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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


11/30/2012 03:43 AMPosted by DaFemaleBoss
Skill points post lv60

and PVP
1 distributable stat point per lvl and a talent tree (without prerequisites) that lets us customize the skills we use the most to our benefit. runes just dont cut it


no delay on leave game

identify all

teleport works like d2 and available on items

dueling/ hostile
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Controller support or even the possibility of an offline version with optional online play for consoles. ^.^
Increased number of monsters in multiplayer games.
Yes and add 3 things

6. IDENTIFY ALL!!! (xcept legendaries) time wasting new way of id sucks. keeps me from playing sometimes.

7. additional tabs in stash. you had to see that coming...

8. better search for auction house legendaries with unique properties (e.g. frost burn cold dmg)

(((1. open game world up and have custom game names again. A community thrives off of custom games in an open world. More choice.

2. item properties too random. Tier the item rolls. make ranges for stats like 5-20k life on globes for level 61, 7-20k for level 62, 9-20k for level 63. etc for all mods so that we don't get useless rares for days on end and mostly useless legendaries. The drop rate is high, but with the wildly random system it's almost pointless to search through rare items anymore, and legendaries are rarely good. You don't even need to edit randomness of the property appearing, just the interval it appears based on item level or monster power or something better than now.

3. Public Test Realm put to good use. Team Deathmatch. Dueling should have been in 1.6's PTR and 1.7 should have TDM. Or we could not test things very much and let Blizzard do what they did with inferno.

4. Fix performance of servers. Shotty at best.

5. Introduce new items every year. don't wait til expansions.)))
I would like to see public games with Monster power added
i just want to be able to connect to Americas Region and play with my cousins/friends overseas...

P.S. oh and yeah a votable by players MP level in Public Games
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The things I'd love to see changed is not only PvP being finally added but battle grounds of some sort with point capture or catpure the flag objectives maybe?

Something optional that comes with a paragon level picking your own stat points or another skill at para 100? something :)

SOME kind of DC protection for hardcore.. all other games PAUSE on a DC why can't blizzard have something similar :( other then game just letting you sit in there for up to 60seconds until you finally dc out

Maybe another profession... hate to reffer to it... but kind of like enchanting in wow. Reason being it would be nice to further customize your gear to tweak it to your exact liking instead of having to swap out entire items for a small stat variation. would also give a use for currently "worthless" crafting mats giving them an additional use. Maybe making some Crafting buffs to give insentive to use the wasted crafting profession.

All in all great game :) 2 more years and it will be perfect =P
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Just wanted to say, yay another post that has been allowed beyond the 26 page limit! Sursly.
NECROMANCER, Give me my got dang bone army back......
01/08/2013 06:26 PMPosted by Antbriwes
Controller support or even the possibility of an offline version with optional online play for consoles. ^.^

i like that, a lot of conection errors or if u lose ur internet for a while u still have the option to play offline just as D2

PVP in a more massive way but i guess we hardly will see a 4v4 team dm

An option to make GUILDS wich actually could make a use for the flag like each guild haves same flag..... in d2 u had to put ur guild b4 ur name since u werent able to create a guild... and guild chat ofc.

more dungeongs with more lvls like 10 lvls or so with harder elites that will actually need a 4 man team to complete and will make a better use for playing with friend . sometimes i play with friends and we kill all in a second and its kinda boring no challenge

skill points <- w/o this pvp will be boring after 1-2 months cuz there are few builds actually and mostly all of us know the more efficient of em like wiz-> archon etc.

and last that might be stupid but i would like to see a summon appart from familiar and the useless hydra in wizzards something like fire elemental or ice elemental etc

chance to change color of legendary items i hate my character looking like a christmass three full of diferent colors
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#1 - Endless Dungeon... as you go thru dungeon by dungeons, it increases its difficulty and loot QUALITY chances increases. (Most of the community requested, 80% i guess) which is something that they need to look for.

#2 - Toggle weapons & equipment... can change equipment in just one click that is good in some circumstances.

#3 - Create Group up to 100 members. say "Brotherhood" or "Clan" something like that.
DH that can shoot and walk at the same time. For gods sake, this is a kiter class not a tank.
The one thing I have noticed is Legendary items aren't quite what everyone hoped. Set items are more powerful since you can get an added boost if you get the rest of the set. Legendary items should be great enough on their own, and a few are, but most just get tossed.

Wouldn't it be great if you could make some of those legendary items useful without screwing up the game balance or economy? I think you can. Here's how:

Socketed legendary items can CONTROL what bonus the Gem adds.

In other words, if I have a socketed shield and an Emerald, all I can get is +DEX. However, if I have a LEGENDARY socketed shield, I can CHOOSE to have +DEX or +CritDmg or +ExtraGold. I simply choose from a little menu when I insert the gem what I want and I can alternate in town just like skill changes. There would be a cool down and I'd lose any stacks if I changed, just like a skill change. Still, that flexability would bring a TON of legendaries back into the useful column. Being able to get Crit Dmg boost on a Helm (or anywhere really) would be HUGE. Want a UBER Magic Find suit? No problem! Just load up your legendary armor with TOPAZ and choose MAGIC FIND BONUS! Everyone will want any socketed legendary they can find! No more throwing away legendaries!


ALTERNATE SUGGESTION: Give any combination of any 2,3,4,5 Legendary items a "Legendary Set Bonus"

This Legendary Set Bonus would apply as long a you have at least 2 Legendary Items equipped and would be stronger based on level. So, let's say 2 Legendary items gives you Resist All. The Resist All would be based on the level of the AVERAGE of the legendary items with a base of lvl 15. So, if you had two legendary lvl 15 items equiped, your resist all would be +20. If you had 2 lvl 30 Legendaries equipped, your bonus would be (x2) for a +40. This would continue up to lvl 60+ at (x4) and your total bonus would be Resist All +80.

Legendary Level Avg:
0-29 = base (1x)
30-44 = 2x
45-59 = 3x
60+ = 4x

2 items = resist all +20
3 items = All above bonuses + Crit Hit Chance +3%
4 items = All above bonuses + All Stats +5
5 items = All above bonues + Attack Speed + 3%

Or something like that..... It might make using a sub-premium legendary more useful than a rare or even set item given the bonuses.

Just trying to figure out ways to give the average player a chance to compete with the ubers and also trying to make more legendary items useful. When people are just tossing 80% of the legendaries away, something is seriously wrong. Those items should be desirable. Always.
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How about a finished game?
For a start we could have more than 3 viable Affixes that are so random that they make 99% of the drops useless and force people into AH/RMAH... and maybe some endgame etc.
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