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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


In this thread: the community has better ideas than paid staff @ Blizz.
I want to see something like DOUBLE XP WEEKEND! holiday bonus.
New game contents and quests that is payable by gold. Exclusive Items should also come from the quests.

This will reduce the gold in the economy
The game lacks a sense of community. In 2012, when I play an online game, I expect to interact with people. Lots of in-game chat. When I play D3, it feels like I login to play in my own little isolated sandbox as if I was offline.

I see they have chat channels, but I don't think they are switched on by default. That would be a really good idea, so that more people know they exist and use them.
stat/skill points to spend, talent tree, and anything that allows players to customize their characters
Something simple that would help is some sort of in-game notepad so I can take notes on things . It would have REALLY helped in D2 because I could jot down my skill tree plan and have it saved to the toon so I know what I'm doing when I return. Of course, D3 doesn't even have a skill tree, but it'd still be nice.
Being able to go Balls Deep
maybe some competetive multiplayer modes
Xbox controller support. Before I get flamed for such an outlandish request for a PC game by elitist keyboard and mouse users, yes I know how much more efficient keyboard and mouse is.

Unfortunately for me years of PC gaming, especially MMOs have deteriorated my click fingers pretty bad leaving me only to play games with controller support. Didn't last very long in D3 for this reason, if controller support was given to the game I would love to try it out.
Im going for three:

1. Fix entrance foyers - even reverting to the D2 battlenet model will be a huge improvement and will enhance sense of community. The current design which focuses on battlenet tag and not player character has a homeopathic affect on player interaction by diminshing focus on character and class.

2. Freedom of movement between acts. Allow players to create and name their games and make all quests (bosses and minibosses) available in every new game.

3. Fix crafting. One suggestion - a skill system based on crafting experience (not just spending gold). The reward could be an increased possibility to craft a mastercrafted item that allows the crafter to randomly imbue a primary stat or add a single socket, The mastercrafted item would have the crafters name emblazoned and would be 'no-drop' once equipped. This would enable the crafter to sell or gift the mastercrafted item but it could not be traded once equipped, which in turn would minimise impact on game economy.
Crafting 63 level items
We should be able to put WD offands and wizard offands in the socket of a skorn
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I want to see something like DOUBLE XP WEEKEND! holiday bonus.

I really did like this for the Battlegrounds in WoW!
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i want to be able to filter out white and grey items from what i see dropped on the ground. tons of other arpg's do it why can't blizz?
Ability to go from being in a nightmare game back to normal and other modes with out it resetting your heros progress.
My number one feature would be guild support, which would include chat channels and friends list categorization. I think something dealing with this is already forthcoming, so I'm going to suggest a few other things, some of which I am sure have been talked about before, but I am too busy playing to spend all my time reading posts so here they are.

Auction house suggestions:
- add a keyword search function so I can search for a specific special feature of a legendary item (like all the versions of a Mara's Kaliedescope with the skill I want since those skills aren't available on the dropdown boxes for amulets).
- add a watch item function so if I see several similar items of which I'm going to buy one, I can group them together to choose the one I want to bid on.
- add an 'or' selector to the dropdown searches, so I can search for example 'Vitality' OR '% Life' in the same search. Limiting all the boxes to 'and' removes a lot of usable items from the results list.
- add the tooltip to the results so as I'm hovering over each item, I can see the same effects on life and DPS as I do while in the game.

Crafting suggestions:
- make the character level 60 blacksmith plans item level 63, so it would be possible to actually craft endgame items
- give the blacksmith experience for crafting items. After crafting the same item a hundred times, he should have gotten better at it, so maybe allow the choice of one affix for each experience level the blacksmith achieves using that plan (max the selectable affixes at 3 so there would still be some randomness). If you're starting with a 4 mod plan, have the experience level upgrade the plan to the 5 and then 6 mod one.
- give the blacksmith the ability to reroll items. Like if I hand him a poorly rolled legendary, I can try to make it better
- add the ability to socket an item. Maybe to balance out how powerful of a upgrade this might be, have the price that you lose a mod (if you want to be really evil you could make that a random mod, but otherwise maybe it's a random 1 out of 3 you choose so you at least get a little control.
- allow the gem crafter to do bulk orders. It is tedious and time consuming to combine gems. At the very least, remove the timer. But I'd really like to be able to hand him a bunch of flawless squares and tomes and tell him to turn them into a radiant star. It could even take ten minutes of him working on it, as long as I could play while he's doing it.

Gameplay suggestions:
- Identify all option at a vendor, or change the equip item action to be different than the identify action so you don't accidentally swap out something equipped while trying to identify everything in your backpack.
- Add the function of dropping a banner to be a respawn point if playing solo or a banner to point if in a party
- this one might be tough to program, but it'd be nice to have an option to reduce the visual effects of some skills. It can be hard to see what's going on sometimes and some skills can give you a headache (ie the strobing of bola shot explosions). It'd be nice to be able to flip a switch to reduce those graphics (maybe just a brightness adjustment on certain skills).
- I would definitely like to see additional gems added that do other things like resource regen or life steal, to name a couple.
- since white items are essentially wasted, add an imbue quest. Or make them part of the crafting recipes (I wouldn't do that without improving the crafting outcomes though). suddenly some white items might end up being quite valuable.
- add a 'no pick up' option so you only pick up stuff you want.
- I know graphics is one of the reasons given to limit the games to four players, but upping that just to 5 would allow one of each class in a party, which would be nice. Of course after the added classes in expansion, I might be asking you to up it a couple more :)
- OK, this one isn't exactly a feature request but a feature non-request, but I really don't want to see ladder seasons added. I put a lot of time in on my characters and I don't want to have to start over to get new content, nor do I want to be restricted from playing with people who would be in the ladder

Thanks for listening.
that "W" quick swap button in D2 expansion.
a gear/skill config for mobs and another for bosses.
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