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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


Raise the level cap
My top 3 in this order would be:

1.) Item sink in soft core, something like bound on equip or account once equiped for set or legendary items.
2.) Better crafting. Currently there is not a single item worth wasting money on to craft.
3.) Bring back Jewels from D2:LOD that we can put into sockets with random affixes on them
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no more stupid auction houses

nobody is forcing you to use the AH... just saying :)
NO 1 - Get rid of the BOTS!. Economy takes a hit, and those cheaters are making real money for it..( TOS ) If i was Blizzard - i would shut down public games until this issue gets resolved.
Endless Dungeons with large randomly generated tilesets and increased mob density and variety (mobs from all acts regardless of tile). Please do not set a max number of elites per level.
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Vague answer: I think adventuring in the open world needs to be a bit more interesting.

Specific answer: I'd like to see the event system heavily expanded upon. I think it's one of the coolest features in D3, but it feels very under-utilized, especially in the later acts. I'm probably wrong, but I can't remember any random events past act two -- only scripted ones that play out the same every time.

Running around an open map should feel like a true exploration -- I should be expecting something exciting around every bend. Elite packs are good start, but there needs to be more. How about some puzzles? How about mystery shrines that randomly provide a buff or summon a really mean monster, and we have no way of knowing which will happen until we activate it? How about random bosses -- not champions, actual bosses comparable in mechanics and rewards to the main story bosses?

Other things I'd like:

For white items to either die or be worth picking up for some reason.

For boring quality of life stats -- magic find, gold find, pick-up radius, etc. -- to go the way of the dodo. Gear should be about improving character's combat prowess, and nothing else. I feel like I need to gimp my own toon just for the game to play smoothly, and that sucks.

I know this is unrealistic, but better graphics would be nice. I appreciate the "living painting" idea in theory, but it didn't work out so well in practice.
Here's a "few": http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5959736506
Feature? An IP block to anyone not in the americas.

An open game with 8 players in it. Open up the portal so we can mf an entire game.

A real crafting skill

Tokens to purchase tier gear

Tier seasons aka IK armor 1, 2, 3

Creativity to get ahead of exploiters, botters, AH snipers, gold farmers, 3rd party websites aka tokens rewarding gameplay usable to purchase tier armor/gear.

If all of that is too complex maybe we can get rid of the rubberbanding that I deal with every 5 minutes.
Offline mode
I'd like to see this:
Socket recipe quest, then you can socket non-socketed items for a fee and in case of chest (3) and pants (2).

Several more gem types would also be nice.
Buffs, buffs, buffs. I love playing my Barb but I really loved playing my DH and my Monk. They were the first two classed I leveled to and passed Paragon. I would love to see the rest of the classes be as fun and viable as my Barb.

On that note, I would like to see a complete lack of nerfs, none at all. Except maybe goblins scaling run speed when you hit them.
#1) Character customization: Currently over the life of our character we can choose which 6 skills to use, which skill rune to use, three passive skills and what gear we would like to wear. And that's it. Please give us a lot more choices. For instance, instead of automatic attribute, gold and magic find gains for Paragon levels, give us choices.

#2) Content: Consider adding Charms, Jewels, new Gems, Runes and some other item types that are new to the Diablo series. Consider Rune Word items. Consider greatly improving the crafting system so that we actually want to break down excess rare items for resources (also acts as an item and gold sink). Consider random map shapes and sizes. Consider an endless dungeon or even an endless outside zone.

#3) Itemization: Most legendary items are designed in such a way that they are not sought by any players, even if they have max rolls. This needs to be fixed. Some set bonuses are underpowered and need to be fixed. Buff or remove unused affixes. Add new affixes. Add new legendary and set items. Buff the chance for currently underpowered weapons to roll higher damge amounts. The odds of a high damage rare wand being on the AH are extremely low(I've been looking to replace my spear with a wand for months). Two hand weapons need a rework to make them viable as well.

#4) Quality of Play Improvements: ID all. Dividers for AH gold amounts. Mouse scroll wheel functionality in AH menus. Gear lock. Allow us to select which quality of items we wish to block from being picked up by our characters in the options menu. Free travel between acts without losing NV.

#5) Community Options: Consider a D2 style lobby. Group chat? Bring people together.
Diablo walks the earth ......................... I want ANNI back!
RMAH-only set items!
i would love to see a diablo arena.... 2v2, 3v3, 4v4
Better Auction House.

Instead of no communication between seller and buyer, there should be.

In any way possible. The seller should be able to sell it to someone via IN GAME, and away from the AH.

I feel as tho the AH is the only way to trade.

Don't get me wrong, it is a great feature that i have grown to love. (without it, i would not have been able to do mp3 from day one.)
4v4 or 5v5 or 10v10
- capture the flag
- dota style
- labyrinth (2 players try to get to the center, can kill eachother to win too, with many traps that deal heavy dmg, very low player light radius "black filter around the player" to avoid cheating)
Skill points.
Rune Words.
Waypoint to different acts.
    My wish list:
  • A similat lobby to the Diablo 2 one with capability to create a our own customized games (choosing the lvl range, maximum amount of players, hostiliy on/off)
  • Followers on multiplayer
    • Story mode and free mode:
    • Story mode games: the current system, no changes needed)
    • Free mode games: where its possible to travel to any Act freely (all waypoints unlocked), all the bosses and mini bosses spawn regardless of your progress on story mode, up to 8 players, no cinematics or anoying npcs, respawn rate for monsters, some free-mode only events, duels ... just go and kill things!)
  • Weekend events: extra exp/MF or gold find on certain Acts/zones or by killing certain types of monsters, moar goblins weekend, tougher elites/uniques/bosses on free-mode but better drops weekend, higher tier gem drops weekend, etc.
  • Improved gear crafting, more variety of gems with better bonuses, potion crafting with additional effects.)
  • Improve legendaries: there are still too few that are good...
  • Resurrect Deckard Cain (not as a brain hungry zombie eh!).
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