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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


An offline single player please.

And I want my monk back, you destroyed him.
I want a weapon switch button just like D2
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Subtle lol.

I feel you though, and the anticipation is about killing me......
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Auto-loot aura now picks up everything (gear, potions, plans, etc).
You can toggle exactly what it picks up in the settings.

THIS!!!!! ^^^^^
1. Social Aspect
2. PvP
3. Increase to 8+ players cap per game

^ all of this
its not fun when a computer just puts you in random games
More randomization in maps. The environments are beautiful for sure. But one of the things that made D2 fun to replay was the idea that every map was different. There was some sense of adventure, even if it wasn't as aesthetically pleasing. Randomization in D3 seems limited to the game deciding to put in a tree or bush.

I understand the design was to put in better looking edges in maps, so they were artistically "landlocked" and only able randomize internal grid components. Personally, I'd give up the nifty map edges for better randomization. There's no sense of adventure after day 1.
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Allow us to go between acts, ignore all cutscene interruptions, and have public game names.
11) additional stash tabs

This a million times over. We need more stash tabs. Personally, I don't care if that takes extra server load. That's what you have millions of WoW addicts for, isn't it?
Champion Rock Worms and Mage Towers!

*Purple bosses become a challenge, especially the random ones
*more randomized areas
*Cain as the prime evil
*more legendaries, like competition for shoulders, legendary templar relics, etc
*crafting gets some use back other than while leveling up
*endless dungeon type of thing
*monster power in public games
*pvp, just for kicks though, i dont imagine myself becoming a fulltimer there
*filters for the trade history like 'only show sales' per item slot
*Item switch functionality for those who like that. (Personally i'd only use it for lifesteal or block chance, but let the others have their fun if they want more)
*Some manner of personalized item customization
*more stuff to put in sockets (pickup yard?)
*new elite affixes, like some of those in that thread that listed 40+ a while ago
*Dying legendaries/able to use vanishing dye on legendaries
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My #1 request would be IDENTIFY ALL.
1st expansion:Bring back Druid job class, Continue story/quest/Armor types/weapon, Allow quest for more account bound armor/weapons. 2nd expansion:Allow Guilds/PVP. Allow Ninja/Samurai toons.
Bind on Equip weapons, which would reduce clutter on the auctionhouse and keep the economy stable.
ml adjustable public games.
Dude i was think about this last night while playing D2

1. Skill Tree, a way to place points into a skill to increase its damage/benefits, instead of just a skill with a rune that does some kinda extra nonsense and does nothing to improve the ability in any great way.

2. Items that give me the skill of another character simply by having that piece of armor equipped.

3. A way to reduce the cool down on healing potions, say perhaps pick up a health globe and reduced cd of health pots by 1 or 2 seconds, or something like that.

4. For the wizard class I would like to see a cold signature spell, like the return of frozen orb.

5. Also for the wizard and witch doctor and basically all other classes, I want to be able to constantly cast a spell/skill and never have to worry about my mana/arcane/spirit/whatever/ run out. You dont get a whole lot of arcane, you can get a decent level of mana with the WD but really? only like 95 arcane with a wizard and it's pretty lame. Takes away from using certain wiz skills because you can only cast them like twice and then you gotta way and then on top of that, those skills dont even put out that much damage.
To add to that, what about arcane/mana/spirit/fury/whatever else potions, like a health potion but for your resource
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No.1 feature I want to see is:

A make all button for the Blacksmith and Shen. Making any high level gem from low level gems takes 30 mins of click, click, click, click, click. So boring. It should be like WoW. CLick once, Put in how many of the end result you want, if you have enough mats it starts. Go have a cuppa and when you're finished the drink it'll be all done for you.
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12/01/2012 06:08 AMPosted by Sandman366
11) additional stash tabs

This a million times over. We need more stash tabs. Personally, I don't care if that takes extra server load. That's what you have millions of WoW addicts for, isn't it?

Expansion level idea I think. There is space for more tabs. Kind of like how WoW gets bigger bags every expansion.
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