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200k+ Unbuffed Damage Witch Doctors Post Here



However, I'm using a SOJ 99% of the time so I guess it doesn't really count. I'm at 184k dps with the SOJ.

Wanting to hit 200k dps, 70-75k life, 750+ AR, 4000 armor with a SOJ. Pretty close on the AR and armor, but need some work to get the dps and life up
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Forgot to mention that I want to hit those marks with the Zuni 4 pc, at least 1 extra mana regen item (preferably 2), and on a Knife and Mojo setup

Having mana regen as a requirement on the mojo is giving me a hard time finding anything that is a 5k dps increase that doesn't cost 2b or more
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hi.. I just put some gears on my WD after 2 months break... :p

204K unbuffed


needs more advice... ^_^
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I'm join this club :)

788 AR
3427 Armor
68k life

I love the look of the "Visage of Giyua".
And I have to focus on Critical Hit Chance. Because, feeling very nice yellow damage!

I want to give the armor & ar in the future.
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Memememe, minimal ias too :)
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Got some new stuff and I'm super happy with where I'm at.

-220k dps fully unbuffed
-103k life
-3700 Armor
25% Dodge Chance

Pretty much down to trying to craft
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244k completely unbuffed

299k if I choose PtV and roll with my scoundrel.

Not bad for a 1h/OH build - could really blow it up if I chose a nice Skorn, but I hate bears :(
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I can get up to 291k fullbuffed but I run lower dmg + more hp for reflect.


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314k unbuffed (except ptv, cause I always use it) ...when i don't wear my paragon levelling gear.
Just bought a 5% lifesteal skorn and I soloed mp10 ghom in 40sec with cloud of bats. I am kinda glass canon so I think it's prety good! :-)
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just made to 200k, lol
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212k unbuffed w/ SOJ.
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250k dps here (unbuffed)

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So I have stats close to some of you, but am missing something. I have only 53k eps base, but with "last breath" weapon I have criticals up to 8 million in dmg. I can solo in MP5 ok... Any help would be great!

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you crit 8 millions but it's not really useful. The effect apply only for the killing blow, basically when the mob is about to die. You should replace that last breath asap hehe! find something with crit hit damage (70-100), and a socket with ruby or emerald in it. If you can afford it, look for something with 3% life steal on it as well!

good luck
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I have a one hander with a emerald in it and it raises my dmg like 17k, but I notice it seems like I kill faster with the last breath. But I will check again with the other. Thanks.

Also I have on my amulet, life on hit 821. That keeps me going...
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I just noticed...you could really upgrade your mojo, it's average damage is very low... look for something 115-420 dmg. it's much more than what you have at the moment!

I have a uhkapian serpent 118-430 dmg + with 10% crit chance + intellect. if you play on U.S add me i'll give it to you for free. Should increase your dps by a good amount.

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I'm so close I thought I'd post anyway

198k 0 dogs
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sounds nice for a 0 dog build! ;-)
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i just made it also well recently at least
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