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200k+ Unbuffed Damage Witch Doctors Post Here

12/01/2012 10:34 PMPosted by Skywavex
Attack Speed isn't DPS heheh, unless your a dart doctor i guess

huh ? Attack speed isn't dps ? am i reading it wrong ? what the hell

Attack speed is evil! It's why he is rocking a anderals visage in his little screen cap.. Shhh
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Post here if you're a 200k damage Witch Doctor unbuffed. Just hit it because of Paragon, figured I'd see how many of us there are out there. It was my goal, maybe not that big of a deal. Thought I'd Share. <3

Since profile hasn't updated: http://i.imgur.com/4owxR.jpg


I got about 215k dps in my uber boss / high MP gear, and can do mp10 pretty ez... when I do lower mp farming for paragon xp and I throw on xp ring and pick up radius gear and what not so my dps is about 195k... don't use POV in either spec.
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I should qualify then =)

If I forego life steal, my unbuffed goes to 350k.

I swap some pieces out for different purposes, but pure dps, i can get to rank 5 for WD.
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I got 206k, could easily get around 250k on the sheet with a few dps "upgrades".

Anyway sheet dps lies,with wd you need to consider:

-Mana regen
-Unbuffed dps
-Build (possible buffs to dps and ar, dmg reduction from jf and lifelink and that kind of stuff

For example I play 3 builds with different gear,

Build A 206k dps
Build B 161k dps
Build C 131k dps

A has 20 manaregen,10 per kill,890 mana 72k life,8% dmg to spirits & 3% vs elites and 25% dmg reduction, no direct dps buffs.

B has 104 manaregen,20 per kill,1338 mana,25% dmg to elites,65k life,gruesome feast which doubles dps at times.

C uses no mana,25% dmg to elites,feast + harvest = around 130% more dps, pretty much always buffed,54k life

A´s comfy zone is mp8
B facerolls mp9
C likes mp10

Sustained dmg vs burst dmg, if you think that the number you see on the sheet has anything to do with the actual dmg wd deals, you´re fooling yourself.
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i realy don't know how to upgrade my dps without using IAS too much any idea ?

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I've recently hit 200k dps too :) i die a few times running mp10 but i love wd, soooo much faster on high mp than my 270k dh(archery and steady aim)... maybe i should just sell her and make wd better :P

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ez pz lemon squeezy
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who rez'd this thread?
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Just broke 200k a few days ago. Currently farming MP5-7.
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03/28/2013 11:25 PMPosted by Killvana

Not in your current gear:

vs. Elite:
DPS: 231602.66
Effective Health: 414860

Just to add my own though:

vs. Elite:
DPS: 248396.25
Effective Health: 512329
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276k+ DPS (with mimimal IAS on bracers and belt)
700k+ EHP
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242k unbuff, 252k with the scoundrel. Although I've recently been playing with the Enchantress with a Maximus and it ups the cool factor quite a bit.
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250k unbuffed with soj @ 1.34 aps, 65 mana regen, 10 bears reduction, 6 life steal, 500k ehp

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218-230 here unbuff , but with farming gear mp3-5 310k
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stack int.

17ias. i guess i got 200K unbuffed
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nice gloves kos
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Reporting in.
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