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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


A revamp of the socketing system and socketable items as a whole.

I wrote a fairly in depth post on some of my ideas about a week ago, linked to here for those interested.


The TL;DR version as well:

  • More gems. Skulls and diamonds would be awesome. Skulls give life steal (weapons), LoH (helms) and armor (armor/other). Diamonds give attack speed (weapons), dodge chance (helms) and all resist (armor/ other)
  • Give breaking down items a chance to yield a unique equip socketable glyph giving one of the affixes of the item it came from. Glyphs have a set durability and cannot repaired
  • Remove sockets as a random magical affix and allow the jeweler to add sockets for a gold cost, in addition making the socketed item account bound (but still able to be broken down for crafting materials). This allows the socketing system to enable lots of gearing diversity and act as an effective item sink
  • Add a 3rd type of socketable items, runes, also unique equip, that give affixes that can’t otherwise be gotten in game. Examples include Pierce Chance, Mulitshot Chance, Chance to Proc D2/LoD skills, Increased chance to spawn health globes

/shameless plug
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Ability to Decline All pending friend requests. Seriously Bliz, if you can't stop gold seller spam, give us at least that. I have 26 requests since Monday night.
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Number 1 feature I would like to see?

A special flag on my account that gives me a great legendary every 15 minutes ;-)
I'd like to see more in Diablo 3.

Also give us reasons to go in act IV.

I would like to see an improved crafting system that makes sense. Crafting is about making your own weapon, yet you get random affixes? If you're making your own stuff, true crafting would let you choose your affixes (I would suggest through gem drops that you infuse into your item during crafting). Those affixes shouldnt be able to roll as high as dropped legendaries though.

I would also like to see more dungeon sets / pieces in the sets, and a truly randomized endless dungeon.

A wider variety in the legendaries. Knowing what it is before you ID it is just silly. There should be hundreds of lvl 60+ legendaries. Not one per type of item.

Ladder races like PoE. Highest level, most enemies killed, most legendaries found. that sort of stuff.

Fix Shen's "Victory" speech so i can finish my achievements for conversations!!
ID all button.

Higher monster density in acts 1, 2, and 4 to be on part with act 3. Or at the very least, if there are less monsters, they should be worth more xp and have higher mf built into them so that farming any act you want makes sense. When the entire community farms the same act, you know something is off.

More gem types

Offline mode
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I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)
I don't really have a FEATURE that I want so much as a goal.

Here it is: when I go into the class forums, I want to see discussions on class mechanics. Right now, what I see is discussions on EQUIPMENT mechanics. Usually, it's equipment mechanics that support one of a few very narrow builds.

I want the promise of flexible, interesting builds to be fulfilled.

If the build is interesting, people will talk about the vague categories of equipment that will support that, rather than giving really specific dollar figures to tell you how much it'll cost you to be good at the game. Obviously loot is part of the game, but frankly, the discussion in each forum looks mostly the same. Thousands of builds per class, and the discussion centres around which boots are best. Ugh.
bring back RUNES some new ones too.
well seeing this is a game about killing monsters and getting loot, more monsters and improved loot would be a good start :(
take all stats off gear. gear is now only cosmetic

make a gem system that completely replaces stats on gear = full customization

make gear socketable to a certain amount depending on the armor piece.

make weapons completel vanilla as well, just like my gear idea, being able to be socketed.

make us grind for materials to have our weapons enchanted. fire monsters=fire drops to enchant

make shoulders be separate from eachother so you can mix and match them.

I could go on and on but ....
Map Randomization and more varied monster types. When you examine the monster mechanics, they tend to fall into some very predictable patterns:

Ranged dude
Melee Dude
Temporarily Invulnerable dude (Sand Sharks, Leapers)

I come after the updates, keep an eye on the forums, but when I try the game after updates, it still gets boring again in no time.
Everything that d2 has and then some
The whole game honestly needs to be re-made. I would wait a year or two if they fixed it.
Allow us to search for any affix, so I can finnaly search for Hota mara amuler and Hota soj ring, and Hota skull grasp... Please for the love of all that is holy Blizzard why can this not be allowed?
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Not necessarily the #1 feature which I want to see... but I wrote up the following proposal for an open world/free roam mode a few days ago.

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