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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


11/30/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Vaeflare
I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)

Responses like this is all it takes, why couldn't the "#First paragon 100 in HC americas" thread get a response like this? It makes me sad :(

But at least thanks for this one, better than nothing I suppose
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12/01/2012 03:06 AMPosted by JerzeyDevil
I'm very calm, I just use the backbone god gave me to not get taken advantage of.

Oh trust me I have plenty of backbone, but you don't see me raging over a video game now do you?

And that post was just oozing calmness lol......
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Oh well, sucks to be you :) Enjoy your trolling junior! :) bye bye

This is just pathetic, it really is. And no it doesn't suck to be me, you simply have no idea lol.

Forgive my for blocking you now, since your ignorance and hate do nothing but bring me down.

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#2 PK style - openpvp
#3 Runewords
Look at Diablo 2:

More types of gems - or more variation about putting them in different sockets
More classes - you start out with 5 as if it's a game far in the past - and I want my...
You could also add items on a regularbasis - let's say a new legendary pack each 3 months
Make more gear viable - most of the legendaries still ... aren't good enough to wear at all.
Expanded chat ability:

Link items across all Blizzard Games, Implement "Guild Chat" or the abilty to create new chat channels you and your friends can join.
Itemization and stats, this is basic diversity of this game and also higher problem.
3x more monsters, couse now it's empty game.
One thing everyone seems to be forgetting is that stat points, skill points and ladder resets (with ladder content, obviously) are completely anti-casual concepts.

The one thing I love about D3 is being able to re-spec on-the-fly. Builds differ between solo and party play, item and paragon farming, monster power levels, etc. I love the idea of skill/stat points, but it has to be free to re-spec. Who would want to level five characters of the same class just to try different ideas?! I don't want to be forced to read a spec guide before I even kill my first mob, and follow it by the letter lest my char gets gimped.

Ladders, and ladder content, are equally as evil. Sure, I loved the rune words available on the ladder, but I hated the fact that I had to organize my entire life around a game. It may have worked ten years ago, but I'm ten years older now, and priorities change. The ladder system was a workaround for a problem Blizzard never found a solution for. I'd much rather see bots eradicated for good.

As for my #1 desired feature, I'd like to see the GAH in-game, with the vendor. It really annoys me that I have to chug along a bunch of items that may or may not be AH worthy, and I have no way to check without logging out of the game.

My #2 feature would be for prices to be determined automatically and dynamically. A neural network could certainly be trained given the amount of data Blizzard already have, and kept up-to-date by the actual auctions both successful and failed. Right now the AH, and thus the game as a whole, benefits snipers and flippers, which is fine for a Wallstreet sim game, but is completely inappropriate for an ARPG.
Anything that would make one barb different from another (eq other classes) - like some area to make unique skill build, personal stats build, w/e - don't treat us like brainless mobs (like the new WoW skill system).
Not only the things I wanna see in D3, but the things I miss from D2:

1) Chat Lobby - Ability to see players in a row like in old bnet. See which characters looked cool, who was the highest HC etc, basically bragging rights. Since Blizzard has introduced a way to view character profiles, I'm sure they can implement this ingame via chat lobby. Chat lobby is also a great way to socialise.

2) Custom Game names - It's been said. So we can find players who have the same focus in game as us, and can group together to do....whatever really.

3) PK/Hostile - As mentioned in one the reviews, I think Jay mentioned it does not belong in game. But having that feeling of when someone switched from a friend to foe is an exciting feeling. I'm sure there are players who don't enjoy the random hostility button but if there is a way to place a button in the options to fully disable it, that may help. People who want to be hostiled then so be it and those who chose not to thats ok aswell.

4) Disable story mode - I don't know how many times I have to hear/see Azmodan while I'm going through the Arreat Crater before I get annoyed. Sure when you first play the game it's interesting...but yes, we get it; we are supposedly nearing our imminent death. You can only press 'esc' and 'ok' so many times before it becomes extremely tedious.
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12/01/2012 03:55 AMPosted by Robbed

I for one would really like to see this.
More soul bound items either found or earned.

Socket Quest ... of course this will make it sould bound.

Crafting ... will be soul bound as well.

Anything that will make players more unique in looks/build/special gear.
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For me, it would easily be offline play.
Specially if it allowed us to mod the game for offline play.
1. bring back the old D2 style b.net...I want to be able to choose which games I can join and what the game is about

2. free-roam...make the waypoints meaningful. I want to clear the crypts then slaughter corrupt angels in heaven

3. More balanced legs....seems like certain ones have become too cookie cutter and others have zero value whatsoever

4. Some kind of skill point system. The fact that a char specializes in one or two skills should be reflected. Practice makes mastery....

5. PvP

6. Make the quests more meaningful. D2 you actually earned tangible things, here just exp and gold....boring

7. Better gem system....same 4 gems....same 1 or 2 uses....boring. Can't feasibly use anything in a weapon except an emerald

8. sophisticate the crafting system....great idea needs more work.
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I think the game is in a great state right now, but I think PVP needs to be implemented. The problem is that the D3 community will qq to no end over imbalance even though the game should not be balanced for PVP.

edit: Make crafting better.
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Something i think should be improved on is the jeweler. We need an option to make the full amount we can with the gem type(s) we have in the inventory. Clicking again and again is just mind numbingly slow.

Never mind most people i see don't even pick up jewels anymore. I'm actually surprised that they haven't fixed this sooner. I think jay wilson said something along the lines of...the game shouldn't keep us from doing whats most fun, and that's killing mobs. The improved ah was a much needed fix. Better filters/sorting = keeping me from spending too much time searching.
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