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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


A zookeeper in the expansion. I really miss necros :C

For now:
  • More legendaries with weird affixes
  • Boosting the "resist certain elements" (since it seem always better having AR)
  • Some boost on attack speed (since crits have the same issue than AS then)
  • Adding more natural movement speed (8% or something, now is it too slow)
  • A natural +2 to pick up radius
  • Better recipes for weapons and armor
  • Some temporal buffs from blacksmith (to use money and essences)
  • Buying unidentified items from an NPC to play with chance
  • Giving followers legendaries and unique equipment (templar lances, throwing knifes, enchanted gauntlets, something like that)
  • A NPC that identifies all yellows in the inventory
  • Hired mercenaries or beasts that have more damage but no skills (and could not be resurrected)
  • An elite pack that is made of shadow clones
  • More monsters in every act / no empty spaces
  • Auto-loot aura now picks up everything (gear, potions, plans, etc).
    You can toggle exactly what it picks up in the settings.

    Go back and see pickit hack from D2... sigh...

    11/30/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Gigabyte
    add plans for a hellfire ammy so that you have a choice between a ring or ammy

    I like this idea

    Increase the level cap to 99 like it should have been from the start.
    Lock Items that are equipped
    Lock skills
    Public Game list
    PVP (even though I am not a PVP player)
    Gear that makes sense (ie - Dex on Wiz helm, Strengh and Xbow, etc...)
    More diverse legendary items that range in level, there aren't very many good legendary items for lower level players
    End Game content
    Cow Level

    I could go on and on, but dam I got other stuff to do today.
    Okay, has anyone suggested more storage? Having the stash chest shared between your different classes is a great idea but extremely limited in its current design.

    You have gear in stash chest, waiting to sell in the AH due to 10 already listed...

    You have multiple classes having multiple sets of gear for different purposes:

    - magic find gear
    - gold find gear
    - experience gear
    - high MP gear
    - potions
    - gems
    - etc....

    There space in the current stash design doesn't even come close to accommodating the space that is truly needed - by a landslide. So, a simple tab structure across the top would solve that issue.

    1) Add some more tabs that can be purchases on the side - at least 2 more.

    2) Add tabs at the top of the sash window. These are the different character tabs for the classes you've created.

    So, If you have 1 Barb and 1 Demon Hunter, then 2 tabs will be at the top with their names on them. If you have 7 classes created, then you would have 7 tabs at the top.

    This way, each character can neatly organize their own items in inventory, while still being able to click the different tabs at the top if you wanted to access one of your other classes inventory for giving or taking an item from that class.

    In this setup, you have all the room you could need for each of your characters. You could be be placing items in your inventory while playing as a barb, realize you found an item that the demon hunter could use... Click his tab, add that item to his stash tab, then click back over to your barb tab to continue doing your thing...
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    11/30/2012 03:42 AMPosted by MagusHenosis
    Just like the title says, tell us what feature you would really like to see added to Diablo 3. If you wanted to make a list that's cool as well, just trying to get an idea what things people really want.

    more diversity in loot
    A reason to log in

    what this game needs the most
    1. Customizable characters - We all look the same and it makes the game a bit bland.
    2. Although I've never been a fan of Diablo-style PvP it would certainly improve the game.
    3. In-game Holiday content.
    4. Better loot/roll system.
    5. The public game interface from D2.
    6. Improved DH/Wiz pet mechanics - maybe a pet skill interface like in WoW.
    7. Extended buff timers (wizard armor, monk auras, etc.), without having to use passives.
    8. The return of Deckard Cain (or at least an option to identify all rares at once.)
    30.-- sacrifice items for exp (for all chars or monk only)
    New loot
    End Game Content.

    Right now we have grind for gear with no content that needs the gear that's so good. So even when I find good drops, I end up just selling them for $ instead of for gold or using them.
    I would like to see these features implemented:

    1. Add commas or region appropriate separators to the trade window and auction window.

    2. Add searching by max bid to the auction house.

    3. Increase number of simultaneous items you can auction from 10 to 20.

    4. Increase 2 billion gold Auction House cap to 200 billion gold.

    5. Change the minimum unit of purchasing gold in the real money auction house from 1 million gold to 10 million gold.

    6. Add a gold transaction fee of 5% on all gold traded through the trade window.

    7. Add a vendor who will take an item and can add a socket or affix or increase an affix or do nothing. The vendor gets paid in gems. Items with more affixes/sockets cost more gems to work on.

    8. Implement an internal unique ID system for items and gold to prevent duping. If two items are detected with the same ID, or two gold coins, they are both removed from the game.

    9. Make sure all vendor transactions, trades, drops and pickups of items are verified server side to prevent 3rd party applications from duping or generating gold.

    10. Sell a macro add-on package for $60 which allows us to use certain blizzard created macros.

    11. Add a real money auction house for Hardcore, in which only gold can be bought or sold.

    12. Change the real money auction house for Softcore to remove listing of items. Only gold can be bought or sold.
    5 things

    1. open game world up and have custom game names again. A community thrives off of custom games in an open world. More choice.

    2. item properties too random. Tier the item rolls. make ranges for stats like 5-20k life on globes for level 61, 7-20k for level 62, 9-20k for level 63. etc for all mods so that we don't get useless rares for days on end and mostly useless legendaries. The drop rate is high, but with the wildly random system it's almost pointless to search through rare items anymore, and legendaries are rarely good. You don't even need to edit randomness of the property appearing, just the interval it appears based on item level or monster power or something better than now.

    3. Public Test Realm put to good use. Team Deathmatch. Dueling should have been in 1.6's PTR and 1.7 should have TDM. Or we could not test things very much and let Blizzard do what they did with inferno.

    4. Fix performance of servers. Shotty at best.

    5. Introduce new items every year. don't wait til expansions.
    Blizzard to talk to their fans. Not watch useless PR opportunities on Reddit where the questions we want answered aren't even asked. This is the most government like video game company I've ever seen in my life.

    We feel this is what's fun.
    We feel this is what should be allowed.
    We feel...
    We feel...
    We feel...
    Please fix crafting.

    Thank you.
    Number one feature to me is to not require bnet.
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    Fun, like Diablo games are.
    Achievements fixed, so you can complete them all.
    I would like to see advance tchat options such as in WoW, with adjustable windows, multiple tabs, not just having the simple possibility of changing channel colors ...

    I would also like to see improvements in the AH UI, being able to move items from the AH menu, being able to have multiple browsing listings for better item comparison, etc.

    Simply more depth.
    Identify all (for god sake this should have been in the game since launch)

    Offline mode (tired of DCs)
    SET CASES.... a case that opens up to hold all the items of a set ... or .. a case that opens up to hold a FULL set of gear that you could put together.. the idea here is that if i wanted a set of gear with the best THORNS, you could search and save. Then if you wanted a set for MF, you could search and save it.. Then if you wanted a set for max DPS, search and save it..

    If the SET CASE is for Cain's set.. it could just hold items specific for that set..

    A SET CASE could also be something crafted from special items found from specific locations. but unlike the pony staff the materials required could be different for specific set cases or for a full set case, the full set case being the toughest to find.. maybe only found in a specific monster power for the specific materials drop could be used for each type of case.. i.e. IK set case materials could be found spread out over all 4 acts in mp5, but for the full set case that is generic it could be found in mp9 with the materials droped at the same place as mp5 monsters or events.

    the reason i would like to see this is to make sets that i could use for specific builds to enhance the play variabilities, and to give myself more goals to work on achieving, and to reduce the space required to store and manage inventory more effectively..
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