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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


not my #1 but i suggest crafting all gem in inventory in an instant vs gold available/cost of craft
imagine crafting 7pcs up radiant star from flawless square = boring
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1) HC server stability/ DC protection. (After losing my HC Barb on A3 inferno to trash white mobs, I'd have to say that until the issue is fixed I refuse to play HC anymore. 20 secs of not being able to control my Barb, followed by being booted to the menu but unable to restart game w/ connection error messages, booted back to the sign-in page only to log back in and see my barb finally dead is sickening. There has got to be a better answer to the problem if they refuse to allow an offline mode. 5 sec max to DC and auto pause on connection spikes, something! Please fix this already.)

2) "Report Player for Leeching" option. If a person gets reported by enough people they're blocked from public games for 3days+ up to a perma ban from public games ect. HC leecher scum need to DIAF.

3) Changing skills/Progressing through acts should not remove Neph Valor. Being able to adapt to mobs w/ random affixes or switching from multi target to single target build for a boss is how the game should be played. Adapting to a changing group make up on the fly instead of picking 1 cookie cutter spec and never changing makes the game dull. There are alot of skills and runes that would get more play if people were allowed to adjust their choices to the situation w/o fear of gimping their magic find. 5sec max CD for changing a skill outside of a town is plenty, the current CD is beyond excessive.

4) Meaningful crafting. I'd love to do something w/ all these rares besides vendoring them. Allowing people to add sockets and adjust stats on gear would be awsome. Doing so binds the piece to you. It's expensive and also costs mats. Wanna remove that Healthgobe bonus on your ilvl 63 boots and add pick-up radius or movement speed? 5mil gold, 10 fiery brimstone/20 iridescent tears/ 100 Exquisite Ess./ rare feather drop off a boss = 1 random roll into MS. Only got 8 MS% and you wanted 12? 1 brimstone, 5 tears, 50 Ess and 500k gold for every additional point. Same cost for every 10 points into a base stat ect. You can not exceed the max possible roll or number of affixes for your pieces' item level, making ilvl 63 legds still the most desirable. Being able to adjust my gear to a build or playstyle would be fun, and give way more purpose to the endless grind of crap loot. I wouldn't be ticked that i got a bag full of "useless rares" because i need those mats to improve my gear. Reduces AH glut because everyones D/Eing their crap for mats instead of tying to sell bad gear, creates a new market for BS mats, and a great gold sink for the endless sea of gold in the game. Food for thought.
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My #1 request would be IDENTIFY ALL.

for the moment...
...and reserving the right to name something else as the #1 issue, after this is fixed (cuz it certainly will be, right blizz?)...
...and u know there is a list of about 1,000 things to choose from...

...I +1 this. IDENTIFY ALL.
I would like to see a bonus dungeon after you beat inferno ... check out my thread:

Game Lobby

I dont understand why they took this out?
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Palette swap for Legendaries.

Allowing the dyeing of Legendaries is a start. And I thank Blizz for that.
But I would like them to go further.

I want my Demon Hunter to wear what looks like the Sovereign Mail here:
while still retaining the benefits / functionality of her Legacy Natalya's set.

I want my wizard to wear what looks like the Archon Armor while retaining the functionality of his Vile Wards, Storm Crow/Mempo/Andy's visage/Tal Rasha Chest armor/Nat's boots.

Palette swap will:
1) make all these ugly problems go away.
2) provide an item sink (if salvaging items is required as part of the cost).
3) help make all our heroes look unique and personal
4) fully utilize all the beautiful armors that Blizz artists worked on but never seen again past level 60.

I will love you forever, Blizzard, if you implement this.
Here's what I would want...

An item generation system that let you take massive amounts of useless rares, legendaries and set pieces and turn them into one, focused roll on a single item where you influenced what the roll would be.

There could be different levels to this reroll. 30 brimstones might buy you a straight up reroll at the blacksmith of any existing legendary, i.e. you spend 30 legendaries worth of brimstones for a single chance at rerolling one legendary that you own and want a decent roll on that rolled poorly. We're only talking about essentially adding a 3.3% increase to total legendary rolls here, nothing game-breaking, but this system lets the player that wants to generate their own gear and not sift through endless iterations of items posted on the AH do so without breaking the game.

Beyond that, the player could *risk* even more materials for more direction in the items they were trying to generate. For every level 60-63 item salvaged, each could have an equal chance to generate a crafting item that when sufficiently accumulated, would guarantee that the crafted item would get a random roll on the property added, e.g. 20 components collected that rolled 100-150 dexterity would guarantee a roll in that range on a new item. Up to 3 such properties could be randomly added, guaranteeing that with 20 components collected from rares that each gave e.g 100-150 dex, 7-9 atk speed and 20-40% crit that the new rare item generated would possess each of those three properties, plus 3 other randomly generated ones.

We're talking about burning hundreds of appropriate rares to make one desired rare here, not uber items dropping out of the sky, but at least any individual character played would have a substantially higher chance at generating the item they need (not unlike the current ring and amulet) for long efforts, instead of fighting against a random number generator that may never yield what they're hoping to find.

I'll keep it concise and stick to top 5.

1. ID all

2. Auto-loot (with custom loot filter settings)

3. Itemization

4. Non-dependability on AUCTION HOUSE (don't know how you achieve this but just do it blizzard, i wana kill monsters and find loot, not play the AH)

5. Dota or LoL style PVP :)

P.S. Get rid of the AH/RMAH if need be to achieve # 4
#1. Arena Death Match PVP. That was a blast at BlizzCon. It's a shame it was scrapped.


#2. D2 Style Chat Lobbies. Make this game feel like other people are actually out there playing. There is no offline mode, yet it feels like that's all I play. Let's go social, brah!

#3. Custom Game names with objective options and ability to make a PVP game. I've noticed in the PTR, the only way to duel someone is by spamming in the crappy chat channels "Who want's to duel, invite me" C'mon, that's lame.


#4. Bring back Scroll of Companion :)
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I'll keep it concise and stick to top 5.

1. ID all

2. Auto-loot (with custom loot filter settings)

3. Itemization

4. Non-dependability on AUCTION HOUSE (don't know how you achieve this but just do it blizzard, i wana kill monsters and find loot, not play the AH)

5. Dota or LoL style PVP :)

P.S. Get rid of the AH/RMAH if need be to achieve # 4


First off eliminate the RMAH yourself by not using it. There problem solved. Dota or LoL styple PVP are you insane?
returns of skill trees
team death match and a objective based game mode..if there is more variety. there more replay data and more fun more or less..best hope for blizzard.Also way less lag please.
1) Can we have something like if i left click on a monster it get highlighted and my character starts to auto attack it until i do something else?
2) May be it's i'm not doing it right but the chat system is a mess. Can we at least have party channel always top?
3)Palette swap!!! This is important. It is a rpg and we care about how we look. One of my friends quit the game after gets into nightmare cause his barbarian looks like well barbarian again instead of some sort of champion couple levels ago.
4) Buff monk, cause i'm using him : P
I mean thank you for the buff on 1.07. But as many people have already pointed out we lack energy to use those skills. For duel ward monk we attack fast, atk speed is one of the main source of our dps while skills based on weapon damage means much less than skills increase out total damage output. For two handed monk, it takes them much longer to regenerate the source they need and mean time they loss lots of damage for not duel ward. So plz at least increase the resource gain for two handed monk.
Apologies, I know it says #1, but I couldn't resist. It is also a compilation of other people's ideas, so I take no credit for it, but I think it is worthwhile repeating.

10) Increase drop rate of lower level sets and legendaries only. Encourages 2 level 60 chars achievements and keeps a fun pace. Finding legendaries once a week is not fun.
9) Tighten item stats. Level 63 1H AS, Crit Dmg, Crit Chance, etc and 200 DPS is not fun to find.
8) Increase Movement speed. Boots with 12% speed are mandatory, why? You increased the pick up radius. Why not the speed too?
7) Decrease gear dependency. In D2, even blues were useful. Why? Because character with high enough level could actually survive. Yes, I know the AH is important for cash flow, but at least make the characters a little stronger. A Nephelem (sp?) is godly solemnly because of its gear?
6) Increase monster density on Acts 1 and 2 by 200% for nightmare and up. Increase to 50% for Acts 3 and 4. I know MP increases difficulty, but I am speaking of hack-n-slash god-like power, kill by the hundreds with 1 sweep fun. It is supposed to feel this way, right?
5) Lock item and skill slot option. During frantic fights and raging selling, mouse missteps occur.
4) Alternate Skill set or Build set save feature.
3) More gem variety. What happened to diamonds, skulls and sapphires? On a side note, emeralds are still #1 even with the ruby buff. How about AR or IAS? Make sockets an important part of the game.
2) Option to turn off the pop-up conversations. God, they were really cool first few times, now, it is just annoying!!
1) Finally - ID all feature!! Yes, efficient farming has become the priority.

I know you guys at Blizz need to save some features for the expansion, but I am quite sure that your creative minds will come up with even cooler stuff.

Tool tip on AH for upgrades, would be very useful especially if you're looking at 2 items but don't know which one gives you upgrade the most than the other item.
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8 players to a game and we able to create our own game with our own title. Travel to and fro acts using wp.
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Skill points/skills DPS not based weapon
A mode or server cluster or something that has no auction house. All trades done on that server the old fashioned way.

It would involve creating a new system to encourage trade, but I think the game needs a section of it with no auction house for those that want to play that way. All loot would feel so much more valuable if you didn't just peruse the isles of uber loot in the AH like some sort of Tristram Wal-Mart.

Looks like this idea will lose out handily to stuff like "Identify all" but I really wish the game had this.
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Elemental weapon effects, similar to what was shown in alpha.
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