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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


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pee vee pee
retrain them?
Make the world open
- In D2 you could travel from act 1 - act 5 anywhere you wanted to go. I don't think this needs an explanation as to why it was great.

Make the game sociable
- We all miss logging in on our D2 character to the chat screen, we could talk and mingle, check out other peoples avatars and profiles.
- Make the current chat window expandable and be able to move it anywhere on the screen.

Secret Level
- The Whimsey Shire level was a great joke but that is all it ever should have been. I don't think it should be discarded, someone from the D3 team dedicated their time and expertise and it should remain.
- Give us a true secret level, even if you brought back the cow level except now they are all ghost cows since we killed em dead in D2. It would bring back so many memories and nostalgia that the community would love you for it.

World PvP
- This is the main reason so many people played for so long. Farming gear so you could make twinks to duel was one of the most thrilling times of D2. I remember my first duel still with my lvl 15 zealer, my heart nearly jumped out of my chest.
- Create a server where PKing is allowed to be toggled, I guarantee it will be flooded. That way you satisfy those who don't want it, and those who would kill their own grandmother for it.

Jewels, Runes, Charms, Runewords
- Every D2 player misses these bad boys. You could twink out your godly hero, twink out a low level dueler, or even just get that little bit of extra resist to help you progress through NM and Hell. I really hope all three of these items get a comeback if not soon at least in the xpac.

Create an equivalent to Larzuk's socket quest (D2)
- He adds sockets to any one of your items, even set and unique items, with the exception of those that cannot have sockets in the first place and items that already have sockets. This quest was great, it added a lot of re-playability to the game as well. I created countless characters so that I could socket some new item I had found or to make my main character even better.
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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

DIABLO 4, the true successor to Diablo 2 LOD
account bound Leveled legendary items.
endless dungeon d1 style
more mobs, alot more mobs
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PvP thats all we need, no balance needed either
yessssssssss!!!!!!! ive said it before and ill say it again learn your class right and balance issues wont matter!!!!!
More storage for the collector and more character creation capability for the creator types.

Some people hang onto items rather than just selling or trading as soon as they find them. This is especially true for people who self sustain themselves through the game and recycle their items when they play multiple characters. I get bored so I play multiple characters and I enjoy the creation process of starting from scratch and questing, so this game with a limit to how many characters you can have and limited storage doesn't have the long-term playability for people with this same gameplay style. I refuse to pay $60 for another key just so I can have room to put stuff that I find, or when I finish levelling all my characters to 60, the last thing a collector/creator-type player wants to do is to delete what they spend time levelling. There will reach a point where the game will plateau. I'm speaking strictly of a specific gameplay style which is the horders and packrats and creators out there. If D3 would allow more character generation and would offer more storage solutions, you would have a higher retention rate for this type of gamer in let's say 1-2 years once people max out all their character slots to 60. Otherwise they will turn around and walk away bored as there would be nothing left to create and no room to collect.
Item diversity in a game about items.
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Two things...

One - I want to see legendaries that you make character builds around. An example would be Earth Shifter in Diablo 2.

Earth Shifter provided +7 to Elemental Skills for a Druid (which was MASSIVE), had a chance on hit to cast a high level Fissure (which synergized with any skill points you placed that affected Fissure), and had very powerful melee damage and stats (ridiculously high damage, increased attack speed, increased cast speed, chance of crushing blow) which made it a very effective melee weapon. It was also a two-handed mace, which the Druid class received an attack speed bonus using. This item basically screamed "Armageddon Werewolf" as Armageddon was the only Elemental spell a Druid could cast while shapeshifted. While the item wasn't very useful to anyone but that specific spec, that's what made it awesome.... highly specialized items make the game and the item hunt a lot more fun, and a really cool and specialized item can convince players to do something they want instead of following someone else's mold.

Where Diablo 3 made an attempt at something like this would be with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/frostburn-gauntlets
Unfortunately, those are a terrible item. Now that's not because there's anything wrong with cold damage skills, but rather because the item's other stats are lackluster at best, and simply getting a normal pair of gloves with decent stats (intelligence, crit chance, crit damage, attack speed) will provide a very similar boost to your cold skills and everything else meaning that Frostburn Gauntlets are a terrible item. You'll get a 25% boost or whatever to your cold skills simply by using a normal pair of gloves and not gimp anything else in the process.

I've said before that the randomness of Diablo 3's legendary items isn't all that fun. That doesn't mean they can't be highly specialized. Highly specialized legendary items are good. A few have shown up (new Stone of Jordan) but there aren't nearly enough. Highly random legendary items that can be absolutely terrible for everyone are not fun. Replace the health globe stuff on Frostburn Gauntlets with Intelligence or Dexterity and crit chance, and a bonus to Ray of Frost, Hydra (for Frost Hydra), Meteor (for Comet) if Intelligence rolls, or Elemental Arrow (for Frost Arrow) if Dexterity rolls, and you have a really cool item (on two levels) that some people wanting to try something new would love to pick up.

As it is right now, all the same stats are useful to everyone (excluding primary stats) and that's incredibly boring. Specialized items that are very good for a select few add a lot of flavor and fun. I also think it would help build diversity a lot.


Two - I very strongly feel that a long-term investment into your character's build at end game is something Diablo 3 is sorely lacking. Character building, something to give your character identity through time investment. As many are aware, the Mystic (Karina in act 1 I think?) was removed as an artisan that basically acted like the Diablo version of a WoW enchanter.

I think a very interesting way to make use of her would be to use her to craft "charms" that can be used in new equipment slots. The only way to get these charms would be to craft them and have her upgrade them - no charm drops.

Basically, your character could gain 3 new equipment slots, and in those equipment slots you could craft a small, medium, and a large charm. These charms would have "themed" bonuses.

Examples might be, as a Wizard (easiest for me as I play one):

Large charms can be crafted and upgraded to augment specific spell schools. You could have a charm that increases damage done with Fire, Lightning or Cold skills (or other interesting element-based or themed bonuses). A Witch Doctor might have charms that improve pet, Poison, Fire etc. Melee ones might need to be based on weapon types or something.

Medium charms augment defensive abilities of your choice, or possibly provide passive defenses if you choose that.

Small charms provide a modest bonus to a second skill type, say if I wanted to use Fire Bolts primary and Ray of Frost as my AP spender (yes I know that's terrible) I could have a Frost large charm and a Fire small charm. Small charms could also use the already existing skill mods and give players the option to choose the one that suits their favorite skill.

At any rate, the idea is that crafting charms of your choice would be fairly simple at first, so you could get a reasonable bonus to whatever you wanted easily, and switch them out easily, but truly maximizing your charm and therefore your character (done by "upgrading" an existing charm with gold/material resources rather than creating a new one) would take a great deal of time and effort.

I think these charms could consume gems and crafting materials to provide the bonuses to the areas you like, providing uses for these things that currently have none while appealing to the Diablo veterans who enjoyed long term character builds and investments with some form of permanence.

This way, players can try out all their skills as they get them while leveling as the skill system would remain very flexible, so at end game they can know what they like and start to specialize but still have the option of switching if they choose to.
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lemme see more than 5 active buffs at a time
Just a small suggestion for convenience -- upgrading gems takes forever right now. Have an option to input the number of gems you want crafted, instead of having you click repeatedly every 4 seconds for one gem each time.
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I just wanted to thank everyone that has posted in this thread so far.

Some of these suggestions will undoubtedly make their way into the game.

At the very least your ideas will serve to inspire the developers.
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Most of what I want to see has been communicated by others in here, but in case any was missed:

  • Non-Consensual PvP with separate servers for people who don't like the idea.
  • Runes / Runewords / Jewels / Socket quest
  • Create games with names & descriptions that can be viewed by others in a game list. + Optional password protection
  • Custom chat channels with moderation capabilities - Should also be a pane to see the characters/avatars for players in your chat channel. Profiles also would be nice.
  • Increase player limit back to at least 8...
  • Freedom to move about acts & areas
  • Ability to dye legendary items
  • Make 2 Handers and Shields more useful
  • Control monster affixes that can spawn so certain ones can't spawn together (such as multiple AoE's). Also add more types of monster affixes, even positive ones as mentioned by another user on here.
  • Ladder System with periodic Ladder Resets - Very important in my opinion to inspiring longevity for the game

Yes, a lot of these features are in D2, but D3 in my (and many others) opinion has taken many steps backwards. D3 should have been at least D2 in terms of features it had.
i want to feel the TERROR when fighting bosses again just like the inferno on early release pre-nerf !!

imagine boss with twice of Siegebreaker size, battle on a big map so we can revive fallen mate.

maybe accompanied by Dream Theatre's "On the Backs of Angels" as the boss song.

i want it to be max challenging !
make me crying in frustation again just like back then when i died countless time against that bastard BOSS from ACT2 on pre-nerf,
just hoping nobody will asking for "the Nerf" when it really come..........
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+1 for Jenilyn idea
Ugly Mob with my ex girlfriend name on it.
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Things I would Love Added:

- runes
- rune wards
- socket quest free fist time like 1,000,000 for him to do it again
- jewels
- equiv to torches
- skill tree (after level 60)
- bosses increase drop rate preferably loot table
- bring back a forge like quest that is daily
- bring back meaning full quests like resistance and health boost

I know this sounds like diablo 2.... however this is diablo 3 they could have improved on things but left the core of the game successful. There was a reason why we loved d2 so much character customization, you took that away from us now give it back! There should be a lot more legendary items as well and you should be able to find good legendary items lower level than 63 they should be class specific or ateast build specific. Please give us a reason to play nightmare, and hell again. We shouldn't have to only farm inferno we should be able to go back with a chance to find good items like a shako or vampgaze. Allow us to further customize our npc's and allow them to fight with us in diablo! We should be able to break the cage and unlock our npc for the final fight!
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i would really like to join public games that you can choose what monster power you want
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