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200k+ Unbuffed Damage Witch Doctors Post Here

The LoH from your leaching beast keep you alive? What MP can you play on with such low AR? Do people not understand the complexity to armor sets? I couldn't imagine playing a WD without 24% movement speed and at least 20 yard pickup..

The goal is not to hit more with low damage. WD needs to have a slower attack speed with a higher damage per hit output. I wouldn't go any higher than 1.7 with a 1 hand. If you continue to get faster and faster but don't increase your max damage range, you'll never make it in higher MP. I do 1-2 million damage constantly with a 1.26 AS and heal for 20-30k health every other hit and I don't need to use dogs like everyone who uses a 1h.

Low AR? I have 800-900+ AR when buffed. That is low? news to me! I also have solid armour numbers. I run a LS mace it's just not showing as I was playing with my knife for some speed runs in lower mp when It last updated. I can play any MP I want and play it well.

Trying to say I don't understand the complexity of armour sets ok.. lol There is nothing complex about this game outside of people trying to make it seem more complex then it is. Go play nwn for a few months then come back and play this game..I could fart on the AH and build a good spec.

You have some out dated views on how to play a WD. It's about balance. This game has never been about a single stat solution. 1.26 AS is slow, but better then most 2h setups.. You are stacking AS but knocking at the same time. I run similar AS with my skorn and find it painful to play you might as well have roots. 20 PUR is nice but not needed most damage with bears is done within 20 radius and you get an additional 8 with GI. 14+8=22 I ran more, and I have ran less. I've tested this a fair bit I didn't drop the additional 7 I had lightly, if I find the right gear I may get it back but it's just a perk. I run 24% MS did you miss the innas and the zuni's? However I have no qualms running @ 12ms if I want to use my Blackthornes for some extra tanky action.

Don't get me wrong I have never nor am I now advocating you stack AS in-proportionality to other stats but to say it's just paper dps is foolish.

As far as dogs I don't need to use dogs I choose to use dogs it's free damage mitigation when you are playing solo. Of course the goal isn't to hit for low damage. I'm critting for between 700-1.8m with my 1h setup and i'm doing it @ 1.48, or 1.82 AS depending on which weapon I choose...or I can use use my skorn if I want but I loose all the tasty features like 6% bonus vs elites, increased mana pool, and decreased zc cost, and additional vit from my weapons. I've played how you play, and adapted to my setup.

Don't get me wrong I'm sure you spec works well for you, but i'd rather be mobile and play a fast paced game even if it means I die now and then over falling asleep waiting for the cast animation to take place between each volley of bears. LS skrons work well even the lower dps ones. There is no argument about that but you'd proboly be better off with more vit and armour to balance things out vs stacking 1 defensive stat so high.

What MP do you farm efficiently with infinite mana?
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I can hit 200k unbuffed with my DPS glass cannon set, but I have 0 LS and die a lot. :)
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I wouldn't trust people with 200DPS if they have soul harvest on their bar. All lies!
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lol sup.

been a while.

I'll be back.
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just hit WD 72nd in Americas and 239th in the world DPS, 95th WD for gear in Americas just last night with ammy and shoulder upgrades :) 209k no PTV. Have my eyes on new gloves with improved DPS and protection stats. Anyone out there contact me if they have something reasonable.

grats to all others over 200k and aren't glass cannons


yes it's completely unbuffed.

Oh, and yes I use a Skorn and I love it. However, I do switch to a Manaj knife and TOTD for RD elites and bosses. I also switch to a SOJ with 30% elite damage and Zombie Bears mana reduction for some fights over my rare ring. Presently farming mp8 solo with a Garg, Templar and Jungle Fortitude over Blood Ritual and have minimum problems. A couple deaths here and there key farming.

I switch to Horrify with fightening aspect and take off Grave Injustice for Jungle Fort in ubers mp8.

I've not tried solo mp9 yet, but will be giving a shot soon (though I think my resistances are a bit low for that). Maybe this will help some of you with your builds. Or maybe some of you will offer me some advice to improve :)
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Attack Speed.

-Moster one " Oh no that guy has 200K DPS "
-Monster two " yeah but its mostley attack speed "
-Moster one " you mean we don't have to stand here while he tries to hit us multiple times?"
-Monster two " he's dead already, Im FAST ATTACK "
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I could easily attain 200k dps. Currently 189.6k unbuffed - but with almost NO IAS. My only IAS comes from my Witching Hour - but I mainly use it for perfect 50 CD and almost perfect AR. 200k would be pretty easy to achieve (just put on a good Lacunis....), but I prefer to balance DPS with survivability. When I finally buy a top-end Tal Rasha Ammy, I will break 200k (currently only have 700m saved up).

75.8k Life
189.6k DPS
800+ AR
~2900 LoH
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Its funny how so many are suffering from wishful thinking! Looking at diabloprogress so many in here don't have 200k dps lol

My low mp fast run gear with spiders 214k dps, MP6 and up I switch to my lifesteal skorn with toads and I can almost tank big mobs by myself (lower dps but still over 200k)


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guess i qualify. :D

almost no ias gears, 2 though. lol

only stack int, cd, and cc. and well over 200k

so few around, had to contribute
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Looks like I need a good Innas Pants to get more paper dps but I love Blackthorn so much. :(

Don't think I'll ever reach 200K because I am married to Spirit Barrage.
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183k unbuffed can easily do MP10. Interesting that I only see fast weapons or skorns on many witch doctors. I only have 17% ias , I use 1 handed spear and a good mojo. I have no mana problems while doing good dmg.

My WD: http://www.diabloprogress.com/hero/hasansabbah-2914/Hasansabbat/1582160

and a small clip from MP10:


PS: in the video I had 160k DPS
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Why is there so much beef with using 1H or 2H lol? I have both and LS Skorn and a LS Manajuma's and they both are very effective. This forum is slowly turning into the Archon vs CM/Wiz madness that I fled from long ago >_<.
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250k DPS here with 700-800 AR unbuff, only attackspeed item is witching hour.
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Ivanrei, what's up with your WD's shoes?
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What MP do you farm efficiently with infinite mana?

That's an ambiguous question. Define infinite mana, with primaries or without? Any body can have infinite mana with primaries.

I typically play w/out primaries and play at any level I want 0-10. No mana issues. Just got done doing mp10 session. BR/SA/GF backed up with Locust, didn't have any mana issues at all. I typically farm @ mp6 it gives me the most "bang for my buck" as far as I'm concerned.I don't really have 1 set spec that I use no matter what. I am always mixing it up sometimes I use VQ, sometimes I use a skorn, sometimes an AS knife, sometimes I use pile on, sometimes I run JF+Life linke & ROT, sometimes I do speed runs with angry chicken, ambush, horrify, and acid, the list goes on and on.

I don't quite follow what you are trying to get at here? Would you expect any less? It's not like I have some half assed spec put together here or just started playing been running a WD since the day the game was released..
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Just hit 200k unbuffed [in farm gear] yesterday after getting a Unity and losing my Hellfire ring.
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200k here unbuffed
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I do have a 200k unbuffed dps WD with 773 average ARs who is in afk mode atm. Playing monk very casually.
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11/29/2012 01:41 AMPosted by Rakimallah
Ivanrei, what's up with your WD's shoes?

It wasnt updated. LOL hahaha it should be a zuni trail
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