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Top 5 gaming moments

11/20/2012 02:45 AMPosted by MuckFe
2 - Descent 2 – The first time I killed a RL friend in H2H combat!

Is this the same descent that I played with ships in a maze? It was an awesome game and all, I'd play it now if I could get in on some mp action, but I don't remember any HtH combat. It was all lasers, mines, missles, plasma cannons...you get the picture.

Hmmm, mine would have to be:

1) Beating Metroid and discovering that Samus was a chick in a bathing suit. /em wolfwhistle

2) FFVII release on playstation, pre-erdered with 5 buddies and played for weeks every night, all night.


4) Discovering "The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind" game on PC in 2004

5) When I got my NES, finally, and played for 7 days straight. Beat Castlevania in 3 days and moved on to Zelda and Mario Bros 2

6) My discovery of the MMO in 2003ish when FFXIII released in the U.S., I sat up and watched the live stream from Japan for hours before the game was live in the states. Then I got drunk and made a Mithran. Eventually, I got my wife to enjoy gaming and she joined me in FFXIII. This was the beginning of the end, she got a rush being the girl in an MMO and all of the attention that comes with it.

Eventually, while being showered with gifts in vanilla wow (they carried her through raids, gave her gold, equipment and valuable pets) she allowed a too young nerd/geek with serious social issues to come over to our place while I was working a double time, 16hr shift on christmas eve. Those damned geeks idolized her and once she had two she begged me to stay but too late, that pond was polluted by geek juice so I had to bail.

I sure did scare the hell out of the kid when I googled his name and address (my wife bought him pizza on my bank card) then called his mother and told her what was going on. They moved the next day and the kids mom wouldn't let him play wow or talk to my wife anymore. The second one was an active felon...wtf?
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Starcraft -Terran campaign, mission 3: Desperate alliance - Survive for 30 mins.
Heroes of might and magic III - Creation of the Armageddon's blade/Playing necropolis and having 50k+ skeletons in the army.
Diablo 2 - Getting cosy in Duriel's chamber.
Dungeon keeper 2 - Summoning of the horned reaper.
World of warcraft preBC- Defeating Ragnaros/Nefarian (cant decide which one).
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In no particular order:

- Completing Golden Eye 100% for the N64

- Completing Super Mario RPG

- Playing Final Fantasy 8 on New Years one year instead of going out

- Playing Wolfenstein for the first time

- Getting my first console, NES.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so many great moments in gaming history.
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1. Killing Sephiroth in FF VII. RIP Aerith. She deserved better, and that bastards took it away from her. As much as he is my favorite villain, I hate him the most.

2. Halo CE. First playthrough I got the short straw and was the warthog drive. I somehow did a barrel roll....I am now ALWAYS the warthog driver. I always seem to land wheels down, no matter what.

3. Halo 3. Skyjacking a Banshee from the man cannon in Valhalla during a ranked and recorded match. Video going viral for over a month. Then bailing out of a destroyed hornet to skyjack another one. Video going viral again.

4. FF VI. Finally surviveing the Giant Cactuar in the desert island. Damn 1000 Needles...

5. Diablo 2. Finally tweaking my Summonancer to be able to afk and still kill all the ubers in Trist. That took over 300 HC necros to tweak, and getting the perfect skill/gear setup and ratio.

Notable Mentions- Half Life 2, Getting the gravity gun. CoD MW2, Killing 4 people with a stinger. Super Smash Bros, Winning a tournament with Link(thought to be an underdog char). Portal 2, SPAAACE!
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In no particular order:

- Completing Golden Eye 100% for the N64

- Completing Super Mario RPG

- Playing Final Fantasy 8 on New Years one year instead of going out

- Playing Wolfenstein for the first time

- Getting my first console, NES.

- Playing through Star Ocean the Second Story, still probably my favorite game of all time, favorite RPG at the very least.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so many great moments in gaming history.
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Edea was Sorceress not a princess...
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5. The first time I went over to my friends house for a LAN party, lugging my 30 pound CRT monitor and Tower to play Counter Strike in his Dining room. I was 12.

4. Getting to the end of Double Dragon on NES only to realize I now had to beat the crap out of my brother to save Marian and get some action.

3. The moment Sephiroth dropped down in the Ancient City and killed Aerith in Final Fantasy 7, I literally walked out of the room and had to explain to my parents how "Unfair" the world was. HAHA

2. Playing in multiple DODS matches in CAL:Main and CAL:Invite

1. Chirstmas day 1994 when I got my Playstation and after years of playing on NES was BLOWN AWAY. I was 9 and will never forget Tomb Raider was the first game I ever played on that system.

has to go to all the weekend skatehops in elementary school. We never went to skate but to hang at the arcade lined up to play Mortal Kombat. I will never forget those nights where I got to the machine and destroyed opponent after opponent, only to rip off my mask and immolate them into a heap of charred bones.
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1: Act 3 cinematic on D2 when Mephisto, Diablo and Baal are performing that ritual

2: My first Silent Assassin rating on Hitman 2 for the final level

3: Surviving 1 whole hour on the final level of Halo: Reach

4: The first time I used a redeemer on Unreal Tournament

5: Beating every Halo game without dying on Legendary

Honor award: Pulling the Master Sword for the first time in Ocarina of Time

A Rampant AI~
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In chronological order:

1. Receiving an Atari 2600 for Christmas when I was 7
2. "Flipping" Asteroids 13 times before I had to quit because my mom called me to dinner
3. Receiving a Commodore 64 for Christmas when I was 13
4. Explaining to friends at school how awesome the game Pool of Radiance was while they sat enthralled by the concept of "computer based D&D"
5. Cranking my stereo while my Sound Blaster belted out the pre-battle sequence in Wing Commander
6. Discovering and playing Civilization for the first time
7. Camping on id's FTP site and downloading each file of Doom as it was posted
8. Firing up Warcraft and experiencing my first ever multi-player RTS skirmish
9. Discovering and playing Command and Conquer for the first time
10. Every minute spent playing Super Mario 64
11. Finishing the final level in Super Mario Brothers Wii with my two daughters, the next generation
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1 - first time I sat down in the x-wing fighter of the old, old, old, old star wars arcade game.

2 - up up down down left right left right B A start

3 - the special procedure to clean and blow on SNES cartridges in order to get them to work

4 - Morrowind theme song

5 - My first ride in a Kestrel in Escape Velocity
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This entire thread made me break down into tears (in a good way).

I've played/beaten 90% of the games mentioned in this thread and I found everything too overwhelming for words.

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5 - The very first time playing Half-Life, just after release, on an nVidia Riva TnT2. Sure, there had been lots of good 3D FPS games, but no game had ever captured this level of realism. PC gaming had just been revolutionized.

4 - As mentioned before, standing in the arcade room at a miniature golf park in 1992, watching a stoic Sub-Zero tear off the head and accompanying spinal column of his opponent. Prior to this moment, the only video game blood I had ever seen came from Altered Beast on the Sega master system, and it looked more like dust than blood. I don't think viewing the actual fatality is quite as memorable as seeing the countless newspaper articles complaining about video game violence over the next few months.

3 - Witnessing my [female] babysitter teach me how to defeat Wart and beat Super Mario Bros. 2 in 1989. This was an extremely awesome moment, because you couldn't just look that stuff up on the internet. There was no GameFAQs, no Prima guides, and no IGN. You either figured it out yourself, had a Nintendo Power subscription, or you had a friend help you.

2 - Watching, helplessly, as Sephiroth unexpectedly falls from the sky and kills Aeris in FFVII. Never before had I been so emotionally connected to a games characters, and I played FFVII early, managing to avoid any and all spoilers. This was a complete and total surprise, and it was horrible.

1 - The first time ever seeing the princess toadstool sprite after beating Super Mario Bros. If you hadn't beaten the game, or watched your friend do it, you never saw the princess. THIS is what all that time was for. THIS is what you faced 32 levels of punishment, without a save or password feature for. Sure, there were warp zones, but there was no internet to look them up on. If you played the game early, you played ALL the levels. And if the power went out, you started over. And if your mom bumped into the entertainment center with the vacuum cleaner and !@#$led the cartridge, the game errored out, and you started over. AND it was AWESOME!
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1. Running from The Butcher in fear while he rushed toward me in Diablo 1

2. Staying up all night playing multi-player Tetris on N64 and trying to build the stupid wonders of the world by getting enough lines. Then, of course, continue playing once I went to bed in my dreams.

3. Building a community clan base on Diablo 2. Going to our clan channel to meet up with people. D2 Pvp. Made a friend for life.

4. Playing Socom 2. Building a tight clan and having clan wars. Bringing play-stations to friends houses and setting them up on multiple TVs. Wars!

5. Guild Wars Guild Battles
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Combo Breaker in Killer Instinct
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5. Beating Double Dragon at the arcade with one quarter while older kids / teens watched.
4. The intro to Mass Effect 2.
3. MechWarrior 3 online, using the MS SideWinder Force Feeback joystick.
2. Diablo 2 hardcore pre-LoD.
1. Getting first PC and realizing that there were game mods.

Honorable mentions:
- Diablo 3 unwrap and install
- The Butcher (D1 obv)
- Expert+ mode on Guitar Hero drums
- Half-Life 2 gravity gun achievement
- Civilization's 'just one more turn'
- First time playing Doom 3. Was alone, in the dark, with big bass surround sound
- Other old school achievements, before achievements were a thing: Beating Mike Tyson; finishing Adventure of Link; Battletoads speed bike level; Super Mario Bros. without losing a man; Metroid Samus ending; figuring out how to navigate the jungle maze in the original Metal Gear
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Finally completing Jill of the Jungle.

Playing Snake with 3 players after spending a week modding it with Turbo Pascal.

TES3 Morrowind.

C&C Red Alert 2, last few missions as soviet.

Level 83 HC Pally being hack pk'd/TPPK by some random in a private baal run. I almost quit D2. :'-(
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Dino Park Tycoon: Making my first million.

Diablo I: Facing King Leoric for the first time.

Starcraft: Playing the Protoss campaign.

Deus Ex: Icarus taunts me: "What are you looking for".

Deus Ex: Turning on Anna Navarre on the 747.
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Playing Kings Quest for the first time and beating the game. It felt epic.

Playing into the late night on original Wolfenstein 3D - running for my life and blowing up everything I could.

Remembering all the ambient sounds in Doom and how creepy that game felt.

And #1 for me: Participating in a Star Fox tournament for the Nintendo 64 and winning the local competition and winning a Star Fox flight jacket (and T-shirts). I wore that jacket proudly! (I still have that jacket in a box... though it no longer fits) ;)
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1) Exhausting my 6-year-old vocabulary trying to progress in King's Quest, and getting my mom to help (to no avail)

2) Becoming a Paladin in Final Fantasy IV (II on the SNES) -- there was just something about that moment. That whole game, actually.

3) Thoroughly examining every segment of wall in Eye of the Beholder with my friends watching, somehow completely invested

4) Back-flipping from tree to tree in Super Mario 64, realizing that video games had already surpassed where I ever thought they would be when I was a kid

5) This has happened only a handful of times in my life, and with different games, but... that moment when, after failing to kill the final boss again and again, adrenaline raging to the point where you are screaming at the screen, you finally beat the game with an ounce of health left, put down the controller / let go of the mouse, look at your sweaty hands trembling, and whisper to yourself, "I did it."

Bonus) "Congratulations! You've destroyed the vile Red Falcon and saved the universe. Consider yourself a hero."
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1. Zelda Ocarina of time - 1st time seeing the VAST OPEN FREE overworld

2. Zelda Skyward Sword - Finding out who Zelda really was and finding it that she was just using Link to get what she wanted until it backfired and she ended up actually falling for him. Oh and seeing her sacrifice herself too...

3. Street Fighter II - The 1st time I fought another player in the arcades and stakes were so high because you were a kid and did not want to waste that quarter you just put inside that machine

4. Metal Gear Solid's ending - My 1st cinematic long !@# ending in a video game and it was such a tearjerker too

5. Final Fantasy 8 - Moment?!? psssh I loved every freakin moment of the whole game
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