Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

1. Beating the original Devil May Cry on the hardest difficulty, still one of my favorite games.
2. First "Annihilation" in Heroes of Newerth, included a kill in the middle of the streak where i got away with <1% health
3. Several SC2 games where I thought the game was lost and managed to somehow pull out a win
4. First couple of fights with the marines in the original Half-life (by far the best AI in gaming at that point)
5. Using the gravity gun in Half-life 2 for the first time
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1) X-COM Apocalyps: Controlled demolishing an entier apartment with vortex mine + devastator cannon. Watch people fall to their deaths.
2) X-COM TFTD: Face to face with 3 lobster man while run out of TUs. MC/panic crew drops sonic pulser and fires disruptor killing himself.
3) TIE Fighter: All missions. Missile Ship, TIE Defender. When cursiers and star destroyers hyperspace in, and begin launching aircrafts into full combat.
4) CS: knifing someone with right-click, from above behind.
5) Empire earth: Massive nuclear fallout .
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my top 5 gaming memories are

* completing The Last Ninja on the c64 for the first time.
* Wipeout - played that till my thumbs bled. the graphics, the design and the sound. my idea of a perfect console game.
* Diablo - tristram theme + first time playing online
* finishing Dark Souls on NG+
* the day I bought my Amiga 1200
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1. The first time i encountered the flood in Halo - almost pooped

2. Duke Nukem "I'm gonna rip off your head and $#!* down your neck"...and then he does it

3. Leisure suit Larry - where i learned how to treat a lady

4. Starcraft - blood bath rushes and BGH turtlers

5. Modem Games of Warcraft2 - "MOM, GET OFF THE PHONE!"

Honourable mention - cold buying Red Alert before anyone heard of it, still one of my best game purchases ever and the soundtrack ROCKED (too bad the sequels went so cartoony)

edit - how could i forget goldeneye, i carted my N64 and controllers around in a green adidas bag to all my friends houses for tournaments, the system got stolen in second year university, probably helped my grades...
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1 – Watching Sub Zero teach me what a Fatality is in Mortal Kombat

2 – Punching out Vivec in nothing but beggar clothes and a rusty dagger as my only back up in Morrowind

3 – Running into the flood for the first time in Halo

4- The panic I felt in the original Diablo when my health dropped to a sliver in one hit from the Butcher

5 – This one is a hard choice. Either Force Pulling whoever just Force Pushed me off a chasm so that we both fall to our doom in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight or using Force Choke to hold someone in the charge up beam in the Death Star.
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1- Trying to assassinate Princess Edea in Final Fantasy VIII. I Have never felt such anticipation only for her to block the bullet...

2- Tarren Mill/South Shore open-world PvP battles. Vanilla WoW still holds my fondest gaming memories... RIP

3- 4v4 Gears of War matches. Boy, that game was fun back in the day. Our team got invited to play in Orlando and we placed 12th in the world. Not too shabby.

4- Watching the Burning Crusade into cinematic. "YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!" will be forever etched into my memory.

5- The anticipation of Star Wars: The Old Republic launching. Our guild of 50 sat in vent and kept refreshing the launcher for hours.... only to find out that the game was absolutely atrocious.
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- Butcher D1
- Quake during class in HS
- M'uru farm before nerf WoW BC. (hunter top dps on server)
- 2200-2750 first 3 seasons of arena (sold every spot for gold.)
- Beating first level of Contra @ 5 years old. It was a hell of an achievement for me, F U!!
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5 - Super Mario - Realizing that I could use the warp pipes to skip levels

4 - Legend of Zelda (NES) - It's dangerous to go alone! Take This.

3 - Diablo II - Not even death can save you from me!

2 - Command and Conquer - Kane shooting Seth in the head in the original CNC (Nod mission #8)

1 - Legend of Zelda OoT - Pulling the master sword and being sealed for 7 years
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1- Diablo 1, the butcher
2- Completing Monkey Island
3- Completing Grim Fandango
4- Completing world of goo
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SC 7 losses 360 wins. Forgot about that >.>
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Gambling a 9/6 ring with LR and FR in D2, just got rich over night it was awesome ^^.
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I choose to tweak mine and go with frustrating moments/boards/levels. When I think memorable I think like a poker player. "you rarely remember the big hands, but can remember the big loses in striking detail" The feelings of satisfaction once you conquered these were great.

1-The side scroll cut scene on the path to Mt Doom in Zelda II with all the lava. If you are old enough to have played that you are old enough to have died in that pass a hundred times...

2-FF VII Chocobo Racing

3-Learning to Fly in Super Mario 3

4-Unlocking the helmet removal in Metroid

5-Wondering when I would find a Green Item in Diablo 3 ;-) Took a real long time!
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1 - Firing up Ocarina of Time for the first time. So good...

2 - Downing Ragnaros for the first time with our 40-man group in Vanilla WoW. Words cannot express how much time and effort our guild put into making that happen.

3 - Diablo 1 -- The whole game. The atmosphere, the music, the innovation. I will NEVER forget the way that game made me feel.

4 - Playing video games for the first time -- I was 4 years old and my entire family was addicted to Super Mario Bros. 3. SMB3 was my first console video game ever!

5 - My first four player split-screen experience with Goldeneye 007 on Nintendo 64. That game changed the face of console FPS's altogether. Legendary!
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Hey Grimace,

Try to deal ("manage") things like this, rather than commenting here:

6. Clicking that link and finding the thread deleted ("managed"). LOL
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5 - Winning 99 race in a row in RC PRO AM, then realising after 99, the count go back to 0. I think my brain melt when I realised there was no end to the game.

4 - Knocking down Mike Tyson in Punch out when I was 10 years old. I never did it once since then! Hes so freaking fast I dont even know how I did it the first time, and only time.

3- Super Mario World: OMG YOSHI!

2- Zelda: Link to the past: One of the best game ever.

1- The first time I saw Omnislash done by Cloud on Sephiroth. I rent the game for the whole week in a spring break vacation. My parent we're out for the whole week. I dont think I slept more then 20 hours in that 7 days. That was my best moment of playing a game for sure!

I also had epic moment playing starcraft for 7 years, but I was older then, so nothing felt the same.
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I been gaming a very long time. In no particular order...

*"You are in an open field, west of a big white house with a boarded front door..." - I was maybe 10yo at the the time. Dad had just bought us a Commadore64. Brand new technology at the time. This was the first "computer game" I ever played. I remember that very first moment pretty clearly.

*Sitting in my dark office late at night right after Doom2 first came out and having to flick the lights on and look around cause I was actually a bit freaked with all the ambient growling and noises.

*Me and my wife on the brink of seperating over my video game addiction. Her finally standing there glaring over my shoulder, no doubt about to start another fight and then all at once saying, "Ummm, they have FEMALE characters??" (Talking about my female Amazon flinging arrows)
Shortly after deciding I was never going to get to use my own computer again, I built her her very own and she's been a gamer along-side me ever since!

*Pick any moment in any of dozens of games that I played with my dad and we'd find ourselves laughing till our sides hurt, or cursing each other to hell over the latest kill we got on the other.

*Any of hundreds of times sprawled around my buddy's living room floor with our friends, drunk as hell, playing actual pen and paper D&D. Good times!

*Myself, wife and her big sister crowded around my 9yo daughter as she stepped up to face Diablo here in D3 just a few months ago. There was screaming and yelling and advice and "OMFG, HEAL!! No, go get next to the well!! No, use this skill or that skill!!" and ultimately her screaming back at us something along the lines of, "I GOT THIS!! BACK OFF!"
And she did. Pwn'd his !@#.

Single top moment, above and beyond anything else though...
*When the "Epic weapon" was new on Everquest and only a handful of people had them, my wife was getting hers(Druid). She had done all the legwork, we'd done all the fights, all the combines, camped all the mobs. WEEKS worth of work invested. Last fight remaining and I called in every favor I had. Roughly 40 people showed up for that last boss fight.
I'm tanking with an array of clerics behind me, wizards are throwing ice comets and fireballs, shaman are slowing and buffing, arrows are flying from the Rangers, Rogues are backstabbing to high hell, pets everywhere.
Fight literally took like 10mins. Was a raid-level encounter.
Critter finally falls, cheers erupt and she's sitting there taking it in. Hell, she has 5 mins to loot. No big deal.
Until our power went out...

The chaos in that little rental house was unlike anything I've ever experienced. We were both freaking completely the F out. Was the item going to rot before we got back? Did someone ninja-loot it?? How long was the power going to be out!? OMFG, WE JUST WASTED 40+ people's time!! I finally discovered a breaker had tripped and turned it back on. We can't get logged back in initially because the chars are stuck, locked in limbo, waiting for them to reset.

She made it back in with probaly 20sec to spare and got the item. And then we BOTH sat there and cried. It was insane. =\

You juste made me break a nerd tears ;)
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Hard to pick 5 specifically, but here are some that stand out:

1. Watching my older brother beat Mario 1 on NES without losing a life. He used warp whistles but it was still amazing considering how young we were.
2. Goldeneye on N64 with my buddies on Friday/Saturday nights in high school rather than out getting drunk, high, in trouble or in any combination of those 3.
3. Metal Gear Solid 4. I had never played any of the other Metal Gear games before. Amazing.
4. Little League Championship Series baseball on NES. Possibly the most fun sports game of all time.
5. Shining Force 2. I played through that turn-based RPG game so many times.
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In no particular order:
-Accomplishments in runescape: Armadyl Godsword, 99 skills, PK videos etc
-Diablo II: Baal cinematic (where he implodes the barbarian)
-Diablo I: Getting ripped to pieces by the Butcher for the first time
-Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Hanging the !@#$%^- Russian guy in the end of Single Player
-Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: Getting all the golden guns

-Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Getting recruited into an awesome clan ([=G!X=] Blue) and getting promotion to admin lvl 7 (kick/ban)
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