I very strongly believe this is server lag.

I run D3 on Samsung RF711 laptop and my roommate on one of the latest Asus gaming laptops.
Every now and then, especially during elite encounters, there is this lag that literly freezes your game. D3 is responsive and connection is still alive. We share the same network and it is not like a very cheap network connection.
The lag does not trigger at the same time but very randomly at different times to both units.
My laptop had some laggy issue with the game and that problem got resolved once I've switched my HD to SSD. Once this lag triggers, you're frozen for at least 10 seconds, then a frame, frozen for another 5 seconds, then a frame, back and forth and the system would recover once fight is over. By then, you are usually dead, loots collected, sometimes raised, and other players move off the screen.

I've lost few characters in hardcore due to this lag and don't really want to continue on with hardcore because of this lag issue.
I don't want to loose another character due to lags...

Is there a patch that fixes this issue similar to WoW lagging Leatrix Latency Fix?

Thinking of reinstalling Windows....
Multibooting with Windows XP (32bit) and Windows 6 (64bit) and load XP only to play D3...
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