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Top 5 gaming moments

I was pretty young, but I remember playing magic carpet on pc. This was windows 95 MAYBE. Anyway when you killed !@#$ they would drop mana which you then shot to turn white. Your balloons would then go pick it up and bring it to your castle. Then one level there was another wizard, Vodor that %^-*!@#, he would follow you around turning the mana to red after you leave. For all intensive purposes, my first experience with kill stealing. I must have killed Vodor more than any other video game character to this day.
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1) Flying in Mario 3
2) Discovering uuddlrlrba start in Contra
3) Successfully landing on the aircraft carrier in Top Gun
4) first 10 minutes of Metal Gear Solid
5) First time playing Doom 2. At night. With the lights off. Everyone else in the house asleep.
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1 - FF VII When Aeris gets a sword put through her

2 - Diablo 2 when Tyreal had to destroy the worldstone

3 - Grepolis (browser game) watching people panic while I turn the past 4 months of their lives into dust

4 - Skyrim....just the entire game. Absolutely amazing.

5 - Super Mario RPG - beating that crystal dude after the 400th try

Of course, all of these moments are eclipsed by numerous times from my classic D&D game. Nothing quite like dice and imagination.
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Wow, where to start...

4. Final Fantasy 7, Emerald Weapon. When I first encountered him I didn't have the Auto-Phoenix Materia so I had to make sure I didn't wipe. I was at it for a good 25-30mins,Double Summon Knights of Round, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic....etc. I knew I had to be getting close, then in comes his Ultimate Attack which I new is a one hit kill for the team, I put my head down in dissapoitment knowing I was going to have to start over. When I look up, to my surprise Cid is still standing, good old evasive Cid dodged the attack! Few more Rounds of Summons and it was over!

....still haven't beaten that @$^%(#
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So when I read the OP's post earlier today this thread had me really thinking in regards to some of the most memorable gaming moments that I have had. As alot of people have already stated there are sometimes just so many to go through but here is what I have been pondering since about 8pm est.

(No particular order)

1- Every Resident Evil that was a direct tie-in with Albert Wesker. That dude was seriously annoying yet awesome. I was actually a little disappointed on how they killed him in Resident Evil 5 but loved the story about who Wesker was throughout the years of playing that series to include the original when it first came out to just listening to that bad acting and at the time thinking... "Wow, this is friggin amazing!"

2- Metroid Prime Series. Now I do agree with people that the whole Metroid series was amazing to start off with towards people finding out that Samus was a Girl and alot of WTH moments happened with the video gaming industry during that time since a lead female character was hardly heard of, now this is also to not include Mrs PacMan since she was definatly before Samus, but Samus was just so... BAMF. I say the Prime series was her best for a console due to the whole fact of playing through the HUD. It was just one of the moments when I saw the preview of it a E3 the one year and I still to this date cant express the AWE that filled me up. My main thought was... Its about time they brought back an ICONIC heroine of her stature. The whole story for the entire trilogy was just amazing in my mind.

3- I will go to a Sport Game here and label the Original Super Tecmo Bowl. A game that featured all the teams of that year. I can remember many of times with my 3 older brothers, father and friends drawing those old $0.25 football helmets from the machines and then throwing them all into a bag draw a helmet and that was the team you had to play the whole season for. Man did I hate it when I drew the Browns or Falcons LMAO. (no offense to people who are fans of those teams)

4- Suikoden I & II Man I loved these games so friggin awesome, so much that I had to recently re-purchase a copy of Suikoden II from ebay. The story was great. 3 different ways to do battle. Spending countless hours making sure you collected all 108 Stars of Destiny. Playing the second one and wondering why the hell did it load your data from the first one to find out that you can recruit (Tir) McDohl later in the game. The Unite attacks were amazing. This series was looking to be a constant hit until... Suikoden III and IV came out. I will say Konami did get me to come back with Suikoden V but one can only hope that game comes back full force.

5- I have to say Castlevania Symphony of the Night for multiple reasons. For starters... my gamer id LMAO. Alucard was the best thing to happen to the Castlevania franchise in my mind. Its the simplicity of his name that just made him. I mean seriously what other gaming company decides to take the main villians last name and turn it around to create one of the best characters in the series. Now when he first appeared in Castlevania III Dracula's Curse he was definatly not someone I would have given up either Grant or Sypha for.

I will agree with alot of people and state that there really are more than just 5 memorable moments in gaming history to me but this was just a short list that I decided to add into this thread with. I spent alot of time reading and looking over alot of peoples posts and I must give Kudos to a few people. Here is my list of WOW I REMEMBER THAT moments too..

OP MuckFe (Fresh Meat) - first to post it LMAO
Monty11 - I loved getting Tidus finished as well
AKIZ - Youre whole post man (BRAVO)
Lizard - Your Goldeneye memory also made me remember alot of Perfect Dark Matches
CM Grimiku - I love reading your posts when you post my favorite Yeti (1 – Watching Sub Zero teach me what a Fatality is in Mortal Kombat) (EPIC - LMAO)

Thats just to name a few of these amazing posts that I have read.
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1. The first time i encountered the flood in Halo - almost pooped

2. Duke Nukem "I'm gonna rip off your head and $#!* down your neck"...and then he does it

3. Leisure suit Larry - where i learned how to treat a lady

4. Starcraft - blood bath rushes and BGH turtlers

5. Modem Games of Warcraft2 - "MOM, GET OFF THE PHONE!"

Honourable mention - cold buying Red Alert before anyone heard of it, still one of my best game purchases ever and the soundtrack ROCKED (too bad the sequels went so cartoony)

edit - how could i forget goldeneye, i carted my N64 and controllers around in a green adidas bag to all my friends houses for tournaments, the system got stolen in second year university, probably helped my grades...

Wow Leisure Suit Larry, that takes me back to 1988 real quickly. :)
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Time to indirectly reveal my age here...

1) Solving all the puzzles in Infocom's Zork I -- the Great Underground Empire, especially mapping out the coal mines & the maze on graph paper when I was little. Finishing the text adventure game Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is probably a close second.

2) After months of never having time to get past level 30-40 on my Commodore 64, spending an entire day in college finishing all 150 levels of Broderbund's Loderunner on a friend's Apple II.

3) Beating Datasofts' Bruce Lee on the Commodore 64. Probably the first time I'd ever "beaten" a game with an actual ending (most stuff up til this point were endless games on an Atari 2600...)

4) Finishing Twinsen's Little Big Adventure and The Curse of Monkey Island, two extremely brilliant PC games IMHO w/ awesome game play, graphics, story lines, music... just overall, two very well done games.

5) Finishing the campaigns in Blizzard games (D1, D2, D3, WC1, WC2, WC3, SC1, SC2). Always a great feeling of accomplishment, and the final cut scenes are always very memorable. Especially the D1 final scene when your hero takes that damn gem & stabs it in their own forehead... :-0
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in no particular order

going super sonic in sonic

falling to my death in prince of persia

the first zombie cinematic in resident evil 1 where its crouched over then turns around and stares at ya. OMFG shat myself

beating my opponent senseless at high speed in road rash

wolfenstein 3D....nuff said
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1. Playing the original Legend of Zelda with my cousin at our grandparents after getting a nes for Christmas, tied with playing Ocarina of time with the same cousin after our grandparents bought a N64 for their house.

2.Yearly Mortal Kombat 4th of July tournaments between my family, remember the first time beating my older cousin who dominates with sub-zero using Ermac then proceeding to slam fatality his frozen hide into nothingness.

3. First time logging into an MMO (Anarchy Online) on my first computer, and being amazed at all the people running around.

4. Playing Diablo 2 with my best-friend before school pretty much everyday, then proceeding to brag about our exploits to our other friends at lunch.

5. As silly as it is, the feeling I got the first time I had the money to buy my own system, not really a "gaming" memory, But it was something as gamer that solidified the love of games in my as more then a hobby
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Yea... sorry but I'm gonna be that guy to cheat a lil bit to make the list longer. It would just be a shame to avoid years of time spent on MMOs, lol...

Top 5 MMO Gaming moments -

1. Entropia Universe - Hit a find of 53000 Belkar stones which I sold for 7,000 USD. Being a poor college student at the time it was like hitting the lottery. The exact moment I hit the find, I was stunned and couldn't believe my eyes for a few minutes. Afterwards, I ran around my room like a maniac the whole night.

2. Everquest - Being one of the first on Everquest on the Xegony server to get their Soulfire. Back then, raiding was a new thing, they didn't even have raiding zones back then, this was all before Plane of Fear. It was so fresh and exciting. Getting 6 people together for a group was hard enough, we didn't have no fangled Dungeon finder back then! You had to shout and send people tells, and to convince people to help out on a raid where there was no reward for them, just the risk of dying and losing hours of experience! And nly the most addicted were eligible to be of high enough level to help out. Still with the help of my friends we were able to get 20-30 people who I'll always feel grateful for, to bring down one of the toughest SoBs at the time - Sir Lucan Dlere (They had nothing to gain back then except for the fun of coming together to meet a challenge. Twas an awesome accomplishment. Shout out to Redlark, Kowaru and Gaelad and many others of Xegony!

3. Meridian 59 - The first MMORPG as many have christened it. I remember getting pked by Kerrenor, one of the most notorious pkers on server 109 back when I was a complete noob, back when I knew nothing about MMOs, hell nobody knew about MMOs back in 1997 or something. Getting PKed stoked the fire in my noobie heart to build up, and become an anti PK. Eventually I tracked down my nemesis in the sewers below Jasper, I was prepared with my holy magic and bow and arrows, he was ready for me with his Scimitar and dark magic, and in an adrenaline packed 1v1 duel, played to the backdrop of rushing sewage waters, I would get my revenge, killing the murderer with my own arrow. VENGEANCE IS MINE!

4. Asherons Call Darktide PVP server - A few months after release - winning a 5v1 vs a group of my hated enemies who were of similar levels. I won by jumping on top of a roof in Yanshi to separate the melees and taking them down before jumping down to take care of the casters afterwards. What a rush open world pvp was.

5. Diablo 3 - Got to throw something in for Diablo here. It was about 2 months ago, I looted an amulet that I sold for 350mil gold at the time, when gold was going for 2 bucks / mil. The exact moment for when I was stoked was when the auction ended and I saw it sold for 350mil!

Top single player moments -

1. Xenogears - Chu chu transforms for the first time, so EPIC.

2.. Final Fantasy X-2 - Reviving Tidus. Far from even my favorite FF, but this is about favorite moments. And after all that work, for the softie, getting to see Yuna and Tidus together again was one of the sweetest moments in gaming for me.

3.. Xenosaga - Allen stands up to Kevin. Mmm what can I say, I love it when a game can get me feeling emotional along with the characters.

4. Kingdom Hearts - Bounce-O-Rama, that music, that minigame, being a degenerate gamer, the first time playing this mini-game, it was so much fun, it just breathed back life into gaming for me.

5. Final Fantasy VII - Cloud crossdressing. Hilarious. Well, actually I just wanted to get FF VII in here. The first disc was awesome, but I wouldn't want to call parts like Aeris' flashback or death as a "top moment".
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1- HL2 - Alice leaves u in the lift with her hands on the glass
2- Killing DOOM2 last boss in hardest difficulty
3- Starcraft: Mengsk leaves kerrigan to die in New gettisburg
4- Diablo2 Cinematic: Tyrael vs the wanderer in Tal rasha's tomb
5- 1st time being #1 in a CS map.

Extra(Coop): L4D. Reaching the helicopter for 1st time on the roof of the Hospital.
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The very top. Being the number 1 player in Counter-Strike in my town.

1. My very 1st time playing a video game (Super Mario Bros.).

2. 1st time playing Street Fighter II

3. 1st Fatality in Mortal Kombat

4. 1st time seeing a Siege tank go siege mode and blasted a Hydralisk.

5. My very 1st rare loot on Diablo 1.
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1. Talking Computron -- I'm pretty sure I rolled out of the womb with this in the early 80s and have been looking for more computer action ever since...

2. NES System -- going to my cousin's house for x-mas and playing Mario bros and duck hunt for the first time... I knew I had to have one...

3. Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 -- Ok so a bit of a cop out but from realizing you have to much time when you can break the diamond block to watching Jax pop that guy's head off... It was starting to get real...

4. TI graphing calculators -- what? I can make my own games instead of paying attention in hs calculus class

5. Warcraft 2 -- This was the first time I realized you could play games over the Internet...

(6. Being alive right now and getting to play the best video games ever created...)
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1. Beating the entire Half-Life series on hard.
2. Playing Pokemon at school and then having my GB confiscated in 6th grade.
3. Finally beating the bug-ridden Thunderscape.
4. Maxing my char on Gauntlet Legends.
5. Making my own levels on my friends Mac for Wolfenstein back in the day.
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1 - Beating Doom II on Ultra Violence WITHOUT cheat codes.
2 - Getting a nuke in Black Ops and MW 3
3 - Killer Instinct II for SNES - Accidentally (yes, seriously) pulling off a 36 hit combo with that skeleton dude.
4 - Finally pulling off King's grapple combo in Tekken Tag
5 - Finding out that ninjaing is a real term, and what i did was considered ninjaing.
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4. Final Fantasy 7, Emerald Weapon. When I first encountered him I didn't have the Auto-Phoenix Materia

If you started the round with 2 players dead, ruby weapon doesnt use his ridiculous one shot attack, so you can pheonix after that and then go to town.
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No particular order:

1. Discovering Super Sonic mode in Sonic 2
2. End Cinematic of D1
3. Streets of Rage 2 (whole game)
4. Wonder Boy in Monster World (again whole game)
5. D3 beating Belial Nightmare 1st time with my DH.

11/20/2012 01:39 PMPosted by Zubie
5 Diablo 3 Beta before we got to witness crap

- Yet you're still here...
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5---First 3 Ninja Gaiden for the old school NES/SNES, those where the hardest side scrolling games I have ever played and beat.

4---X-com back in 94. I saved up and bought a computer for that one game when I played it at a buddy's house.

3---Dragon Warrior 1 for the old school NES. Talk about a grind, metal slime's anyone?

2---Final Fantasy 3 and all 3 weapons, Ruby, Emerald and Ultimate. Took forever, I died a lot, and believe grind my team up to around level 95 before I got them all.

1---PlaneScape:Torment. Best single player RPG I have ever played, pure beauty in ever aspect from graphics for the time, to story line, character customization. Best game I have ever played.
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1. playing my first video game ever (Mario SNES) and loving it,

2.getting a 1st place trophy for a local n64 smash bros competition

3.discovering the vast online world of gaming through runescape

4. showing my little brother how to play pokemon (card game) with all the old cards ive kept since i was like .....7

5.Completing every single thing on my first game ever, liike every achievment and unlockable and mission was on Perfect Dark N64. best old FPS game ever!!!
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1. Ace clutching league rounds in a FPS called America's Army, especially vs invite teams. Heart racing, you expect to lose, the whole team is silent and boom you pull the win out of your @$$.

2. Modern Warfare 2, when Ghost was killed by the General in a cut scene, will never forget that, was the last CoD that had a campaign worth playing over and over. Still makes me want to cry...

3. MW3, getting a MOAB in the first couple of days the game was out and going nuts wondering wtf it was!

4. Getting WoW and playing for 5 days non stop, and not playing again for fear of failing @ life

5. Beating Col. Radec on Elite Difficulty in Killzone 2, kinda reminded me of playing Battletoads, with the controllers flying across the room at certain points :/

Just because we are on the D3 forums, most recently getting the damn vengeful eye after doing 40+ uber runs between mp5-7 and consistently getting the other drops but that eye. Down to the last machine out of 9, last uber Siege, for some reason my heart started racing like if my body knew it was going to drop and it does! and to top it all off, getting a decent roll. Time to XP farm for 100.
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