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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


I'd love to be able to customize my character. My barb looks just like everyone elses :P
Best thing in my opinion will be closing AH and RMAH.
Hate my, but this is my opinion.
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1) Buffed drop rates
- Farming gold and hitting the AH isn't fun. We want the thrill of looting good items. I want to kill monsters, not snipe items on the AH.*

2) Rune words
- These were the best thing ever in D2. I had 2 BOTDs.

3) Ladder
- We need a wealth reset. The gap between wealthy and not wealthy is widening and pushing inflation.

4) Better/Cheaper crafting
- Better items for less $$. Right now hardly anyone crafts because it isn't worth it.

5) Identify All
- simple quality of life fix

*I killed ML2 Cydaea the other day and she dropped a legendary and a set piece. Oh god, did that feel good. I almost got misty over the D2 nostalgia. Maybe just buff act boss drops? Pretty please!

Right now, killing Diablo isn't worth the time. When the boss the game was named after isn't worth killing, you have a problem.
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Something not that important but bothers me from time to time. How is it possible that DH can equip melee weapons but there is no melee build at all for the class? Or a wizard can equip a bow but he/she just holds it without using it. I would like to see more animations/new skills or maybe skills being modified to the weapon being used. On top of that I would like to see more level randomness, new events and PvP.
what i would like to see in d3 is flying monsters that cant leave the screen and shoot at you when there off the screen for a mele you cant do nothing to them but wait till they come back on the screen unless your a axe throwing barb,sometimes seven sided strike don't do a damn thing.another thing I would like to see is that the hellfire ring thats not only ment for the people that can run at high MP.they add an item to the hunt but only people that can get it are the ones that can run at high MP.Another thing I would like to see is a RA gem.another thing i would like to see is a crafting system thats not totaly useless at max lvl.what would be nice for the blacksmith and jewler is if they had all the paterns you just have to purchase them to have them not find them why in this game is it okay to buy gold but you cant in wow well you could in wow just dont get cought. d3 still feels like its in the beta to me
- pvp
- free mode without all the lame story with free act travelling
- choosing the checkpoints to warp in from an actual game map, I feel that the game lacks sense of "world"
- More variety of environments
- Neverending dungeon with special bosses and increasingly high difficulty (seriously, why wasn't it not included in the game from the very beginning?)

Yeah, I just don't like this game. I like games with a world where you can roam freely, and choose where to go and when. WoW has it. This game doesn't.

+ just add an open mode where all the waypoints from all acts are unlocked, and a button in-game that allows you to restart everything that you killed when you are in a city.
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Hard choice. Most have said pvp already so...

Buff rares so they can still be best in slot like d2. Very very VERY small chance... Like most should be in mediocre legs on budget to mid range sets but honestly it's not even worth looting 80% of rares and im not talking cause of its item level i mean not worth looting boots hats shoulders 2handers etc at all bc even crap rolled legs blow away godly rares. Most legs should be better but those super rare perfect rolled rares should be best in slot and hence make it actually worth looting rares again.

Edit: Free mode would be great too. Gets sickening farming act 3 forever. Why can't it be like d2 where you can choose whatever act you want from the waypoint????
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Resetable dps over time section.

It'd make balancing and optimising gear so much easier and fun. Now i'm just trying to beat alkaizer run time record and comparing results between two or more builds. Current DPS does not mean a !@#$. It could be hidden or not(on profile page), either way i'm looking it as a tool.

Also game needs something to compete with. At the moment most of people are just comparing their DPS. Something like time/cleared act showing mob killcounts and MP level, also showing how many people was doing that. And making it ranked :p

Just my thoughts. Have a nice day ^^

PS. I play on euro
Edit: Free mode would be great too. Gets sickening farming act 3 forever. Why can't it be like d2 where you can choose whatever act you want from the waypoint????

I'd like to see after you reach 60 and start progressing paragon levels, that it opens up a point system to aide in skills and allows the 5 stat points to be put wherever you see fit.

Maybe have a system in place where you lock in the 6 skills you wish to use, and you can select a rune and continue down a tree that changes how a skill works slightly (IE; increase damage radius, faster movement speed after use, duration lengthen + same damage output, duration shortage + increase damage output) and increases damage all-together.

This could also tie in with the Passive systems. Allows you to use the skill points to just increase values that the passives provide as a whole. I'm sure dev's and players could get very much into this to get a balanced feel of what each passive should do/change.

And to still allow players to not be permanently stuck, a respec option could be tailored into a vendor for a fee that increases as its use goes on (or something, havent put much thought into it). This would remove a lot of gold from the currency, which the economy SERIOUSLY needs. It would also allow players to have that feeling of "their choices matter"

Oh, and an open world would be swell too. Open all the acts, let all the bosses spawn for each game. NV Stacks stay with you from act to act, would be nice. Would make games longer.

A game lobby and custom game names so when you join a game you get to play with people that want to do what you want to do. So you're not just thrown in with some clowns that want to greif eachother, you're instead in with some people that have the same goals of that game. This is what made Diablo 2 great. From time to time I would get bored and would decide to rush some people through the game, or help people out in lower acts that are having trouble with a boss. Give's more for the players to do instead of being funneled into just farming for items and xp
I have two things that i would like to see put into the game, and they're pretty small features and insignificant but its something i feel is nessacary.

1. Put in an option to kick people from PRIVATE games. Usually your in a private game for a reason, because you want to play by yourself or with a few select people..it doesnt make any sense that the only way to kick someone is by being in a "Public Game" with 3 or more people..and the fact you cant switch to "Public Game" while MP is activated to actually kick people is annoying. I cant tell you how many times ive been in a game and someones friend joins and slows us all down / dies all the time etc. It seems like a pretty easy thing to put in.

2. I may have read about this feature getting put in sometime soon, but make an "Appear Offline" setting so that it shows to your friends that your offline. Sometimes people just wana be left alone (^^^) and do some runs by themselves without getting spammed for invites or messages about gear..this also seems like an fairly easy fix.

well thats my two cents =P and like i said, these arent ground breaking ideas and i know theyve been thrown around a bunch but it just seems like a couple fixs that would make the game less frustirating at times. thanks!
#1 - Identify all.
#2 - Give us an Editor or SDK.
- Runes customization !
- Skills customization !
- Items customization !
- BlackSmith should be able to socket items !
- Random maps in multiplayer like Starcraft II, not the same Single Player maps.
- PvP.
- Fix: Two Handed weapons must be compared with weapons in both hands, not only with the right hand or left clicking to select the left hand comparation.
- Merchants in tows should be able to sell at least one rare item: armor or weapon.
- Merchants could/should sell followers relics.
- Plans for Legendaries and Rares could appear randomly or based on Paragon Levels or Nephalem Valor or both on merchants to be sold, not only by drops.
- More control off the item stats on BlackSmith's item creation.
- Legendaries could have stats based on Paragon Level too, not the default item stats on his creation.
- Legendaries should be dyed like rares.
- A "enchantment" or "upgrade" or "reforge" option to add one stat to items or upgrade an existant stat of items
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More, randomized, side-quests/events - lots more.

The Act 4 dungeons almost seem like they have be designed to somehow entertain more detailed side quests/events. In fact, they do have them but they are so minuscule and non-interactive that they just are plain boring.

I would give us an XP bonus reward similar to the ones you get for killing several monsters only much more generous.
I think the power of a char should move a little away from only itemization and being integrated into your char.

I think the way to do it is to create other chars costumization systems other then just skill/runes/passives.

What about the idea from the devs that elemental damage was supposed to have other effects then simply damage? Lightning = Stun; Holy = Heal; etc...
Why not creating a sort of perk system "Elemental Mastery", that starts at lvl 60 and you gain xp to improve it? Maybe 5-10 lvls, or gain it every 10 para lvls?
Some sort of perk system. Where at the start you'd be able to choose a "Mastery" over some element and it would grant, depending on your choices, passive to abilities (+100LoH or 1%LifeSteal), increased damage, perks to skills (using warcry gives you 5% to walk, etc..)?

Something that could make itemization more "light" and not a mad search for the same items over and over.

Also, one important thing in gear that I think would be really good:

Class specific items should spawn, regardless of their quality, with class-specific affixes

independent of the number of total affix in the gear.

Ahh and all belts should be able to spawn with Life Steal...
skill tree like D2

can change act in game

8 players game

PvP in game not on arena

charms ,rune etc

can choose a game

ladder season

cow lvl its funny hehe

sorry for my english not good lol i do my best ... D3 graphic very nice but we need D2 fun i played 7 years on D2 and D3 is not the same fun play
I think the power of a char should move a little away from only itemization and being integrated into your char.

Completely agree with this. Without items your char is nothing in game !

Blizzard should give more emphasys on character abilities, skills, runes.

For example: The player chars should be able to wear a Weapon without any magic stat or wear a Armor without any magic stat and still be able to kill monsters and survive beyond normal mode in game. Just try to do this without a good/exceptional rare or legendary !

Hardcore players should have a bonus on experience leveling, gold find, magic find as a incentive for trying to not be killed in game.
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The #1 feature I want to see is offline mode. There are a lot of things I would like to see change in this game, but offline mode is what I want most.
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