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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


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I miss a weapon-using melee class that isn't wire-fu or a walking fridge.
I'd love to see a ninja
I can't say one but there are three minor things I would like -

An identify all for all rares/legendaries.
A toggle option to have white/grey items not drop at all.
A toggle option to skip cutscenes.
How about some monthly content? If you are going to make a game like WoW, why not support it like WoW.

I think the lack of regular content is the death of this game.
I want a voice chat. That b nice.
There are lots of great ideas here.. just want to add PLEASE REMOVE the in game QUEST DIALOGUE! .. or at least give me the option to keep the pop up dialogue from occuring. There's an option to add the dialogue to our in game chat interface but that's only IN ADDITION to the pop up.

So here's my beef - that damn pop up gets in the way of the action. This includes the boss encounter pop up. I was thinking the other day that it's good I'm not really playing HC because if I were killed (and I have been) because this pop is interfering with my game play I'd go on a killing spree at the quickie mart!

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pvp. the only feature anyone wants to see.
Endless dungeon would be cool

fix loot system - hordes of crappy yellows... hordes of poopy whites.

remove RMAH..its effect on the economy for SC is obviously bad.

more skills and

i want to be able to change my ruines anytime without loosing neflan buffs (whats the point of the runes anyway).

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Endless dungeon
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Only one major thing now that is keeping me from loggin in...... and that is PLEASE FOR GODS SAKE LET US CHANGE THE (&*#^$) ACT USING WAYPOINTS!!!! HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO REALIZE THAT THIS WOULD MAKE THE GAME 10X DEEPER..... let us carry stacks from act to act and let us change the damn thing while in game instead exiting changing quest.... so on so forth and starting all over and wasting my god damn time!!!!!!
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pvp. the only feature anyone wants to see.

I don't give a crap about PvP.

More diversity in usable items (rares, legs, potions, runes), that's my main request, as long as build diversity. At all.
If I only get to pick one then it would have to be pvp.

2. Crafting...crafting should be worth doing. There should be some items that are very difficult to craft yet rival or even surpass the best items in the game. Nice crafting system, bad items. D3 has a much better crafting system then D2 did yet crafting was much more worthwhile in D2. I think blizz is already on to this though (i hope).

3 More endgame item choices. There are so many cool items and so few lvl62-63 items. Lower lvl items offer nothing that makes them useful, just inferior stats. Items are all boring. Everyone is forced to use items with the same affixes. Any interesting affixes seem to be just "fluff" at the moment.

4 stat point allocation. This could really add a lot of depth to the game if combined with the right items. EX... say there is a weapon that does so so dmg but it has a huge vitality mod on it. YOU could say " I'm going to use that vitality weapon so as a tradeoff for its low dmg i get to put more of my stat points into my mainstat". Perhaps add in stat requirements on gear as well just like in d2. This could make stats other than mainstat/vitaliy more meaningful. For those that complain "I dont wanna reroll just cuz i messed up a couple stat points" bring back the respec token. Also they should buff non main/vitality stats to make stat allocation more meaningful.

5 Charms. Why were charms left out in D3? Got a great piece of gear that sadly has no all res? get yourself some allres charms to make up for some of that loss. This would add a lot of complexity to the game.

6.We need more sidequests that are worth doing. Right now there is only mf/paragon farming and keyrun/ubers. This is boring. WE need more stuff to do! This could be really simple stuff like finishing an event has chance to drop a unique item (as in it only drops for that event and nowhere else) or a certain boss always drops a gem (countess?) or always drops a certain gear type. Anything worth doing would be good. I need a reason to try and find that certain event that happens in act 2 or whatever it is.

7. Skill points. I realize that its probably too late to implement something like this but i really feel like they added a lot of complexity to the game. I know people say "whats the point? everyone will just put their points in the exact same way.", but I would have to disagree. There were always the optimal cookie cutter builds but with the right gear and planning you could make unusual skills really shine. Went a long way toward making a character feel like your own. Could make all kinds of diverse builds possible. Threatening shout barb? Not gonna happen the way it is now. I want to be the master of one or 2 skills not a jack of all trades kind of build if that's what i choose to do.
Unique gems would be a nice addition. I enjoyed the possibilities with runes in diablo 2. Something similar could work out in Diablo 3 as well.

Oh and fix the bugs so one can do all achievements. At the moment there's plenty of them that cannot be done because monsters don't spawn...

While we're at it: Pimp the rewards for achievements! That would be an incentive to actually do them! Banner sigils is not really enough!
I doubt Blizzard is still keeping tabs on this thread but if they are I'd like to see an option to remove losing or expired items from your auction tab in the auction house. It can clutter quickly if you're bidding on multiple items (especially if you're working on a new class).

I often run into items that look great and bid on them to keep tabs on them but as time goes on most of those items end up getting bids higher than i'm either willing or able to pay. When that happens I'd like to be able to remove the items from the list of things I'm more likely to get.
Being able to compare stats on current gear with ones posted up on AH.
How this is not a base feature on release?
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Oh and give me back autorun.
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Ladder system and resets.
More customization
Skill points and permanence
More out door zones
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