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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


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Truly randomly generated dungeons. Overall replayability is so low right now, having totally brand new maps that you don't know the set "spawn areas" would make the game a lot more interesting.

add a socket to any item

More interesting things to add to sockets

ability to modify affix on items ("imbuing"), could require materials to make it harder/more expensive

MUCH greater variety of affix type. Things like "reduces all cooldowns by 10%" and other stuff that's useful for any class - not just primary stat. LOTS AND LOTS more unusual and strange affixes. There are some legends with good ones, but there's only a few, and those should be able to roll on non-legendary items. USE YOUR IMAGINATION BLIZZ!!!
custom games
Loot filter so I don't have to look at 5,000 trash rares before i find 1 that someone will want.
This is what I want most, please make armor looks changeable.
The ability to follow the goblins through their portals into greed's realm. Just like the lore says.
Monster density and "Identify all".
Ability to drop extra herding and infernal machine plans!
1) Being able to move freely through all the acts in one game like Diablo 2.
2) Way points that mean something like Diablo 2
3) PvP like Diablo2
4) Cool items like Diablo 2 (what no crushing blow really?)
5) The option to turn off the lame cut-scenes so I don't have to keep stopping them. Take the Diablo encounter for example you have to stop cut scene like 4 times during the encounter, horrible. TERRRAAROOOAAARR !@#$ DIABLO YOU %^-*!!
6) Runewords/charms the game is boring and bland without them itemization has given us a whole pile of suck. Why would they leave these out?
7) More than one act to grind. Act 3 is the only act to grind. Act 4 the worst thing created in gaming history. Horrible.

I totally agree with this post and many others as well. I mean seriously, the items are boring.
I'm very close to quitting and believe me, I'm don't want to, I want diablo 3 to shine and succeed. To me runewords were fun and exteremly fun to make and to acquire the necessary pieces to make them. The hellfire ring is a joke and really not worth going after. You may get a real nice one after 500 rolls. Anyway, blizzard we need more variety, not buffed or lamely tweaked items that still are boring and have no real imagination.
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1. White, Magic, Rare, Legendary maps for randomized end game dungeons.

2. Skill and attribute commitment.
I would LOVE to see them add skill points back in.

For example:

Leave the runes and swappable skills the same as now but turn the passives into a skill tree. Kinda like the SWTOR level system. Starting at lvl 1 and going to PL 100 players get 1 point to put into a tree of passives. Give the option to respec for a large amount of gold, maybe a player limit of 3 times per char?

This way players have incentive to roll two or more chars of the same class but without massive changes to the game.

Buff specific affixes on gear like +lightning damage and you open up all kinds of new build and char customization possibilities, which I think is the biggest thing this game lacks.

Just a thought.
i would like to be-able to add a socket to a item that doesn't have one instead of looking on ah for said item with stats i what or need to upgrade i could start using some of the gear i have found instead after socketing...1 socket per item of course.
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12/01/2012 08:32 AMPosted by the5rites
A team based horde mode ... endless waves of progressively difficult mobs in an arena. Later waves have enormous difficulty but outstanding rewards. Team strategy and precision is key. Say every 10 levels, players get a choice between 3 items for a prize ... but then show them the prizes for completing the next 10 levels. They can either choose to take the current loot or pass on it and risk it getting to the next prize. I think it would be fun and give players an alternative way of aquiring good loot and leveling paragon.
The problem is that while there are plenty of great ideas here, implementing only one of them would not make for a game breaking upgrade.


1. Socket quest on reaching level 60.
2. All bosses and mini-bosses should be present when a game is started. Ability to skip between acts would compliment this nicely but is not essential.
3. Hellfire ring is not really end game, it's a bridge to get you TO end game. The ubers and key runs you do to get it are more tedious than difficult. The areas you went to get organs in D2 were tough as hell and the uber prime evils had a chance to 1-hit even the best geared smiter.
4. Charms, runes and runewords already.
5. Ladder resets.
Only one???

That's difficult but then I'm going for more skill diversity. Make more skills viable so that you truly can choose and have to make difficult choices and truly have a LOT of viable builds. I mean: I would love to use Call of the Ancients more often but why? It's not interesting enough.
Special weekly/monthly challenges or achievements with reward items (that are account bound?)
Example this month: Find the random elite tree named "Merry X mas" that could randomly drop special santa hat with legendary stats.
Or special themed dungeons that are only around for a limited month.

This would help break up the grind & keep players logging on to see what the monthly special challenge is.
possibly more acts like act 5 and 6 where the protagonist hunts down Adria
The jeweler able to socket items as hinted at before the game came out. More gems to do different things or runes to put into sockets. The ability to socket white items and craft something useful out of them or else get rid of them.
a report botter feature on the game itself..
I want to be able to ID all rares in my bag with one click
than I want to be able to salvage all of them with click n confirmation

i also want to be able to sell all rares, trash and such with 1 click n confirmation.

its very tedious to have to do 1 by 1.

rares in this game mean nothing but if ya collect a few hundred everyday you can sell for nice gold. so please keep this in mind, make it easy to unload.

also some kind of gear lock so i cant swap by accident or sell it
everyday i logon i have like 2 dozen friend requests from gold sellers, in the request is an url. why not prevent this, make it impossible to put www.buy gold.whatever.com
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