Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

Not much really compares to putting in days upon days of doing Zilart Missions all over the world, then traveling through the zone with one of the best VGM tracks I've ever heard, before teleporting up and watching quite possibly the best cutscene I've ever seen in a game. That. Moment. I. Will. Never. Forget. And the reward for making it that far was more days upon days of work to fight the God of Gods. The first fight took a little over 2 hours. This whole experience was nothing short of EPIC.

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1) Getting an A+ in Bart's Nightmare on the SNES. It was so difficult to complete that game.

2) Beating the boss rush Kirby All Stars (SNES). Trying to defeat the last few was nerve racking, even though I had the statue ability that made me invinsible.

3) Getting the star from the flying hat challenge in Super Mario 64 (my main difficulty was that I tried to get it as soon as I got access to this hat).

4) Beating Pokemon Stadium (you had to get all the trophies, beat Mewtwo, then beat a harder version of Pokemon Stadium). The prize for doing this was being able to play pokemon at treble speed.

5) Finishing mods for M2TW and ETW. It's always great when you finally finish a mod.
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I don't know that I can list 5, but Final Fantasy 7 holds many top moments for me. Leaving Midgar for the first time and realizing there's an entire world to explore, a certain death scene, the music, the ending - it all was amazing to me. A lot of it sticks with me to this day, and it's one of few games I can pick up and play from beginning to the end despite its outdated graphics.
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1) Playing Gauntlet (3rd level) in Doom 2 for hours back in '94. First time playing the game from someone else's save state.

2) Everything Sonic CD. Specifically Star Dust Speedway Bad Future and the Emerald levels.

3) Every single moment of Morrowind. Dwemer and Daedric ruins = epic.

4) Having a full sever of people playing my own map in Ravenshield. I've made 20+ maps since 2003. See for yourself = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxV7Wfw-PmQ

5) Getting invincibility in Goldeneye N64. My blood pressure must have been 140/90 the
whole time.

6) Beating Final Fantasy 1. My friends in the late 80s were playing it once and they were flying around in a ship, I thought it was cool as crap. I rented it, and HATED the game. Fast forward many years later, and I've played almost all of them and loved every minute.
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In chronological order:

1) Playing Rogue in the early '80's and getting farther than any of my mom's co-workers.

2) Killing the Mega Dragon in Might & Magic IV/V "World of Xeen".

3) Playing my very own pirated copy of DOOM the day it came out. (Sorry id, blame my mom's co-workers!)

4) Waking up on a slab in the mortuary at the beginning of Planescape: Torment.
"Hey, chief. You okay? You playing corpse or putting the blinds on the Dusties? I thought you were a deader for sure." - Morte

5) Unexpectedly finding my father at the beginning of Fallout 3 while wandering aimlessly around the Capital Wasteland. (Before doing any of the main quest or visiting Rivet City.)

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1 - Ravenholm and the gravity gun in Half-Life 2. Absolute delight and merriment of playing with the gravity gun quickly degenerated into the most terrifying level I had ever experienced in my life of video games. I was half-ready to jump out of my chair at every howl in the distance.

2 - Defeating Ruby and Emerald Weapons in FF7.

3 - Reaching "GODLIKE!!!!" in Unreal Tourney with melee only. Granted, they were all scrubs but I nearly peed myself laughing.

4 - PvP Worms Armageddon: Nothing spells amusement like whacking your buddy into the water with a baseball bat for the very first time and hearing his howl of shock from the other room.

5 - A server-first encounter with Illidan on WoW. We were the first in the server to defeat the Council so we went face to face with Illidan before anyone else although we didn't land the first kill. My greatest moment of e-peen as a non-serious raider.
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2 – Punching out Vivec

We both have something in common. :D
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1-Seeing the title screen for Zelda: OoT for the first time on Christmas the year the game came out. It was over fifteen years ago and I still get goose bumps thinking about it.

2-Beating Link to the Past the first time.

3-Beating Star Fox the first time.

4-Crashing through the windshield the first time I played GTA: IV.

5-Being introduced to the Resident Evil Series via Resident Evil 2.
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1. playing super marioworld as a child (first game i ever played)

2. watching my older brother play starcraft when i was 4 or 5 years old (he is /was10 years older)

3.playing starcraft on the small divide and turtling like crazy against the computers

4. the first day i got to play WoW.. on the way home from picking up my new computer/computer parts as a young teen i said, "i can't believe i'm FINALLY about to get to play WoW. (in the nerdiest and lamest way you could possibly say this sentence)" i still catch hell for that one to this day.

5. coming back to learn how to play starcraft properly about a year before starcraft 2 came out. never was very good compared to most who took the game seriously.

6. goldeneye - period.

7. as a young child, logging into battle.net for the first time ever on diablo2 and someone giving me a plain ol' breast plate. thought that it was a super awesome item since i never made it very far in act 2 usually
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1. Quake: Getting together with friends and logging into the visanet servers were just awesome times. We cracked many of skulls during those days.

2. Quake World, IRC, CLAN matches! Yes, it was the complete quake experience and to this day I have not had such great fun in a game.

3. Beta Testing WoW for the very first time. After the first 10 or 20 levels I said to myself, "Wow, they have a winner on their hands!"

4. Diablo2: enough said...

5. Did I mention Quake? :)
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1. Completing Aztec Challenge on Commodore64, didn't know how I manage to do that as a kid..

2. KOEI's series of RTK, took up a huge chunk of my younger days...

3. Heroes of Might and Magic 3, classic turn-based strategy game...

4. First Horntail kill in MapleSEA...took us 5 hours of non-stop concentration!

5. Killing Baron Rivendare for the nth time and saw Deathcharger dropped!! (I decided that this beats 10man ICC hardmode!)
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1 - WoW: Tanking my way through Ulduar with 9 very good friends for the first time. There were so many exciting and funny moments.
2 - Diablo 2: Getting to Act 2, I remember as being particularly mind-blowing. Just a total 180 from the dark fields of Act 1. That whole game, though.
3 - Resident Evil 2: Entering the police station, or, on the second playthrough when Tyrant slams through the wall.
4 - FF6 - When the espers break loose!
5 - Zelda OoT - I mean, everything in that game is memorable. But just riding through the fields of Hyrule with the sun setting... Awesome.

Also of note: Evolving Wortortle into Blastoise in Pokemon Blue. Beating Medievil for the first time. Golden Eye 64 with friends. Donkey Kong Country 3, raising that island. FF 8 the sorceress and 9 the moguls. Twisted Metal 2, Axel's ending.
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1. Zelda OoT. The whole game
2. Mario 3. Flying for the first time with the raccoon suit. Watching the movie "wizard" with Fred Savage got me super excited!
3. Diablo 1. Going to a friends house every day after school to play.
4. Playing Zork with my dad on the Commador 64
5. Opening D3 for the first time
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1 - Beating the original Metroid for the first time ever. I was ~11 and didn't know about the Justin code.
2 - Beating Dragon Warrior 1. Was my first intro to the level grind and it hooked me.
3 - Diablo 1, The Butcher.
4 - Halo, The Flood encounter.
5 - Playing Return to Norrath with my gf (now wife). We were fighting one of the bosses and she says "I want his sword! It's so awesome." Me: "You have that sword... you have two of them."
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1. The cutscene in FF7 where cloud owns sephiroth in Nibelheim
2. Opening the elder scrolls in Dawnguard to find auriels bow (TES V)
3. Becoming a mad god of a plane of oblivion (TES IV)
4. Fighting the antares for the first time (Masters of orion 2)
5. Having the colonel tell me to turn off my game console (Metal Gear Solid 2)
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1. Convincing my parents to get the internet so I could play Medal of Honor online for the PC. We ran a 50 foot Ethernet cable through the laundry shoot to hook up the computer.

2. Nintendo 64 Couch Co-Op/Vs. - Goldeneye, Star fox, Bomberman

3. Final Fantasy 7 - Everything. Still to this day I am convinced that FF7 paved the way for what I would consider my "taste profile". My brother and I bought a Playstation 1 JUST for this game after watching a friend play it on the PC.

4. Finishing "Hard Core" versions/modes in different games - Dead Space 2, Diablo 3, Dark Souls/Demon Souls, etc.

5. WoW - Being in a guild and the sense of "community". Where no one judges you for how much a day/week/month you play. Same goes for any other online game. So many games are more enjoyable when you have good friends to play along with!
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SO MANY different TOP Gaming moments, but I will approach them as landmarks in my journey of life.

  • Bards Tale I - BEST RPG EVER, and set the bar for all RPG's and ARPG's to translate to console or PC platform. My buddy had the game first and we spent countless nights walking the sewers and catacombs mapping with our graph paper. Biggest surprise was keeping a MONK in our party the whole time wondering why we wasted our time, when finally being shocked when he reached a certain level and we uneqipped him. Suddenly this monk went from being a pansy to being Bruce Lee. He would hit 8 times for ridiculous damage in a single attack. I am sure If we had read the manual it would have told us the progression per character but who reads that stuff. Same thing with the Bards Frost Horn!!! I remember "please insert disk 1 of 4 in drive a: and press enter to continue"
  • Adventure - at least I think that is what it was called. It was a game on atari where you were a sqare that moved around avoiding a dragon and looking for keys of certain colors. Hard as hell (at least it was back then), but taught me skills for future gaming :)
  • John Madden Football - really any game in John's lineup. Tecmo bowl was pretty awesome, but then you got to play John Madden's game. This game owns in its gaming category like no other game.
  • Path of Exile - The skill tree... I mean seriously, I have NEVER seen anything so ridiculously huge, Dynamic, and still be relevant to character design. Sheer genious, even if you don't like it.
  • Diablo 2 LOD - In college we had a 6 PC LAN in our basement. We would order pizza/chinese food and geek out for literally thousands of hours playing over the LAN. Rolling and rerolling every character until the point of overkill. We even re-ran the game over LAN last year as is and with Brother LAZ's MOD.
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    1. Taking my newly upgraded (and still very primitive) starship out of the home solar system for the first time, into deep space in Starflight (played on MS-DOS 2.x on 2 5.5" floppy disks).

    2. Watching The Butcher slaughter my Rogue in D1 the first time he yelled "Fresh Meat" and came charging out of that blood stained room (thank you Bliz for leaving the Butcher's catch phrase in the game!).

    3. Playing and winning my first 4v4 on Bnet and the game taking 2 hours on Starcraft 1.

    4. Finally beating Resident Evil 2 after staying up all night taking turns with a buddy because it was a rental.

    5. Beating Afterburner in an arcade, the one where you sat in a chair that moved as you flew your plane.

    As an aside, my brother beating the original Yars Revenge game on Atari without stopping (you had no pause) and earning himself a special t-shirt. All the kids in the neighborhood were in our house watching. Yeah, I'm old. :)
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    1. Beating final fantasy 7. Great game, and gotta agree with above post, shaped me as a gamer.

    2. Utlima Online Renaissance. Getting my blacksmith to top level and selling gear to all my friends. And seeing lots of people with moonstone armor crafted by my character.

    3. Staying up all night with 2 tvs back to back beating Halo on all difficulties with my friend.

    4. Being scared out of my mind playing diablo 2 in a dark room with sound turned way up. There are a lot of background noises you dont realize.

    5. First time playing over LAN on starcraft. My friend though he was good. Was PvP. I let him get an army built up good. Took an arbiter to him main base and warped in maxxed carriers. He freaked and wouldnt play anymore.
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    5. Beating Gyromite with R.O.B. the Robot,the original first N.E.S gimmick game at 6yo
    4. up,up,down,down,left,right,left,right,B,A start (yeah,I discovered that)
    3. Modding Doom 2 with an Ash voice over from Evil Dead 2/Army of darkness
    2. Killing Emerald weapon in FF7 legit without Knights of the round
    1. Learning to block in Street Fighter II
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