Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

1) The first time I hacked someone to pieces in Rune Multiplayer with a battleaxe

2) The first time I charged a mage in Nox multiplayer with my warrior and watched him
die in agony, only to be blasted to pieces by another person all in the space of 2 seconds

3) Dat feel when you beat Super C for the NES, with your best friend playing second player
after you've both been working on the game for a month straight. The two of you are poetry in motion by this point.

4) Getting the 7th Chaos Emerald (legitimately) in Sonic 2, with that same best friend controlling the other character (Sonic or Tails)

5) Beating the "Bike" level on Battletoads after 4 hours of trying, and having the table that is supporting the NES suddenly and mysteriously collapse and disintegrate IMMEDIATELY after (Tilting the game, of course). To this day I believe there was some form of divine intervention that took place, one does not simply "beat the bike level" on Battletoads.

These of course when I was much younger and admittedly much worse at most games than I am now. But that's what made the accomplishments so epic, right?
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1. Killing the Overmind in SC 1 for the first time. I did it with cloaked siege tanks and carriers - it was glorious.

2. One of the last moments of SC2's All-In mission on Brutal, where you briefly hear normal Kerrigan talking before you win. It's significant to me since it meant I succeeded in beating Brutal on my first run, with no resets or losses. It was a "Hardcore" Brutal win.

3. Going up two weight classes with a weak character in Fight Night 4, GOAT difficulty, to beat Muhammad Ali. I fought really cheaply, but it was still a crazy win.

4. Holding the #1 spot on Xbox Live for highest score on Sid Meyer's Pirates. I was only #1 for a few weeks, and it wasn't really a hard game, but I was stoked.

5. Playing my first multiplayer game over a network. It was Warcraft 2, played with a friend of mine across the street over a modem connection. It was such a cool concept to me at the time that I think it was one of the driving inspirations for me to pursue network administration. Made a career out of it.

6. Beating Ganon in Zelda OoT. There were lots of great moments in that game but that was a highlight.

7. Beating Megaman 2. The last mission's music was peppier than Eye of the Tiger. It's funny because other than that I hated the Megaman series.

8. Rescuing Tails in Sonic 2 on the Game Gear. That platform was so ahead of its time.

9. Playing Mega Bomberman on the Sega Channel in the mid 90's. Streamed game content over a network was something that even as an elementary school student I saw at the time as the way future gaming had to be, and even though Sega's offering failed the concept would go on to be proven a decade later by Sony and Microsoft.

10. The hours of SC 1 played in college competitions. When they locked down the computers on us, we installed it on VMWare installs of Windows 98. When they started monitoring our desktops, we started bringing our own laptops. When they started enforcing laptop policies, we turned a temporary classroom into a gaming room under the guise of a "network project", where we borrowed desktops from that same IT department in order to build a Netware LAN (and install Starcraft). They weren't scouting us enough.
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1. watching the intro to warhammer 40k dawn of war and hearing "INCOMING" for the first time
2.watching lavos destroy the future in crono trigger
3. saving shadow after kefka destroys the world half way through the game in final fantasy 6
4. saving the world in half life 1 and 2 did know that would be so much fun
5. taking turns with my best friend being scared to hell playing resident evil 1 and 2

I know this wasn't included but 6 was playing role playing games for days with brothers and friends like final fantasy 6 7 and 8, secret of mana, secret of evermore, crono trigger, diablo 1 and 2, and lufia 1 and 2.... those games took the most from my youth and I love them all

Oh and "I'm going to kick !@# and chew bubble gum.... but im all out of gum!!! best quote ever!!
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1 – Watching Sub Zero teach me what a Fatality is in Mortal Kombat

2 – Punching out Vivec in nothing but beggar clothes and a rusty dagger as my only back up in Morrowind

3 – Running into the flood for the first time in Halo

4- The panic I felt in the original Diablo when my health dropped to a sliver in one hit from the Butcher

5 – This one is a hard choice. Either Force Pulling whoever just Force Pushed me off a chasm so that we both fall to our doom in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight or using Force Choke to hold someone in the charge up beam in the Death Star.

Game 5 is wrong. I was part of the editing community for JK, and Force Pull only worked on weapons/items in Dark Forces II. Force Push didn't even exist. There was a variation of it, Force Throw, but it only hurled objects at players. Neither effect affected players' bodies in a push/pull manner like the movies. You are talking about Jedi Outcast or Jedi Academy.

You could have at least googled it to make sure you were talking about the correct game or force powers. This is why Jay Wilson's comment about us thinking things were better then they were loses it's credibility. CMs can't even get it right...
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1 - First and only kill of Kel'Thuzad by a French Horde guild in WoW Vanilla, 3 days before the release of BC
2 - First server kill of Nefarian on december 25th.
3 - That 500 people LAN party where I won the Quake 3, Dota and TeeWorlds tournaments. Won enough computer parts to build a machine and sold it to a friend.
4 - First time I heard the Gerudo Valley music in Ocarina of Time.
5 - Killing Yazmat with its 50 million HP in Final Fantasy 12. 5 hours of fight in a row,
the last 2 spent mostly resurrecting the characters he would one shot every 5 second.

So many more awesome moments come to mind, mostly from nostalgia of games I played when I was a kid... Final fantasy, Zelda, Golden eye, Secret of Mana, Landstalker, Streets of Rage 2, Wonder boy... and so many more.

Man I wish I had enough time to play it all over again...
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The opening screen and music from Secret of Mana

Kefka's laugh

Picking up my first legit King's Sword of Haste from Lazarus

Getting the Master Sword in A Link to the Past

"Your sound card works perfectly"
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Hexxen, my first multiplayer game (LAN) - lame game but playing against other people was the coolest thing ever at the time.

beating up on Ken/Ryu nerds with E. Honda.

Mortal Kombat II - Friendship. Friendship?

The first time I beat CIV.

my first shammy fatality in AOC - ripping somebody's head off. that game was so badass.
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In chronological order:

1. Playing Super Mario Bros. on an NES at a friend of my brother’s house long after they fell asleep because being the young tagalong brother I wasn’t able to play when they were up. After that night, I wanted a Nintendo so bad that I had my mom get a coffee can and write “Nintendo” on it and cut a slot in the lid. I tried to save up enough money, however, I never did get a Nintendo. We did get an Atari 2600 as a hand me down from our cousins though, so that was fun.

2. For the Christmas of 1997 my older brother, who had just started working at the local grocery store, bought the two of us a preowned SNES with preowned copies of “The Legend of Zelda: A Link” to the Past and “Earthworm Jim.” My brother, like me, knew absolutely nothing about video games and yet managed to purchase one of the greatest games of all time. I was absolutely absorbed in the world of Hyrule. A friend at school told me where to find some of the heart pieces and how to craft the lvl. 4 Master sword. Great times.

A friend introduced me to the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy VII & VIII were very memorable experiences. I have since found, and played, the old FF games starting with FF6 followed by FFI – V. This leads to my greatest gaming moment #3.

3. Defeating Yiazmat mark in FFXII. I was over at my brother-in-law Steve’s place, and since we were both playing FFXII at the time I brought my memory card over with my save file. Now Steve plays a lot of games, he also likes to experience most if not all of the content the game has to offer. Therefore, to maximize his time he always gets the strategy guides for games like Oblivion and FFXII. I, on the other hand, like to play through w/out a guide the first time through. Long story short I was there, the guide was there, and curiosity got the best of me. While perusing through it I came upon the section on how to beat the elite mark Yiazmat. As I read, I learned about how to farm Yagyuu Darkblades, best weapon for killing the Holy Dragon, by chaining a special monster, the only one that would drop this sword, that appeared randomly on some bridge. Well, let me ask you this, if you had I had max lvl Characters and brand new information on how to farm the best Ninja sword in the game to defeat the toughest boss in the game, what would you do? Yeah, I thought so. I started farming this unique Bomb monster dude with my brother-in-law cheering me on… A frustrating hour and a half later my brother-in-law is crashed out in his chair and I still don’t have my Darkblade. Undaunted, I sallied forth and slew even more unique Bombs and finally it dropped. Exultant, I equipped the blade and reveled in the find for a bit. Then I decided to farm up another one as I still had the chain going, lo and behold I got another one in ten minutes. With my newly found Darkblades I went to fight Yiazmat. It was an intense battle that lasted for close to an hour and a half. I would wake up Steve to give him updates on the battle, and he would mumble something like “that’s cool bro” and go back to sleep. Defeating that boss was better than beating the entire game and has only been topped by my 4th greatest gaming experience…

4. Beating Ubers In D2. After finally learning about how to open the portals I farmed up the keys and Opened the portal to the Forgotten Sands and stepped through it with my poisonmancer. I explored the area very slowly, not knowing what to expect, and then Uber Duriel charged me and the fight was on. I used my clay golem to tank Duriel and used fire wall and p nova to take him down after 30 min or so. I then explored the other two portals and killed them with my poisonmancer. It was very satisfying to do this with zero deaths.

As for Uber trist, I used a smiter that I had built using a Last Wish and Fort that someone gave to me in one of those “Free Items” games, and my little brother used a hammerdin. We went in the portal and we were immediately killed by Meph. I thought “oh great,” but I went back in and locked on Meph and started smiting away, with my life going up and down like crazy. Meanwhile, my little brother was just getting slaughtered. After Meph fell, I took down Baal and Diablo in the same fashion. Aside from that first death, it was just awesome.

5. Diablo III has provided me with many great experiences. MP7 Uber runs with my friends, Crafting my Hellfire etc.
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TES3 Morrowind - Unlocking the mysteries of the 6th House. I think it's the only game that convinced me it was a good idea to stay up all night playing and go to sleep at noon (during college). Sadly, Bethesda's games since then have had stupid main quests.

Quake 2/Counterstrike beta - Having a cable modem when most people were still on 33.6 or 56k.

Fallout - Encountering the Brotherhood of Steel and exploring the Glow.

Final Fantasy 6 - Waking up in the world of ruin with that haunting music

Deus Ex - The moment you realize the Majectic 12 facility is in the basement of UNATCO's headquarters. That or just the joy of sneaking around and shooting people in the head.
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So many amazing stories, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading every single one. For me the wonderful thing is it doesnt seem to matter so much what gaming genre or the age of the player - the common thread is how all dedicted gamers find something special and personally unique that just stays with each of us. And even though their game or magic moment may be different from mine - I can really connect with the intensity of the moment - that sheer burst or adrenaline, dopamine and perhaps endorphins that only deep immersion in a game we love can bring.

And many of the posts remind me of other great moments I have enjoyed as a gamer across the past 20 years.

Even the satisfaction of configuring my windows 3.11 system with a multi config boot (XMS versus EMS) and interupt management to make a game work. It just felt good when you made it run. Man I even remember buying monster graphics blasters so that I could play Magic Carpet in 'high rez' - and man I thought I was a complete guru when it worked :-).

And thats not to mention the great friendships I have made through gaming. It's amazing what people will do to help each other in games - if only we could transfer this level of selfless colloboration to the RL world and maybe the world would be a gentler place.

So here I am as a middle aged gamer, working through D3 after a late start (I bought the game 4 weeks ago) and yet I still see so many of the community positives that have deepened my immersion in the past. Plenty of people who will offer genuine advice when they know you are serious about perfecting your toon - and then the consequent culture shock of sudden realisation a major overhaul is needed based on quality advice. Which in turn redoubles the joy of jumpijng back in and seeing old issues fade away as my new vamped toon blasts a swathe through previously precarious scenarios.

A great thing about our gaming community - many of the social barriers that exist in RL are trivial at most in our gaming world; it is can be immensly edifying to colloborate with prople who you just would not have the opportunity to work closely with in RL.

Anyway heres another experience to add to my original 5:

- My first experience of the joy of twinking and power levvelling a toon rolled for pure fun. In EQ1 it was much easier to twink so I used my high level druid (Aiken) to camp some nice no drops items for my monk (mattyhack) and just loved the satisfaction of seeing my monk race through the levels. It was al;ways a challenge two boxing - but I did it the old fashioned way with two key boards and focusing on buffs, heals and high level Damage Shields, whilst my monk was the primary keyboard and did the killing. It was fun!

Cheers and thanks for all the posts - please keep them goming :-)

EDIT: I would add the HoMM series to my list, especially HoMM3 and also the Civ series.
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11/21/2012 02:08 PMPosted by JNM
[quote="71989820317"]2 - Descent 2 – The first time I killed a RL friend in H2H combat!

Is this the same descent that I played with ships in a maze? It was an awesome game and all, I'd play it now if I could get in on some mp action, but I don't remember any HtH combat. It was all lasers, mines, missles, plasma cannons...you get the picture.


Yes this is the same game. Me and friend got a head to head PVP game going via our 56.6K modems, after a lot of stuffing around to get the momdems to handshake and do their thing. But once we were in it was an amazing experience - perfomed really weel with surprisingily little lag given our shoddy connection vua dial up modems. As this was my FIRST time with PVP I was so excited .. firing directible homing missiles that let you view camera from the missile nose and watching them hit the other guys .. mega satisfaction. .. this game then lead to my next most amazing PvP experienc ewhich was WC2 played using KALI (remember that) with all resultys recorded for the OzWL League Ladder. It was the first time I realised the truly immeasurable stepup in difficulty from PVE to PVP. And fair to say my War2 gaming skills increased tenfold in my first mojnth on the ladder (playing as longstaff).
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*When the "Epic weapon" was new on Everquest and only a handful of people had them, my wife was getting hers(Druid).

Sniff ... I never got my Epic on my druid - played EQ for 5 years .. Quad kiting (with Spirit of the Wolf) .. loved it. Glad your wife got hers though :)

Thanks for bringing up old, fond memories.

Loved this - so many memories of my druid quad kiting the Hill Giants's in Rathe Valley for phat lewtz PLAT drops :) ... always had to be careful of not accidently snaring yourself - was deceptovely easy to do it by accidently casting straight after renewing a self buff. Once I got SoE (Spirit of Eagle (with its long last time) things weere a tad less frantic. I have a great screenie of my tiny druid sitting between the legs of HG that was a bout to drop from my WD (Winged Death). Dunno if it possible to attach a jpg to this forum?
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1. Saving money from delivering papers to get nes.
2. Playing beta Civ and wolfenstein on 286's and 386's while visiting my bro's college. Don't use that machine!
3. Playing Muds at the college mainframe, and getting banned for multiplayer. doh!
4. D2 lan multi. Hey, try popping out the cd, genius!
5. defeating the lich king on wrath, thank you australian server!
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I put some earlier in the post but I forgot this one
Knocking Glass Joe's @$$ out in Punchout and getting knocked the F out by Mike Tyson lol
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From lowest high, to highest high...

5. Finally hitting 99 on my Barbarian in D2 LOD Was pretty great. And a fun ride.

4. Chrono Trigger.

3. Watching the ending cutscene/fmv for Disc1 of Final Fantasy 7... and realizing that Arieth dying wasn't a joke, or a dream... WTF.

2. Playing Classic WoW. Getting Nefarian down 9 times before anyone else on the server did it once, and crushing the competition on the AQ Staff.

1. Greatest VG moment thus far I've had, has to be a long time ago back when I was in High School, chilling out at my best friends house trying to stratagize and find a way to kill Velius on Final Fantasy Tactics. He was so hard when you first play the game and no idea what you are doing in the game. After a few hours of playing we finally found a way to kill him, it was brutal but was so fulfilling. Felt great.
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Got nothin better to do eh?
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1. When i played Diablo II Lord of Destruction and i saw the text on the screen "Diablo walks the earth", 7 players joined the game instantly but i was still the one who got the anni ^^

2. When i pissed a guy so much off in Mortal Kombat 9 by using the same lowerkick 50 times in a row that he raged and left the game

3. When i found out that i could craft in Minecraft xD

4. When i completed Super Mario 64 for the first time many years ago when i was a little kid.

5. When i completed Golden Axe in less than 15 minutes without dying
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Really tough to pick just five.

Sundry emotional plot events in Jrpgs like FF and Xenogears.

Completing Kings Quest ('91 ega remake) for the first time when I was in 3rd grade.

Completing diablo 3 inferno before it got totally nerfed.

Diablo 1 butcher sticks out. Even today when I go back and try to kite him to an area and pick him off with a short bow when I am level 2 he still makes me jump sometimes if he comes around a corner suddenly.

Achieving maximum level in an old MUD.

Various oh s--- moments Doom 2
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90 Orc Monk
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1) Being there when rainz killed lord british with fire field

2) hearing one winged angel for the first time (ff9 was better but that moment was epic)

3) Getting my herald of the titans achievement at the same time as he feeds on your tears

4) the entirety of Okami (such a gorgeous game and sadly under appreciated)

5) Finally beating Freya in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (one of the hardest bosses ever even if you maxed your stats)
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