Diablo® III

Auction house bugged.

Wanderer Technique boots.

They were a few hundred gold. I was losing the bit. Every time I attempted to bid on this item I would recieve a message that my bid was too low to be the winning bid.
So I put a bid in for 10,000 (substantially over the next highest bid) and it was immediatly less than the next highest bid.
So then I bid:

And in every instance I recieved a message back that the bid was too low. At the 25,000 mark it showed that my bid was 25,000 and the winning bid was 25,000 however my status showed "not winning" (this was also the case with 10,000 | 15,000 | 20,000 )

The next bid for 26,500 is the "winning" bid.

How is it that I can place a bid and automatically be losing for the exact amount that I entered (not the minimum bid that the system requires and enters for you)?
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This is happening again.

I am bidding on a Vigilance polearm.

I refresh the auction house. I can see the most up-to-date price on the item.
The INSTANT I enter a value and click on bid, I already losing the auction on this item.
The next highest bid on the item is the default gold value for placing a bid on the item.

It is almost like there is a bot watching the auction house.
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Proxy bidding system. What you see as the current bid is NOT the actual bid made by the other player. System auto bids up just enough to beat everyone else, up to the persons MAX bid.

Item goes for 10k, I bid 500k, it shows me winning at 10k. You bid 50k, you lose at 50, my bid gets raised to 50k. You need to bid over 500k to beat me.

The auto bid increment is simply current bid + 5%.
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Makes perfect sense.
My error was thinking that the current bid reflected the highest bidder.

Thank you for the reply.
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