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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


one other thing make keys organs so its not account bound. make it so we can trade them!
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I think it would also be nice to say after a few months of making hell fire rings do away with letting us make them and allow the ones we made to be sold on the ah. You ask what would ubers be for then.. a new item every month or two.. we can farm for the stuff to make .... Maybe a goblin bag as a off hand that allows for a bigger inventory, or a hell fire amulte or something..

Lol, treasure goblin bag (charm) for as long as you have this bag in your inventory you get 1gold/sec for the time you actually play the game, or randomly spawns 100g-1000g every min has a small chance of being used up and disapearing basically xtra gold or maybe. that or a treasure bag mace chance of spawning gold on hit, chance of spawning goblin on hit, or just for fun chance of spawning their portals for a few sec for eye candy.
Ability to log in.
hello every one.
i would love to see 8 players in one game
better drop rate even more!!!!
more items not the same stuff all the time....
a channel like on d2 so you can see every ones char!
open games.. not just public games.
passworded games if you want to.

they do have that its called monster power x, and it goes up to 10
for the drop rate? no... still sucks its all being on the right run imo.. if thats what ur talking about?
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PvP??? ... no game is a real game, without PVP.
i agree on this as well also make them stronger! or with more life..
One major update that would fit the theme to Diablo 3 and its item hunt would be...

An account specific, time line, flow chart, that shows all the legendaries you have found, stats included. Imagine a visual diagram, a sharable chart you can show your friends of your progression in the item on Diablo 3. Not only would this extend the value of your Legendary Legacy, but also, give rise to the birth of a weapon/armor that could potentially be very strong.

Thank you... Fellow creative thinker/ product designer
Have a nice day Blizzard
I would love for you to add a "Notes " Option to the Friends Menu. I am tired of forgetting why I added people.
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I would love for you to add a "Notes " Option to the Friends Menu. I am tired of forgetting why I added people.

lol i agree
here are my top 11

Top 11 Ideas That Can Enhance D3 EXPERIENCE
Add yours to the list if you dare. This list is from launch to now, so some ideas are from earlier in months but they may still be needed. be regardless they are some nifty ideas that can make a much better D3 experience.


The items that you have "DYED" with a color should have some letter next to it or maybe on the desription that it has be dyed so tha tyou have an idea wich ones are and are not, this would help so you dont dye stuff that you have already dyed, or another idea would be that the actual item does change that color somehow. on the in-game character slots.


Make use of the "WHITE / GREY" items in diablo 2 there was a use for these items as they could be soceted with new stuff charms and gems, but there is no use what so ever for white and grey items, give them some sort of use with crafting or something.


Charms Bring back charms to use in socketed items one thing great aboutthe diablo series is the manythings you can and were able to do with creating differant types of items that made up differant types of characters and such, charms was one way that made some diversity and creative styles.


An idea that would be nice is a "WEB-VERSION" of auction house so that you can check your trades and bids from not just the game but maybe the web and stuff.


So by not allowing us too socket items doesnt make it where you always have to socket stuff infact we already run to town once we find new items with sockets, so what we are asking here is to bring back sockets because we dont want to socket every item but want to socket stuff like legends and such, and maybe we want to create a certain type of character and would need full sockets on most items to create such items. socketing allowed for more differant creations.


I know that this is something that jay wilson has said that they dont plan on doing, but by taking away the skill points you have take alot away from character creation and character diversity, wich was one of the biggest parts that we have enjoyed on diablo 2, other games comming out will take advantage of this style and in turn diablo 3 players will flock to those games.


What i remember of something fun was that you could interact with other players, it was not just about fighting on the game but actually making new friends, making and joing guilds, or just showing off eachothers equip, or just chatting, thats something you have took away with making it so you just get in there and fight, you need to add more of a social matchmaking so that we can be casual aswell. Also making it so that you can password games or join a friends game needs to come back, these are things that made past diablo games very fun and addictive.


One thing that lacked in diablo 3 is the lack of variaty of items, there was just a few bit of variaty diablo 3 did have, but you should have more of avariaty of weapon types and even visual styles aswell, we like to creat characters with differant looks and all the gear and items help for that.

On profile somewhere you could show your battle records, like most monsters killed in one shot and most monstors killed with one blow.

So with the addition of the matchmaking friends forum why dont you add on the profile of people that you can just click add meto friends list, something like that might be handy.

More mini events like building parts such as infernal machine are great we need more stuff like that, that makes us do more mini events gathering parts to create a bigger event,
Guild panel.
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survival mode, waves of monsters elites and bosses yadda yadda you get the point. multiple games to change up the areas, could be in form of a scenario event such as saving ppl defend castle or destroy an opposing force in battle.

also adding the ability to compare gear stats while in ah would be nice... slightly annoying having to link them in whisper/general just to compare
The number one feature I would like to see is Jay Wilson fired.
maintenaces that finish on time.
staff competence.
an option where you can play as the badguy, and fight angels and good nephalem.

a diablo wins ending.
PVP, more dungeons and adventures aka...new stuff. Bettery story line...more of everything...lol..
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