if I can't read it of the official visual charts? Why are some properties hidden?
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