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What is a good set of Witch Doctor gear?

I have recently acquired around 450 million gold from selling a ring at the AH. Now that I have all this gold, what sort of gear should I buy to make my witch doctor better? I have a pet survival build right now with gear to match, but I feel like with this much gold I could go in a completely different direction. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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i'd suggest crit/cd on helm, ammy, gloves, bracer, ring
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Drop Last Breath... This weapon just isn't good!
Look for a nice Vile Ward, best shoulders you can get!
Strongarm Bracers are nice... And ad cc!
You should really get more cc. Look for it on rings, Amis, helms (Zuni with crit is he'll expensive though), hands and bracers!
...with more cc your weapon should have cd and / or socket! For even more cd you could get a Witching Hour. It can roll on jewelry and hands, too.
If you decide not to get a witching hour, black thrones belt + pants makes a nice set.
So overall I'd say: get more cc / cd; get some more armor; you can drop a bit vit and even some all res (your crazy high on that).

Oh and congrats.... Ring must have been a nice find :-)
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You have a full Zuni set which is good. A zuni helm with critical chance would be good as an upgrade.

Ring, bracers, amulet all should have maximum critical chance and critical damage.

Next upgrade the weapon for something with socket, critical damage and life steal. Get am emerald with +100 critical damage for the weapon.

Finally a witching hour belt with max critical damage.
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Ring, Ammy, Gloves with CC/CD between the three you should be able to add ~ 20% CC and 100% crit damage, and 1H weapon with a socket and crit dmg. As mentioned above Strongarm bracers are nice and provide 4%+ crit dmg.
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So basically just look for more crit hit chance and crit hit damage? ok. any builds out there that are particularly good? Right now I can only get to around MP 3.
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Some good suggestions here. Don't forget to get some lifesteal. When your dmg goes up reflect affixes become more annoying and it's not efficient kiting/waiting. Also do not rule out IAS. More attacks means more procs, chances to crit in general, etc.
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see this thread: lots of high level wds in there

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