Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

no particular order..

c&c cinematic where good old seth gets his brains blown out by kane in mid "i'm running this now" speech

first time playing another person online. it was the old red alert game.


the spectacle of hotkeying about 8 or 9 waves, 12 zerglings each, and just being lazy and attack-move them into your opponents base. pure chaos.

first resident evil..walking down that hallway early in the game, and the zombie dogs crash through the window.
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1- soccom 2 my whole team got fragged by grenade so was me vs 7 people i sniped 6 ran out of bullets and got a lucky head shot with my hand gun for the win.
2-BW epic 1v1 game
3-FF3 the chainsaw, the world destruction/second half of the game
4-owning in halo 2
5-soccom 3 ghille suit and silenced rifle laying in grass
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Wow, where to start...

5. Resident Evil 1, I was probably 11-12 years old. Just by the opening sceen I was terrified, proceeded into the first hallway, walking ever so slowly. About to turn the corner and BAM, in come the zombie dogs, and out comes the controller of hands and I scream in terror. Death happend so there after.

4. Final Fantasy 7, Emerald Weapon. When I first encountered him I didn't have the Auto-Phoenix Materia so I had to make sure I didn't wipe. I was at it for a good 25-30mins,Double Summon Knights of Round, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic....etc. I knew I had to be getting close, then in comes his Ultimate Attack which I new is a one hit kill for the team, I put my head down in dissapoitment knowing I was going to have to start over. When I look up, to my surprise Cid is still standing, good old evasive Cid dodged the attack! Few more Rounds of Summons and it was over!

3. When I was about 16-17 I had a hand full of friends that were just as much as gamers as I was. We came up with an idea, lets get as many people together as we can and play every zelda game we can get out hands on. We called it Zelda Fest, at the time Majora's Mask was the most recent. In total we had 5 TVs, 2 PC Emulators, a Dreamcast with Monitor attachment, and a couple game boys. We played all night long, almost every Zelda game out at the time, at the same time. Sadly, the only one that was beat was Zelda 1.

2. Call of Duty: Black Ops; Search and Destroy, me and some buddy we playing and at some point, somewhere between 25-30 wins in a row, we say, ok let's keep playing till we lose. Somewhere around to 55 mark we got one of our really strong maps where I was pretty decent at spawn sniping and I got the ok to run with a sniper. Great game, were going back and forth and ended up in a 7th round, I should have switched to a different class but in the heat of the moment I forgot. So the round begins and by then the team knew not to run into the spawn snipe. 10 Deaths later, it was down to Me and a guys on the other team. Time was running out and I heard an expolsion in the distance(I have a nice headset so I could tell what direction it was coming from) I jump out to the window I was perched on and as I'm falling I can hear his footsteps comeing from behind me, right away I figured it was to late, as fast as I could I turned around, zoomed in and BAM, One-Shot One-Kill. Game over. An uproar soon accoured from both sides of the team. Most memorable moment amongst any shooter game I've ever played.

1. Final Fantasy 11, I played this game for about 7 years, made alot of real life friends out of it, I could probably write a book on all the great times I had playing this game, but I won't waste your time. I had so many moments of joy, and frustration that I wouldn't even know where to start. As much time as I probably wasted lplaying this game, I would never take it back...
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-Turnning on the Vextrex or Sega Master System, for Christmas, it's a tie.

-Getting all Gold Medals in 720 Arcade the 1st time.

-Getting to the Final Frontier on STTNG Star Trek the Next Generation pinball.

-Finishing Narc on 1 Quarter the 1st time.

-Getting to the Jr. the 1st time in Ms Pac-Man.
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1. Resident Evil 1, the hallway at the beginning where the dogs come through the window.

2. My first positive score on CS 1.6 on Nuke 10-6.

3. Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Master Sword. (and the rest of the game really)

4. "Fresh Meat" from the butcher in Diablo 1

5. This one will always be in my head since this was my first time raiding, yes it's late but oh well. WoW wraith of the lich king. Killing Mimiron Hard Mode. After 70+ attempts.

Btw, this post took me 20 mins... Thank OP lol.

6. I have to add playing Dota All-Stars for the first time. And the first time I got a positive score. And the 36-0 Tinker game.. Too many to list here...

Holy crap I competely forgot turning into a Jedi on Kotor 1.
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1) Getting a Gold Chocobo in FFVII and the first time I cast Knights of the Round.

2) Maw duel in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

3) My first raid in WoW, Ahn'Qiraj, and winning the roll for a Red battle mount.

4) Opening cutscene of Morrowind; finding all the pieces to complete a set of Daedric armor.

5) 18 hour Team Fortress LAN marathons at my friends house when his parents were gone for the summer. We backed up the toilet and he never called the plumber. It looked like the crap monster from Dogma was about to jump out of it. Laughing hysterically as he tried to wash off all of the caked on food from the plates we neglected to wash for 2 months with a power washer. Drinking their Scotch and watering it down so his parents wouldn't see any missing. Using each other as alibis when our parents would call to check in, we were always doing something that made it so we couldn't answer the phone. We would then proceed to call the house of whoever's girfriends' parents weren't home and tell them to call home. One time my friend said I had gone home for the night (I was so pissed at him); next thing I know my mom is knocking on the door of my girlfriend's house at 2 am and dragged me home.
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1) Downing Kael'thas Sunstrider for the first time. I screamed so loud my throat gave out, and Vent was so loud that my headphones actually gave out.
2) Beating Goro and Shang Tsung on MK 2. That game was actually hard for its time!
3) Beating the final boss of Contra III.
4) The final cutscene of D2, with Baal saying, "However, I am not the Archangel Tyrael..." Still give me chills everytime I see it.
5) Seeing Elwynn Forest for the first time. I was a complete noob, I stayed in that zone for almost a month, and it felt like an Internet home. I'll never have that precise feeling from a game ever again.
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1.) Sierra's The Realm, 1st MMORPG alongside Meridian 59. Played it when I was 14 years old for a few years.

2.) Everquest 1, hunting spiders in the snowy plains of Halas near permafrost with a friend named Albric whom I never saw again, one day.

3.) Rerolling on new WoW servers with a group of friends. Server first 60 numerous times, server first MC/BWL numerous times.

4.) Skies of Arcadia for Dreamcast

5.) Phantasy Star Online for Dreamcast
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1. Finishing the original Rogue for the PC.
2. Becoming Elite in Elite for the Commodore 64 (on the morning of an exam, haha).
3. Quake 1 - Capture the Flag mod. Quad damage rocket camping grappled to the ceiling in the flag room, fun times.
4. Warcraft 2 online on Kali.
5. Guild Wars beta - grouping with a bunch of randoms for PvP and winning 21 straight matches. I guess we just clicked!
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This is tough. Let me think.

1. It's 2:00 a.m., all the lights are off in my apartment, and I'm walking around the Tower of Babel in Doom, looking for whatever it is I'm supposed to fight. Finally, I round a corner and see something off in the distance. I can't tell how big it is, but it looks slow. I see it turn to face me, and it stops walking. As my eyes strain in the dark to see what it's doing, I notice OH MY GOD IS THAT A--BOOM!!!! My screen goes red. Before I can get hit again, I turn and run. And run. And run some more. The fight lasts 45 minutes. Nothing will ever top that.

2. I finally get to the last boss in Ultima IV, and one of my friends in high school (yes, I'm dating myself) asks to borrow it. No problem--I load up all the floppy disks (they were really floppies back then), bring them to school, and explain how he can avoid screwing up my game in progress. He screws it up anyway, and I have to do the whole thing again. I then hit another snag and lose to the end boss again. I got so good at navigating that final dungeon that I trimmed the initial 8-hour trip to roughly 2 hours.

3. I'm playing the original Karateka, and I've beaten the baddie, Akuma. I approach Princess Mariko and, intentionally or not, adopt a fighting stance. She proceeds to lay me out with one shot.

4. Any game of Galaga, Rush 'N Attack, or Shinobi (arcade versions) I've ever played after mastering them. Ever wonder how far you can stretch a quarter? I know the answer :)

5. Booting up the remake of Sid Meier's Pirates! and realizing it's a lot like the movie version of The Lord of the Rings: it's got all the parts I remember most fondly, none of the annoying crap, and it looks fantastic.

Speaking of fantastic: great thread.
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My moments of choice. with video :D

1. Monket Island 1 : Use stewed meat with deadly pirhanna poodles... What will happen next ? go check it out! 0:42 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRZXuvgkJCo&feature=relmfu

2. Prince of persia the 1th (yes the pixel one) : seeing the skeleton rising was the most horrific moment I had ever experienced in a video game I had ever experienced. 2:10 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHuu5-T_hTc

11/21/2012 03:43 PMPosted by astraldecay

3. Doom 1 : Holly cow! That cyberdeamon. I used so many rockets... first boss sound at 0.10 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecgLfR2izas

4. Diablo 1 : Psstt... over here! NO WIRT! I will not pay to see your "imported quality good" again... *30 second later* Damn! I paid 50 gold piece again! Next time I will be stronger. 8:50 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbaPmqOXxgA

5. Full throttle : Pretty much the first minutes of the game. 8:18 -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHwNF9nhPsI&feature=related

Have fun, and see you in game :)
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5. Winning Earthbound with the worlds worst ability, pray. Amazing victory!
4. Taking on 3 level 9 bots in SUPER SMASH BROTHERS and defeating them (omg that took so much effort. I was stuck on 2 9s and an 8 for the longest time.
3. Beating Vodka, one of the current top guilds in WoW, and killed Essence of Souls kill before them. My guild started T3 BC late so to catch up we skipped Hyjal and dove head first into Black Temple. Jokes on everyone else. Hyjal was a trash of an instance.
2. Discovering that in Kirby Dreamland for SNES you should NEVER EVER piss off your friend because as the 2nd player "helper" they can steal any ability you have AND THEN SUICIDE LEAVING YOU POWERLESS.
1. Discovering that Kerrigan (SPOILER ALERT) was still alive and became part of the Swarm, Queen of Blades.
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1- meeting up Red in that dark cave ( pokemon silver/gold)

2-running for my life from a huge rolling stone from ( resident evil 4)

3-having my first action recorded vid in cabal online

4- seeing the butcher for the first time in D3 (like wtf that's pudge in dota!)

5-the moment when i had gotten Tidus's Jet shot 2 from FFX
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Posts: 3
All first times playing(in order because each one changed my perspective):

Super Mario Bros.
Goldeneye MP
Command and Conquer Red Alert MP
Counter Strike 1.3
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Five of my best moments in gaming:

  • 5 - Collecting all 120 stars in Super Mario 64, realizing you can actually get in that tube in the front garden of the castle and talk with yoshi.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 4 - Finishing Diddy Kong's Quest 13 years after i bought it.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 3 - Getting some new platinum or gold cup in Time Splitters, playing it every now and then, for years after i bought it.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 2 - Finishing Yoshi's Island together with a friend in one single day.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 1 - Finding the !@#$%^- sword in the Kokiri village in Ocarina of Time (ehm yes.. i did have some serious problems :D). The whole adventure was my best moment in gaming. Oh.. the water temple.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • Extra: defeating those bosses in the hardest difficulty in Ninja Gaiden (awsome game).
  • Extra 2: the last level of Halo CE.
  • Extra 3: First epic drop from a random mob in WoW.
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    Oh, thought of one more: first fight against Mike Tyson on "Mike Tyson's Punch Out." I was playing at a friend's house. Had no idea what he could do and got knocked out within about 45 seconds. Maybe 30. The first HOLY F@&! Moment when he let loose with one of those insta-floor upper cuts? Priceless.

    Also, it was cool when I eventually got good enough to TKO him in the first round :)
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    Not my most memorable moments, but games that were most memorable lasting impression, and were important stepping stones in my career.

    1) Spyro 2: Riptos rage (PS1)
    Loved this game, Insomniacs best Spyro by far, I was at the right age as well.

    2) Age of Empiores 2: Age of Kings (PC)
    First introduction to RTS

    3) Wolfenstein Enemy Territory (PC)
    First FPS, and first 28 Kill Streak ;)

    4) Call of Duty 2 (PC)/BF3(XBOX360)
    Absolutely slayed both of these games. Call of Duty 2 was best COD excluding COD4, and BF3 gave me amazing moments with my friends that not COD game could.

    5) Red Dead Redemption/Skyrim (PS3)
    Simply breathtaking games, loved the open world and engaging story lines and the fact that they were singleplayer. Both also had freaking phenomenal environments, saw the most beautiful sunset to come of a video game in RDR, and the best Northern stars in Skyrim.

    Honerable Mention: LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
    This game had solid integrity and intuition, was also the culprit of many a laugh attacks between my friends and I.
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    1. I had a Diablo 1 warrior with hacked items, and all stats but vitality maxed with duped elixirs. Got into a public game, then rushed to the Butcher without killing any monsters. Then I waited paitiently until the other players opened the door. When that happened, I wrote "AAaaahhh! Fresh Meat!!" as I chased and killed them. I was 12-13 at the time and the only thing keeping me from feeling really sorry is that I still find the idea of it hilarious.

    2. I was sick at home when I was 4-5 years old, and my father brought his computer (black and green screen) with this new game he got, Prince of Persia. My whole family got together to see how the prince fell to his untimely dead by falling in the very first spikes of the game.

    3. Modding Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, and becoming part of one heck of a modding community.

    4. Tim Schafer's games: insult sword fighting in Monkey Island. Lungfishopolis, Black Velvetopia or any of the levels in Psychonauts, Father Torque in Full Throttle. If I had to pick one, Grim Fandando.

    5. Games with great emotional scenes, like Final Fantasy VI's train scene, To the Moon's ending, Braid's last level, Shadow of the Colossus, etc.

    Bonus Track - Arkham Asylum: I'm playing the game, and the look of concentration in my face prompted my father to ask me "Why so serious?".
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    *Myself, wife and her big sister crowded around my 9yo daughter as she stepped up to face Diablo here in D3 just a few months ago. There was screaming and yelling and advice and "OMFG, HEAL!! No, go get next to the well!! No, use this skill or that skill!!" and ultimately her screaming back at us something along the lines of, "I GOT THIS!! BACK OFF!"
    And she did. Pwn'd his !@#.

    lol! So familiar! till today, my son keeps taunting me.. heal! heal! heal! thats your @#$&% style! lol! Its D1 &D2 btw lol!
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