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Ugh, I'm *stuck* with a build that works!

Having built 0 sac dogs build awhile ago and being successful in up to MP 9 uber runs, I've since gotten bored of it and trying other builds. While I'm having moderate success with some others, I keep switching back to 0 dogs because it's just so darn reliable in terms of survivability. Am I being ungrateful? lol
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wow...when did u get that trifecta hellfire?!? I am jealous...
For survivability, LOH or life-steal, or a mix of the two. (I dont think life after kill is a good option)
A lot of WDs using LS skorns and survive very well.
I use LOH with AC and have a good rate of survival too.

My SB build can solo one mp 10 elite group and survived. Well, it wont end well with more than 1 elite group though. That usually happens in Act 2 sand area.
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You must've changed your gear out from 0 dogs as I don't see it in your gear? I'm actually thinking of doing the build but man, it's costly. and BTW what trifecta hellfire?
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Got it a couple weeks ago, it actually is just bifecta - no crit bonus dmg
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Yeah I logged out with the gear I have on my profile last night. It should be updated with the dogs gear tomorrow
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That hellfire ring is nasty. I'm very jealous as well.

LS Skorn adds a ton of survival to any spec. LS on 1h also helps but you will probably need something beyond that or really good EHP on high MP levels.

The only thing that gives me grief are reflect mobs because the LS goes off before the dmg (or a sec. after not quite sure) so you can 1 shot yourself if you are using high dmg skills with high dps.

I am really liking the Bears/SB combo for high MP levels, SB is alot safer on reflect mobs than Bears (and other affixs where getting close can hurt like act 2 key warden), and Bears is its usual greatness on everything else.

I have been eyeing the 0 dogs build more and more lately, I just haven't made the plunge yet. I really want compare it to a normal build but i don't have the 400M it would take just to get my foot in the door yet. Maybe sometime soon.....

Edit: ya that hellfire is still good, but not as good as i thought. I read the post, looked at it and thought the 35% exp was CD. Oops
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A friend of mine uses homunculus, an soj or helm with ZD reduction, and tribal rights to get down to 6 sec dogs. He uses ZD final gift, Sacrifice pride (mana), and bears. Dunno what he does against reflects, since sacrifice AND bears is pretty insane.

Maybe you can see some combo of items and try out various numbers on the ZD cooldown reduction to see what works. My guess is you'll need homunculus no matter what.
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without the humonculous, you could get down to 1.75 seconds, by my count. if it weren't for not being able to equip two legionaries, it could be done.
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oh...i just took a quick peep and thought it was a trifecta.
Now I am less jealousy.
So u use 0 dog now?
I switch to SB and catch u later.
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