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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


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Just like the title says, tell us what feature you would really like to see added to Diablo 3. If you wanted to make a list that's cool as well, just trying to get an idea what things people really want.
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I am going to say a "gear lock" for mine, so we can have peace of mind that we won't accidentally sell something.
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Skill points post lv60
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11/30/2012 03:43 AMPosted by kamikazekuso
Skill points post lv60

I hear this a lot from D2 players, and it does sound pretty cool.
11/30/2012 03:43 AMPosted by kamikazekuso
Skill points post lv60

It doesn't have to be "skill points" per se, but yeah, some sort of permanent character choices would be really nice.
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Item sink in softcore
I have something I want to add to the game


here is a link to my forum post under crafting.

Kindly check it out and add some comments. :) like it if you are feeling positive about it
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11/30/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Vangelist
Kindly check it out and add some comments. :) like it if you are feeling positive about it

Item Combination Feature, very interesting.

There is a lot of "useless loot", so this would make a nice compliment to salvaging for mats.
Better zone variety
Auto-loot aura now picks up everything (gear, potions, plans, etc).
You can toggle exactly what it picks up in the settings.
Please add an endless dungeon with an extremely large number of monsters and elites and random environments!
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I would like to see a "free mode" with all bosses up, no quests (aside from events) and the ability to travel between acts. I realize this has been posted here a number of times but I think it's worth repeating.
1. A game list, no more random join CoD console garbage. I want to see games, and I want to be able to create a custom game that others can see. I want to join a game with as many players as I want, instead of having to find the players in chat and hope they even want to join me by invite. I do not enjoy click "public game" and constantly being thrown in with 1 person which ends up being a bot, this is NOT fun as I have very limited choices.

2. (not as important as #1)I want to see avatars/player numbers so I get a sense of how many people are even online. It feels empty, I don't get the feeling of community at ALL. I guess you could say a revamp of Bnet 2.0 is needed...

3. Allocatable stats (obvious).

#1 is my choice.
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to be able to leave comments in AH items. would love to have a couple of words with some item owners
add plans for a hellfire ammy so that you have a choice between a ring or ammy
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