Diablo® III

Top 5 gaming moments

5 – This one is a hard choice. Either Force Pulling whoever just Force Pushed me off a chasm so that we both fall to our doom in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight or using Force Choke to hold someone in the charge up beam in the Death Star.

The death star beam thing which game was?
i dont remember any death star in dark forcesII
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Not going to try putting them in order.

-Finally solving the last damn death-snare on Bard's Tale 2 after months and months of our crew putting our heads together to come up with a solution.

-My first 100-0 score in CS (likely around the 1.1 timeframe)

-Beating Arcanoid in the arcade

-Completing of 'the maze' achievements in X-wing flying an A-wing with all power to engines, no guns or shields turned on.

-Also from X-wing....crashing the game by blowing up star-destroyers with a single fighter attacking them in missions where they aren't the objective so you don't have support on it, and apparently the coders never thought it a possibility for players to pull off.
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5. Shining Force 2. I played through that turn-based RPG game so many times.

same. bought a sega saturn just because of shining force 3 only have have the first of 3 senarios released in the US. sadface.

I think the biggest moment in that game was deciding to try the Dry Stone on that spot with 2 notches and discovering that the Dwarven Blacksmith was actually real...My friend had the game long before I did and either held out on telling me it actually existed, or didn't figure it out.

A few more:

Fallout 3 was a great experience in general. I liked it more than Oblivion for sure. New Vegas just didn't feel the same.

The original Team Fortress Quake mod. I had a ton of fun playing that, even though there was plenty of lag over the 36K modem.

The end of Half-Life 2: Ep2. The end battle, that ending sequence. The music in HL2, unreal.

Stunts and especially Scorched Earth on my buddy's old 386 while listening to I Mother Earth's Scenery and Fish. Scorched Earth is one of the most fun times playing a game with friends that you could ever have.

The time that I avoided a blitz with Walter Payton in the original Tecmo Bowl on NES. I was only ever able to do that once.

Xmen the arcade game with a bunch of friends waiting for a lane to open up at Classic Bowl.

Suzuka 8 Hours.
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1.) 4 player super Bomber Man with my 3 siblings and boxing them in with remote bombs as the timer runs out and the blocks start falling on them

2.) Beginning of the original resident evil when you see the cinematic of the zombie biting that guys head off

3.) stealing my brothers last life in Contra and laughing at him dying on the hangar

4.) Killing Chaos on the original Final Fantasy on NES with 4 Black Mages w/ no Game Genie (lotsa level grinding, lotsa tears, only 99 potions and a few heal items...FML..nothing else to do when locked inside with lyme disease)

5.) Watching Mobius get his head lopped off in the original Blooed Omen.....hate that guy
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1 - BALDUR'S GATE on my first PC : Killing Baal after 4 hours of tries and 3 months of play.

2 - More recently, The suicide mission in MASS EFFECT 2, after two days to get the "No one left behind".

3 - DEUS EX (what else ?).

4 - The first time i poped in WORLD OF WARCRAFT.

5 - Watching the introduction scene in "METAL GEAR SOLID - Sons of liberty".
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Mega man 2 - Awesome game, I have even learned a few stage themes on guitar.
Legend of zelda - Happiness after finding way threw that annoying forest maze.

Link to the past - The best IMO, still play on old snes.
Secret of mana - Cool new idea for rpg games at the time.

Diablo 2 and starcraft on 56k crap internet. Remember how long you would have to wait for the light on the d2 door to open. :(

The year N64 came out and you could only get in the states. My dad gives me a present, inside a clothes box, wrapped up was a N64. Blew my little mind
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1) Chrono trigger
2) Secret of Mana
3) Baldur's gate
4) Ragnarok online
5) Diablo 2
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1 - The first time I turned my nintendo 64 with Zelda Ocarina of time and epona came along....that moment I realized that I would not stop playing this game ever.

2 - The first time I saw Rebel Assault in motion was the first time that I realized that I would be a PC gamer for the rest of my life. (I still play some VG thought)

3 - Played Quake online for the first time. Was the first time that I stayed awake playing a game until 7 AM.

4 - The damn "gore pizza" from Phantasmagoria while eating a pizza (a normal one). Never been so disturbed in my life by a game until then.

5 - Trying a 10 day trial of WoW and playing a night elf. 2 hours and a giant tree later I was paying the full game that I still play....for damn 8 years ( I'm not sure I am playing for straight 8 years, but its been a long time since vanilla)
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The problem with this thread is that it remind me of all the so goddam fun game I could play instead of farming act 3 every day...

I think im gonna start a retro-game festival until next patch with content :)
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1 - Metal Gear Solid; Putting C4 on the backs of guards in the john and then giving them explosive diarrhea (makes me giggle to this day).

2 - Sonic & Knuckles; The part when Knuckles witnesses Robotnik stealing the master emerald as it was a profound act of betrayal.

3 - Real War; Not sure if it was the first or second game, but the part where there's a "Breaking News" cutscene announcing a nuclear event. I was in the kitchen at the time and had the volume cranked when it happened and my brother mistook it for real news, lol. He was freaking out while I was calmly playing.

4 - Legend of Legaia (everything about it)

5 - WoW; The first time I killed LK, what I consider to be the apex villain in any game ever made.
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1)Beating Blaster Master (old school Nintendo game) I was young and it was tough to beat games before the infinite continue thing came into effect.

2)Having the Nemesis burst through a wall at any given moment in Resident Evil 3 and scaring the %@*^ out of me.

3)Getting ALL legendary weapons, crests, and sigils for all characters in Final Fantasy X and then completely obliterating everything in my path from then on.

4) World of Warcraft. Being a shadow priest, using Mind Control, and forcing people to commit suicide by jumping off the side of the cliff at the Lumber Mill in Arathi Basin. Freaking halarious every time.(same with the bridge in Alterac Valley)

5) I'm going to save this spot for the upcoming game The Last of Us. This looks like it's going to be a really great game. If you haven't heard of it yet, Google The Last of Us e3 gameplay. Looks amazing :D
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1) Blowing on NES cartridges to get them to work...and knocking mike tyson down once, and only once...ever.

2) All of the FF games on SNES, felt such a connection to the characters without many big cinematics. Great games. Also Link to the Past.

3) Goldeneye and spawn camping with proximity mines. Ocarina of Time and riding the horse.

4) Ultima Online...massive white vs. PK fights on Atlantic server.

5) EQ in general. That game was amazing, especially Velious and ToV/NToV. Tons of PvP as well, especially remember BoTB between all of the servers.

6) WoW pvp when it was fun, made gladiator several times before I quit. Also, first time shadow-step backstab builds and ambush came out, ganking people before they knew what hit them either randomly or in Alterac Valley skirmishes then vanishing away.

7) CS matches...my whole team dying and pulling out an ace to win.
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Only top 5? Whew, tough one...

5. Watching the sun come up outside my window as the sun came up in Westfall, one cold but beautiful December morning in 2007 on my main WoW toon, my mage.

4. The dark, mysterious feeling of the rain outside Link's house in A Link to the Past.

3. First time I heard "More work?" from a peasant as built my barracks. (War2)

2. Stepping into the overworld with Cecil and Kain in FF2 (back when we didn't know in America it was FF4).

1. First time I got a magic mushroom in the original Super Mario Bros, way back in 1989 at only 7 years old. The moment that started it all.
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5.Playing Madden 94 on SEGA Genisis when I was like 6 and running up the score using the HB toss
4. Finally getting a playstation and playing Twisted Metal 2
3. Playing through FFVII, my first RPG and probably still my favorite game of all time.
2. Hours and Hours of Diablo II spent during my stint of probation.
1. My 3 year old daughter sitting next to me with my extra PS3 controller "playing COD MW with me.
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Wow, where to start...

4. Final Fantasy 7, Emerald Weapon. When I first encountered him I didn't have the Auto-Phoenix Materia so I had to make sure I didn't wipe. I was at it for a good 25-30mins,Double Summon Knights of Round, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic, Mimic....etc. I knew I had to be getting close, then in comes his Ultimate Attack which I new is a one hit kill for the team, I put my head down in dissapoitment knowing I was going to have to start over. When I look up, to my surprise Cid is still standing, good old evasive Cid dodged the attack! Few more Rounds of Summons and it was over!

....still haven't beaten that @$^%(#
Beat the green punk just not the red. There goes Cloud through the sand whirlpool!
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1. Beating Firkraag in Baldur's Gate 2 the first time.
2. Beating final form of Spekkio in Chrono Trigger.
3. Getting all Iris items in Lufia 2 from the Ancient Cave.
4. Killing Ruby and Emerald weapon in FF7 the first time.
5. Killing 10 players in one round in CS while all my team mates were dead. Once killed 5 in a tournament when our clan won the country tournament via sudden death round system.
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1- Finishing the 8-bit NES BattleToads with limited lives and continues. High point: the rat bomb phase and the giant ball after your scooter phase.
2- Finishing all three Ninja Gaiden original titles, even with limited continues.
3- Getting everyone in my FF7 group to LV99 and all the big materias maximized etc.
4- Drawing aggro from HIGH DPS on my Priest of Mitra in Age of Conan and be able to tank the boss for roughly 33 seconds through perfect usage of skills.
5- I'll think about this.
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1. Guild wars PvP, thousands of hours shooting the breeze with guildies stomping faces, and sometimes getting stomped. What a fabulous waste of time :) The PvE wasn't half bad either in spurts.
2. Getting the Dragon Warrior manual with nintendo power and fantasizing about making a decked out adventurer, facing the green dragon for the first time was scary, beating that game with my cousin was exhilirating!! My first true love with a game, haha.
3. Going any distance to find an arcade with Street Fighter II, even if I only had 1 or 2 quarters to play. Perhaps my first addiction to video games.
4. Beating Super Mario Sunshine, what an insanely hard video game for how kiddie themed it was.
5. Playing any of the Battlefield series, another excellent time killer.
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