Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

1. Sitting with my buddy playing Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis and chasing after the treasure goblins ... when I accidentally hit him too and realized for the first time that I could indeed hit him. We just stopped right there and started killing each other! Till we fell over laughing!

2. But, my best moment to date was a Diablo 3 PVP Match - I waged this other random player, also a Barb, who was my exact Paragon LVL and very close DPS, 50 Million gold that I could beat him in a PVP duel. We both posted our gold and entered the arena. It was my first time wagering so much and I could feel the blood pounding in my neck as I went at him. Half way through the match I heard a horn midst the crowd's roar. And just then, Fan like blades popped up in 4 corners of he Areana. My back was to one of them and he was using Bash ... knocking backwards towards the spinning blades. I whirled away and noticed 1 single health globe in the areana but far away ... he and I both ran for it but, it was mine. I turned on him and ground him into the dirt with one of my highest Critical Hits to date.

I'm up 50 Million and my stats will forever show this victory. Another notch on the belt and maybe even an upgrade in the forever changing AH.

The best part was probably the areana. Blizzard somehow figured a way to let a few hundred other players into the arena as 'Spectators' With different Speach hotkeys. Blizzard added a feature that links the chat rooms/lobbies with PVP arenas. (Players just click an option to watch the match from a bird's eye view that alows them to zoom in and out.) Listing the crowd go crazy shouting things like, "kill him" when my back was to the spinning blades ... that was awesome. Other's shouted "Get out of there!"

PVP concepts - please bump this thread: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6573699980?page=1
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1) Long range no scope /sticky grenade head shot montage - halo 2

2) The Warmth Of life has entered our tomb. Prepare yourself mortal, to serve my master for enternity... MWuahahahhaha :)

3) Might and Magic Six. - The Hive, and Land of the Giants with all the gold/red/blue dragons and titans.. SO crazy

4)pvP/Arena. Burning crusade. the addiction starts.

5) Contra Hard Corps - Sega, all that needs to be said.
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1: Beating Metal Gear Solid
2: Beating all assassin's creeds
3: SC2 Finally saved Kerigan or so I thought
(new expansion will be awkward. She is evil again! FML)
4: Meeting people in D3 who helped me build my Barbarian (punched diablo to death)
5: Knight Online Even though this game sucks now I met a ton of good people on there
(too many hackers now bloody Turks).
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1.) Learning how minesweeper works
2.) Learning how to do hadokens and fatalities and all sorts of hidden moves
3.) Finishing super mario in 10 minutes
4.) Abusing defilers in SC 1
5.) Finishing Hardcore Inferno in Diablo 3 in 37 hours and not being in a hurry.
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1. Hearing the message "Nuclear launch detected" - Starcraft
2. Reaching Stage 4 in - Final Fight
3. Fighting for the first time the last boss in - Thunder Hoop
4. Finding the last bonus area in - Donkey Kong Country
5. Finding out that a 3rd Donkey Kong country exists, running away from school instantly, go to my friends place and play 36 hrs without a noticeable amount of break time.
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1.) Watching my older cousin play Resident Evil: Director's Cut and being scared out of my !@#$ing mind.

2.) Trying to play Doom at 2am in the dark and being too scared so I turned on all the lights in my house. And that didn't help.

3.) Beating Ninja Gaiden on NES.

4.) Drinking contest between a Half-Elf Bard and a centaur in which the bet was that if the Half-Elf won, he got to ride the centaur around camp, and if he lost, the centaur got to ride him. The Half-Elf won, but not before our Wizard and Shaman drank themselves into oblivion trying to keep up and incurred penalties to EVERYTHING the whole next day. A D&D moment I will never forget.

5.) Learning to play various Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts songs on piano, e.g. Tifa's Theme, Aerith's Theme, Battle of Gilgamesh, To Zanarkand, Dear Friends, Dearly Beloved, etc.

And as a bonus:

Meeting my husband through World of Warcraft and finding out that we share the same all-time favorite PS2 game: Legend of Dragoon.
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1)Ice Hockey - All fat players.
2)Tecmo Super Bowl - Bo Jackson.
3)Super Mario Bros 2 - Character Selection.
4)WoW - First time ever playing.
5)NHL 2009 - Create my own player and join in for 6-on-6 online play.
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Got so many... in no particular order :

1. Golden Axe (old school arcade machines) - my brother and I were hardly tall enough
to even see over the joystick panel into the screen while standing, lost count how many coins (20c, South Africa) we threw in to add credits every time we died but we finally did it and defeated the last boss. Was the most epic feeling a little kid could get :)
2. Diablo 2 - cinematic of Baal being freed by Marius, and Tyrael fighting. Still get chills.
3. Megaman x4 - finally defeating Sigma
4. Kingdom Hearts - finally defeating Sephinroth
5. D3 - Getting an Immortal King's Eternal Reign set chest drop before patch 1.0.5 and selling it for 40 euro
6. Beating Super Mario 1 (the vanilla original mario 1) twice with 1 life. You know when all the goombas turn into beetles after you finish it the first time..
7. Dark Cloud 2 (or Dark Chronicle) - collecting MP for weeks to transmute weapons to then in turn break down and transmute over and over until I finally created that perfect super weapon... what a grind.
8. World of Warcraft - first stepping out into the world with nothing but rags on my back and copper, killing boars. I was hopelessly hooked for 4 years.. Too many moments to mention, first kills with my guild - first pvp moments.
9. I know a lot of people have said this.. but the Butcher from Diablo 1, my word.. The story leading up to him, given that this was the first game of its type I ever played - was 13... how he almost 1 shotted my warrior oh the chills..
10. Quake 3 Arena - finally defeating Xaero on nightmare difficulty deathmatch on his stage... I can still hear his railgun

Sorry for cheating and listing more than 5.. this just brought back so many wonderful memories.. I know there are a ton I have probably left out. Thanks for this awesome topic :)
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1.) Super Mario Bros. getting so many extra lives from the turtle shell on the stairs it ended the game when I died and then knowing when to stop so I could use the extra lives.

2.) Tony Hawk Pro Skater, learning how to get air and land tricks gave me butterflies.

3.) Simpsons Hit and Run getting in a burned out car and driving it with sparks flying.

4.) Moral Kombat seeing a finishing move even if it is done on you player.

5.) Sonic the Hedgehog seeing a bunch of rings scatter.
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Reading through this thread reminded me of so many other fun gaming moments. Had to supply an addendum:

-Being able to beat every other AI-controlled unit in Archon (1983) with the Knight/Goblin.

-Wizardry (what was it, 100,000 lines of Pascal?). Seeing a party of Malefics and Poison Giants and then the painful **The monsters surprised you!**

-The Bard's Tale (I-III). For heaven's sake, I still remember a ton of the spell abbreviations. I also remember being blown away by the addition of ranged combat in Destiny Knight. Also, puzzles/riddles in dungeons. Remember when beating a video game required logic, mapping, and taking notes?! (or a guide, but we won't talk about those)

-Syndicate. The adrenaline rush you got when the music changed and you started wildly scanning the screen for enemy agents with miniguns approaching.

-The introduction and epilogue of each realm performed by that awesome voice actor in Dungeon Keeper. "The people loved each others' company so much that they'll be together forever now. We've put them in a big pit and piled tons of rocks onto them. A fitting end, we trust you'll agree." Or "Dragon Time. We set fire to this place, master. It's still burning with a fierce, unnatural intensity so we can't go anywhere near it. But, we're sure you'll love it....once it's cooled off a little." There was also an undeniable pleasure from hearing, "Information has been tortured from the enemy."

-One Must Fall: 2097. The first fighting game I encountered that had upgradeable fighters. Driving my friend (who introduced me to the game) insane with well-timed overhead throws with the Jaguar was priceless. The sounds of metal clanging and bad techno music merged together well.
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5.) My first armor column bridge battle in Planetside 1. There were two dozen or so tanks (light and heavy) on both sides of the ravine and a hundred or so ground troops trying to push across a bridge with a dozen or so Mosquitos and Reavers having their own air battle above me.

4.) Talking about Half-Life deathmatchign in Wendys across the street from the office. There were a group of us, coders and executives alike, all in conservative suits. We were very energetic about it. After a while, we realized people had been leaving because they actually thought we were discussing crowbaring someone in real life.

3.) My first ship loss to pirates in EvE Online. There is a moment for every long term EvE player with a previous MMO background that changes the way you look at gaming forever. Where gaming ceases to be about the game itself. This was it for me. The loss mattered, the loss was real (in the fact that the week of gaming was lost). There was -risk- here and I loved it. I still do. Nothing, video game wise, gets the adrenaline pumping as a close fight in EvE, where it's my assets on the line against someone else's and there are no dice rolls determining our fate, it's all preperation and piloting skill.

2.) Journey on the PS3. While the game is great on its own, ff you can play it and other people happen at to be at the same time, it is nothing short of amazing.

The sorts of gameplay comes of the oss of effective communication between players and the randomness of the pairings really changes how people interact. In these days of accepted trolling and grief play, it has restored some faith I had in the gaming community.

Finding out at the end of the game, that the most helpful seemingly concerned player I ran into along the way had a gamer tag of "NoobSlayer69" did amuse the hell out of me in the end.

1.) The Herald is come.

The children of Ispar have lost...

The currents coursing through the ley lines flare and sputter in dismay. A tremor passes through the ground, as if the world itself were recoiling in horror.

For a moment, all is still. The wind holds its breath. Then, on the back of a rising gale, there comes the faint sound of black laughter.

Asheron's Call, the defense of Harry and the end of the Should the Stars Fall patch on Thistledown.
That was the longest and most amazing 72 hours of gaming I've ever seen in an event that pulled hardcore pvpers, hardcore RPers, loremongers on Thistledown together for one event, being the only server to stop the last shard from falling to other players.

In short, we dod so good of a job with our vigil that the Dev's finally had to step in to resolve. And when the Dev's did step in, they did so with good taste and tied in event story (and players) from many months before to finally resolve it.
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Hm. Hard to say, really. There were quite a few of those special moments for me. I think I'm going to let the Diablo series take three of them, though. This list is in no particular order, but I do think the first one takes the cake as the "best gaming moment."

1. The fight with the Butcher in Diablo.
Yeah, it's been said many times already (pointed out earlier), but this really was one of the most intense and memorable scenes of any video game ever made. With the chilling tale the dying nameless man had to tell you, and the confrontation with this formidable monster in his room full of blood and corpses. Many of my heroes fell, but the sorcerer eventually reigned supreme.

2. Becoming a Grandmaster Swordsman in Ultima Online.
I played this game for years with my mom and my brothers. It was my first MMORPG, and the only one I can say I still really like. Reaching the maximum skill level for Swordsmanship made me feel so awesome.

3. Defeating the "ubers" and identifying my first Hellfire Torch in Diablo II.
I actually played Diablo II on and off for years before finally deciding that multiplayer was more interesting than going solo. I've met so many people here, and I've made long-lasting friendships with some of them, thanks to this game. When I first saw what the Hellfire Torch was, I knew I had to get one for myself, and I had set out to collect keys with my friends, using my poorly-equipped paladin (specialized in Zeal)... One of my friends had a very well-geared smiter and offered to kill the ubers for me at no cost. Together we killed all of them, and I picked up my very first torch. It was an 18/20 Paladin Torch... and another "friend" stole it from me only days after.

4. Killing the Cyberdemon and discovering the location of Hell in The Ultimate Doom.
The epic showdown between the space marine and the biggest demon on Deimos. My weapon of choice being the Rocket Launcher, of course. Looking back, I find it difficult to believe I ever had trouble killing this guy. He's slow, dumb, and has an attack pattern that you will learn within seconds. Just after a couple minutes of strafing and firing out fifty rockets to his face, he's done for... and the scene after is unforgettable... "Deimos floats above Hell itself!"

(Almost let the ending to Final Fantasy IV take 4's place, but I just couldn't.)

5. The release of Diablo III.
I've been a big fan of the series for as long as I can remember. There were always rumors going about in D2... about what D3 would be like, and if one would ever be made. I had always hoped for a D3, myself, and I'm glad to see it's finally here. On release night, I sat in TeamSpeak with my friends, and we all rapidly attempted to sign on at midnight. After what felt like several hours, we were finally able to get in a game together, to journey off and destroy Diablo once again. I got my money's worth with this game. It sucks to see so much hatred for it on its own official message board, but you can't please everyone. Remember, D2 wasn't perfect when it came out, either. No game is, I think. Either way, May 15th is a night (or morning) I won't forget.

I know, enough about Diablo, but literally half of my life was THIS GAME. Thank you, Blizzard.
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First time I layed eyes on a Pong console It crit me for 1000 geek points and instantly turned me into a nerd. Epic moment.
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1-playing a game with martial arts in it and wanting to learn martial arts

2-learning martial arts, winning fights, breaking bricks, getting sponsored.

3-going outside, getting fresh air, enjoying reality

4-joining the Marine Corps, becoming a martial Art instructor, get job high profile security

5-years and years later Diablo 3 comes out with a martial art class so i buy Diablo 1 and 2 and play them while i wait for it to come out. was never a gamer but now i can say i am :) love this game lol
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1. letting my girlfriend play d2 with my HARDCORE char . she did pretty good , unfortunettly he die during a baal run :( ... ( on the 4th monster pack , my comp kinda freeze for 3-5 sec and when he unfreeze i was dead . she was feeling rly bad afterwards , still ended with a nice BELOW-JOB so kinda stayed in my mind for the rest of my life . ( was my firts bj )

2. Cinematic of diablo 2 . i've watched them all , have to say they are well made

3. When i have beatten STEPHANO in sc2 on a custom game by rushing a 6pool . WAS EPIC , still have replay :D ( my name was iGrape )

4. Getting to the max lvl of BUBBLE TROUBLE

5. DIABLO 1 , duping stats potion was rly funny and i had alot of fun doing it.
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1. FFX- Goin solo as Rikku and beating Nemesis
2. Counterstrike: Source - first fps i played where killing was Rl friends was very personal.
3. Diablo 2 exp - Killing Bael for the first time on Hell mode
4. WoW - Killing Nef and hearing my guilds nerd screams\
5. Battlefield 1942 DC mod - Playing capture the flag in El Alamein, getting the flag w/ a jeep and dodging chopper and jet fire.
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-Finding my first Ist of a new ladder season.
-Playing one character in Morrowind for 300 hours, and still finding something new.
-Finally having enough money to build that dream house in The Sims. Without cheating.
-Slapping someone to death in GoldenEye.
-Counter Strike: Finally getting good enough to have a positive ratio.
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1. Dogs jumping through the windows in that long hallway in Resident Evil

2. Getting the master sword in Zelda

3. Using the ball in Metroid for the first time to drop bombs and climb walls

4. Just about everything in the Splinter Cell series when it was an all stealth game

5. Watching my son score 99% on expert difficulty on Guitar Hero to the song One by Metallica
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5) Beating Dragons Lair in the arcade.
4) Downing Ragnaros in Vanilla wow for the first time
3) Hitting 99 for the first, and only time in Diablo II, a WW Barb named Silocibe!
2) "Fresh Meat"!
1) Wow. I am a human rogue in STV doing the Zanzil quest line. An Orc rogue about 5 levels higher than me and a druid my level come into the ruins, stealing my kills and taunting me in general. They were flagged. I was a gnomish engineer and I had the gnomish shrink ray. Well the druid back right up to me while his buddy is killing a big pack of zombies. I stealth, attack the druid and kill him before he can react. The rogue comes over to avenge him and BAM! Shrink rayed, punk! I sprint away, get out of combat and mount up. That Orc rogue chased me all the way to that island where the gorillas are before he gave up. Definitely my #1 gaming moment.
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