Diablo® III

Super Easy Solution To Fight Botting!!!

Blizzard pay 5$ or 10$ for gold or items from a third party website.
And cancel out the account they are selling from.

That's it! 60$ checked-in and game deleted from account !

Third party selling is not allowed in the Term of Service (ToS).
They are an important cause of the inflation.


*And the fear of been hacked is for the weak. Wake up noob !

Trust me, I am a software engineer.
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maybe they don't want to? have you ever thought about that?
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true that though they should do that! if they really wanted to stop you would think they would hummm
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this seems like a solution.
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Not another "software engineer".......
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yea thats true
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Absolutely not. This cost money and time.

Also Jay Wilson said on Facebook "bots are not the enemy" it's people buying from the bots.
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Wouldn't that be a bit tedious having to make a transaction, wait for the player's account to join your game, and then perma banning them? Doing this over and over again?

By the time you get one bot down, another 2 will just replace it because the people who are botting have the money to buy or hack another account and then simply keep on botting.
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@pmc195 software engineer don't make the best accounting people ;)

Botter will have to buy new accounts.
5$-10$ is all worth it if it force them to buy new accounts at 40$ or 60$.

The money and time will pay for itself. At some point it won't worth it, but for now
they can easily make money out of it.
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11/22/2012 08:01 PMPosted by pmc195
What if the bots just sell everything on the RMAH ?

That is not the problem, it will be just like diablo 2. Good gear will be more affordable.

The big problem is flooding the market with massive amount of gold.

edit: Price of gold in rmah is capped to prevent the economy to explode.
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Absolutely not. This cost money and time.

Also Jay Wilson said on Facebook "bots are not the enemy" it's people buying from the bots.

So how the !@#$ are we to distinguish if we're purchasing from a bot or a person when using the function this entire game was BUILT AROUND, THE AUCTION HOUSE???

The problem is them demanding it be online to play, then completely failing miserably at keeping it a secure game. End of %^-*ing story.

I don't know if I agree with this solution, but who gives a !@#$ if it would cost money and time. WHEN A LARGE PORTION OF YOUR CUSTOMER BASE IS NOT SATISFIED, YOU SPEND MONEY AND TIME TO CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES.
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This seems like a solution. If blizzard puts enough effort into this they could eradicate 3rd party websites and funnel all the bot loot through the ah instead.
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Your mind is so closed.. But I will reply you, just to bump this thread.

Who cares if bot sell to vendor. The problem is selling massive amount of gold to the players.

11/23/2012 04:12 AMPosted by DeadRu
I guess this guy can't grasp the fact of how many accounts there are.

I can, that's why it would be a good solution.
1. Banning d3 accounts
2. Selling more d3 accounts
3. ????
4. Profit !!
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11/22/2012 08:02 PMPosted by TooFurious
edit: Price of gold in rmah is capped to prevent the economy to explode.

at the moment its 30cents for 1mil gold...

in a week it will be 25 cents for 1mil gold (THE CAP)

3rd party website will sell gold at 10cents for 1mil and get a lot of buyers.
then thinking about all the gold storing up in the system because gold wont sell for 25cents. because there's no competition. if i want to sell 100mil and the gold price is already at 25cents its going to be extremely hard to sell because it'll be in a queue of BILLIONS.
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