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help sexual harassment


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Days ago she said she was bored, guess thats not the case anymore.

"yah this game is a bore evon if they come out with pvp im not going to bouther playing its just a wast of time."
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art thou an advocate of sexual harassment, my good man?
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12/03/2012 03:49 PMPosted by pichapiegal
art thou an advocate of sexual harassment, my good man?

My good lady,

Only in the workplace, and when it happens to me. :-)

My first post in this thread is the real answer -

"Report the pervs? Seems easy enough."
Why would I want to help sexual harassment?

Unless you meant "Help, sexual harassment." ?

Watch out, we got a comma over here.
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Report them!

... but seriously, they have a video clip of a woman getting decapitated. You're splattering demons all over the ground. Their bowels roll. I'm not saying that it's a requirement, but you should grow some thick skin. The interwebz is a tough place for the unprepared.

Yes, nobody should be exposed to those kinds of advances if they don't want them, but think about how much more in this world you could accomplish if 1) you were imune to teen-aged stupidity and 2) you didn't flaunt your gender to boys.

I have two female characters. Each of them have a gender-neutral name. Nobody thinks I'm a girl. Nobody ever flirts with me. I'm not a girl, which makes it a good thing.

I just like how these girls look. I make no apologies.
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We take reports of harassment very seriously, so if you believe you're being harassed by another player in-game, make sure to report them with the report function and then block communication with them. Alternatively, you can submit a ticket to report harassment.
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