Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

1 - Ico: Every second of it, from the beginning to the end.
2 - Fallout 1: "War. War never changes."
3 - Medieval II: Total War: Conquering Jerusalem with my Venetian troops.
4 - Command & Conquer 1: Kane's awesome mission briefings.
5 - Red Dead Redemption: Taming the horse of "War".
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I only remember 2:

1. Final Fantasy 8 - I just followed a weapon guide on making their ultimate weapons, I didnt know that if you made Squall's Lionheart it would unlock his ultimate Renzokuken finisher Lionheart too...so I made that then played normally. When I reached Ultimecia's last form I used Aura on all my party members then Squall has a Limit Break arrow (didn't know you can spam O back then to 'force' their limit break option) so I used Renzokuken on Ultimecia. Then he used his Lionheart finisher...my mind was all 'WTF?' while Squall is 'charging' his gunblade...take note that this is the first time I saw Lionheart and didn't expect it.

2. Castlevania Symphony of the Night - (this happened months after above) back then my Playstation one is kinda buggy for some reason...it kills my memory cards for some reason or another. So I had no choice but to play games without one. I was playing Castlevania SOTN most of the time because its a relatively short game, but interestingly enough I read some SOTN guides and I didn't know there's a secret level which you can access. So i copied the guide and tried it. I didn't expect that the Inverted Castle was hard (remember I have no ability to save my game) if I had known I might've been more prepared. I didn't know that eventually I will reach the hardest boss in the game, Galamoth, by accident. I didn't know that lightning resist armor will work against his attacks (reduce their damage), I haven't levelled that high and I didnt have Alucard shield yet, nor did I know about the Shield Rod trick yet. So I was fighting him, using most of my potions and food and I'm pretty much sure I'm on my last 5 healing items when he died...thats a big relief. I planned on finishing the whole inverted castle (I thought the last boss would be on the same area on the Inverted castle where you entered the normal castle) but I went to the middle room and finished the game...
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Hmm I would prolly add more:

3.) Golden Axe 2:Revenge of Death Adder - I'm the only one in my neighborhood who 'discovered' DA can be stunlocked by Forward+attack on top of his area...also I can finish the game one-handed (as an added handicap, the Arcade cabinet is custom made, prolly enabled me to do this). Oh the game is set on HARDEST (one kick on your !@# = 2 bars of HP gone)

4.) Street Fighter 3: Fight of the Future - with enough practice I was able to do complete parries of Chun-Li's lightning kick special (like what Daigo did against Jwong in Evo 2004)

5.) Resident Evil 3 - killing Nemesis at the first time and he dropped half a gun (thanks Capcom) Blizz prolly got the idea of ubers and loot drops from this guy...
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1. NES Castlevania 1 fighting Death.
2. Ps1 Resident Evil 2 when Tyrant burst through the wall..scared the crap out of me at 3am.
3. Ps1 final boss fight in Xenogears.
4. Ps1 Final Fantasy 7 when Sephiroth walks through the fire in Nibelheim.
5. Standing in line at walmart waiting for my turn to play n64 007Goldeneye (for like 10min lol)
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1- beating Amagon on the nes (5years old)
2-beating Donkey Kong country 100%(14)
3-beating super mario world 100%(??10 or somthing)
4- speed run Super Mario bros. (11m 52secs)
5-oh man going into a lobby in CoD blackops on SnD where the whole other team just went 3-0 talking trash to everyone else on the other team, then making them rage quit :)
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1 - Playing the original Perfect Dark when the sounds started messing up and every single shot from the Reaper was replaced with Elvin crying out in pain. For those who didn't play the game, the Reaper was an alien gun had a bladed barrel that spun around as it shot bullets and Elvis was a standard Roswell Grey-type alien.
2 - Discovering how brokenly overpowered a Calculator with a Faith Rod and Chameleon Robes was. Alternatively a Knight with Math Skill and Excalibur.
3 - Discovering how to get Mew in Pokemon Red/Blue.
4 - Diablo Walks the Earth.
5 - Not any specific event but more so a collection of events in Halo that involved me discovering glitches, exploits and generally just challenging myself to do random stuff. Like, saving every single marine in the mission Keyes or shooting the pilot out of a Banshee in the second mission (and subsequently discovering that the Banshee was not pilotable).
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4. Little League Championship Series baseball on NES. Possibly the most fun sports game of all time.

Wasen't expecting to see this anywhere, but I agree. This game was alot of fun. I spent alot of time playing baseball with my bro. Little League baseball was great. Was better then Bad news baseball (lol) and RBI baseball.
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1 - Medal of Honor: Spearhead. Becoming the number 1 Obj realism 5 v 5 North American Champions, winning the Summer cup and holding onto 1st place for a year. Was also number 1 for 2 v 2 and still till this day 1st 1 v 1 Obj Realism. http://clanbase.ggl.com/rating.php?lid=1590

2- Unlocking and completely beating James bond 007 for N64

3- Getting HWL with my Warlock during the good days of WOW, When things werent premeditated and world pvp existed..

4- Countless hours playing Mortal Kombat 2 with my 3 older brothers and spanking them!

5- Beating Mission Impossible for the commodore 64
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#1. The days leading up to the release of Halo 2, and finally playing my first multiplayer game ever. That moment I will never forget.
#2. Playing Clan matches in Halo 2 Four-player co-op on the same TV, so much fun. Miss the old times.
#3. Halo 3 Lan party for a birthday party. Had 20 people on 4 TV's in a rented building. Everyone in the same room yelling at each other. Again best times ever.
#4. Playing Crash Bandicoot (original) for the first time. Trying to collect all gems, challenge Accepted.
#5. Getting into the Diablo 3 beta. (First ever Diablo game for me. Don't hold it against me please.)
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In no particular order:
Secret of Mana: Flamey....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Super Mario RPG: Actually getting the damn 100 jumps/killin' the dude behind the door where you need the golden stone.
FF9: 1000 jump ropes. FTW.
FF3: Learning I get a Genji glove for NOT joining the Returners after 1487857 playthroughs.
Lufia 2: Finding all of those special treasures in that respawning dungeon.
Suikoden 2: There's one of the army battles where Ridley spawns waaay ahead of your army and always dies. (Saving that town where the winged people are, I think?) After I don't know how many times, and with more luck than should be allowed, actually having him crit all three of the enemy units and survive. (so what if it wasn't a permanant death?) Oh. And, brand new game, first "dungeon" (that hill type place where you go to fight the ghost boss with the Eilie, Bolgan and...whatever her name was) hanging out for like 5 hours running in circles near that full heal pool farming like 9 double beat runes.
Suikoden 1: ...Gremio?
Orochi 3: Gyuki on a horse.
Dragon Age Origins: siding with the werewolves.
Ogre Battle 64: the whole damn game.
Ogre Battle: See above.
Excitebike 64: First time actually completing the hill climb.
Breath of Fire 3: Getting power stabbed by Garr. Naked snaked chick. Teepo...is that you, brah?
Legend of Dragoon: finding out who the black monster was.

I could sit here all damn night and spout random stuff, but for now, I'ma go hook up my SNES and play A Link to the past, Secret of Evermore, Secret of Mana, Earthbound and a hundred other goodies.

OP, I'm so gonna hate you when my son hits me with the Macho Man at 7:00 AM.
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1) beating the original metroid on Nes and actually making it up the stupid platforms with the music stressing me out (. Loyal and avid metroid fan from that day on)

2) playing 16 player halo tdm in my schools gym on 3 massive projection screens with our teachers

3) first time enountering the butcher in d1 Fml died so many times

4) finding my 1 and only grandfather in d2 and having it roll perfectly.

5) the rust storm in d2 after accumulating sick wealth from trading stupid amounts of iimports for legits gg d2 chumps was Ez lul, and I guess bvb for 10 years on the west server.
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1) Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner: One of my first computer game. MS-DOS ftw.

2) Magic Carpet by Bullfrog: Wizardy duels while flying on a magic carpet!

3) Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2 by Bullfrog: Slapping chickens and imps

4) Command & Conquer (1995) (a.k.a. Tiberian Dawn): The first time I saw the full motion video cutscenes and the first time I heard the sound of NOD's Obelisk of Light: /cry

5) WoW Beta: The first time I fished in an MMO, running through SoS towards Barrens for the 'GM event' getting chased by swamp alligators.
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Not much really compares to putting in days upon days of doing Zilart Missions all over the world, then traveling through the zone with one of the best VGM tracks I've ever heard, before teleporting up and watching quite possibly the best cutscene I've ever seen in a game. That. Moment. I. Will. Never. Forget. And the reward for making it that far was more days upon days of work to fight the God of Gods. The first fight took a little over 2 hours. This whole experience was nothing short of EPIC.

Nothing really compares to that, but if I had to pick four others I guess they'd be:

#2 - Finally beating the Dragonlord in DW1 when I was like 10. It was my first traditional RPG.

#3 - Watching as the world literally gets destroyed during the middle of FF6. Not much in games really changes environment wise and that was about as epic as it gets.

#4 - Forgoing server (or possibly just Horde) first to 70 in WOTLK to tame the server first Loque'nahak and after spending off and on over 10 hours, finally succeeding.

#5 - Finishing my Horde (maybe server first, can't remember) first Dragonstrike in BC despite not being in a guild that had progressed far enough to find Vortexes.
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5. ffx beating the game ,and the sequel and how yuna and tidus were inlove
4. legend of zelda link to the past where i finally turn my sword feom normal to red color
3. draon ballz 2 where every opponent i face, i combo them to oblivion
2. lufia series the whole experience was great wi maxim, guy, artea, lufia
1. sim ant conquering every patches of the house and beating red ants
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1) Running over to give SoW when it still mattered to Southern Ro to some RL friends with my whopping lvl 40 shaman and zoning in just as a couple of deadbones skeletons were decimating them only to be hailed as a savior as I was able to effortlessly defeat them. (EQ)

2) First plane of fire guild raid in EQ.

3) Dinging 60 in EQ- where it felt like a real accomplishment.

4) Killing Sephiroth the first time- where I had waited and waited and maxxed out my toon so that killing him was so easy it was auto pilot- and then laughing at the big bad baddy who wasn't big or bad.

Most of my best memories in gaming revolve being over powered. That is what is missing in these games. I don't want a challenge- or not all the time. I want to destroy the bad guys and laugh at how weak they are compared to me.
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  • Gorion being killed by Sarevok in Baldur's Gate
  • The Butcher killing me in 2 shots in the original Diablo
  • Ending cinematic of Starcraft I - Tassadar blowing up the Overmind is still the definition of epicness
  • The ending of Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal. I was really sad when I realized that... this was the end of BG. No more BG.
  • Assassins Creed: Embers - a short animated movie that closes the story of Ezio Auditore. That is one of the game characters I liked the most.
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    1 - resident evil

    2 - diablo 3 belial third phase first time seeing it. i was like " THIS GAME IS FUKCIN AWESOMEEEE"

    im happy with d3 and all, still to this day, but the boss encounters peaked at belial

    3 -mario rpg from the marshmellow dude to the entire game. bad !@#

    4 - super mario yoshis island with baby mario fighting bowser on that awkward first person esque view was bad $%^

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    1. FFXI - (Asura server) 250+ people camping Nidhogg. Rival LS gets claim but tank doesn't have /blockaid on. I cure bomb/spam abilities/Invincible for hate and turn Nidhogg around then he does back to back spike flails and I MPK about 250 people in about 8 seconds. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

    2. Decisively winning EVERY MK2 tournament at the local arcade.

    3. Beating Ninja Gaiden 1 and 2 with my brother/friends taking turns. Those games were so freaking hard.

    4. Beating the first Metroid on SNES from start to finish in one sitting with 2 friends.

    5. FF1, FF2, FF3, FFVII (U.S. titles) ... so many amazing moments in each of those games. Palom and Parom being turned to stone... Made me so sad.
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    - Gearing up my first full group of adventurers with gear from the vendor in Skara Brae
    - Creeping through the tunnels and getting robbed in the dark in Zork
    - Encountering the denizens and landscapes of Halo
    - Spending days gaining a few silver and levels in EQ, barely surviving in the woods of Neriak
    - Early exploration of Ashenvale with new players and friends in vanilla WoW during launch
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