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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


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1) Hardcore - Something like writing a will in advance, that would allow you to pass on 1 item slot if you die to someone on your friend list

AMAZING IDEA! Or better yet, pass it on to another of your own characters! Or, if you die, it spawns a dead solider in the same zone on other characters, and when you click it, it gives you one of the items you had on at random!

But, my idea is I would really like to see the crafting system improved. The Hellfire ring was a huge step in the right direction, but I want to see 1 time use recipes drop that give you really good stats. Or Base recipes that you can use whenever you want, but the ability to add 1 time use recipes to that base recipe which garentee certain affixes. So, you would select an axe in the list, the UI would have the axe on top, then 6 empty boxes below it. you can then drop and drop 1 time use recipes into those boxes to add attack speed, or crit chance, or crit damage. That sort of thing. The 1 time use recipes would be legendary drops. Then, of course, the less desirable affixes, like health globes, or thorns, would be purchasable through a vendor.

Also, please bring back charms!
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Imbue white items for gold. Chance to roll legendary if there is one of same type, and if you want to risk a few brimstones + some extra gold.

No to rune words, but adding extra sockets to items like weapons and giving us Gem words that can be put into any item for a bonus would be fun and really change up the dull items with the same stats.

So say a combo is ruby, topaz, emerald
adds to your gear a chance to randomly drop an elemental bomb that does fire, lightning or poison damage while moving. A different combination might do damage while attacking, or proc some weird ability. Just something DIFFERENT than the same old same old so you can have 10 of the same items with different gem words. I doubt they could do this without screwing it up and making 1 the best, though.
a very cool game idea for a never ending dungeon would be something similar to zombie survival. so it gets to an unbeatable point and youre overwhelmed.
A crafting system. I mean, a useful crafting system.
Charsi and a add socket quest
I want the FUN put back into it - eg loot and gold from barrels and other smashables.
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A public game selection screen where we can see peoples games names.

I really am seeing this a lot here, and again I want to see more social aspects personally.
Probably already posted in this thread but still...

These are most of the things I like to see changed in D3:

Yep, Europeans know how to make a game better too..

Maybe for 1.0.7? ;)
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Crafting...make something with it. Maybe add some fixed stats to some weapons, maybe like life on hit for swords, LS for axes, and 2 of random stats etc. Something as how legendarys roll their stats. I so love crafting when i'm leveling my monk, but no point beside that, after 60.
I would love for the option to disable the need to identify items.
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#2. Multi-player. 6,7,8 players per game

Ya I really do want to see the option for more players in a game.
I took some time and put together a list of things i would actually like to see in the future. Whether it be through an expansion or , hopefully through patches.

A) Scythes would be nice to see come back. Currently we have Spears, Halberds, Swords, Axes, staves and Maces (two handed). Those are all well and good but there is/would be just something very visually appealing [albeit morbid] watching a barb (or even a monk) swath through a bunch of minions of hell.

B) I would like to see a fully flushed out and well synergized shapeshifting class.

B2) I would like to have all the classes to be as fully flushed out and synergised as the Barb.

C) Melee Builds for 'ranged' classes. In D2 I could have a melee necro (and did), or a melee Sorceress and they were effective. Witch Doctors have knives, why not let them walk up, tell the minion to piss off, and then stab it in the face. The Demon Hunters have alot of 'knife' based abilities. Why not further that theme by giving them melee builders and spenders. I am quite sure this organization knows that you can not deal with everything from afar and you will have to get into something's face eventually.

D) I would like to see events added to act4: Heaven. I understand that it's the final act and you need to go stop Big D before he royally screws everything up but the images for heaven make it alot more vast than we get a feel for. Why not add events such as helping Lieutenants or more pissy Imperious interactions. Actually running into Eirena who then runs into the 'prophet' would be cool. She does talk to you about it, why not be able to be part of it?
8 player coop
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Skill points ala D2 (available post paragon)
I think that blizzard should add a dungeon system were your skills aren't worth anything. When you get there, you will acquire one skill point to spend in a skill tree, and every time you complete a dungeon, you will receive a new one. When you have the maximum amount of skillpoints, you will instead receive a random buff to one of your stats. Also, upon completing a dungeon a legendary should drop (so blizzard would have to add more of them). The dungeons are randomly generated and with a boss at the end, so it should give all players some more content instead of just the main quest. To get there I think you should have to find some special items and craft a teleporter or whatever (like the staff of herding, but easier to acquire). That would add most of the stuff people want, and it works for both high and low level characters.
Copy paste of chat rooms from D2 LOD, including a small model of other player's selected hero.

SC2 HoTS is finally getting the hint with the latest beta patch. This should have been in the game on release.

Also, being restricted to 1 act per game is a complete joke. Give us the ability to waypoint between acts.
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I'd have to say a AH app for android...
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