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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?



1. Weapon switching from D2.
2. Voice chat.
11/30/2012 06:19 AMPosted by Saturos
Please add an endless dungeon with an extremely large number of monsters and elites and random environments!

A well made endless dungeon system would be very good indeed.
Also, some kind of passive skill tree to upgrade specific aspects of our characters, kind of like League of Legends or Path of Exile (Yeah sorry to bring a competitor's name, just wanted to use it to explain my view).

Keep the current skill system but add some ways to specialise it a bit more!
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Hope to open completely custom skill set.I'm a DH in the game, the left mouse button to have many skills cannot be set, make me feel inconvenient.
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1. Weapon switching from D2.
2. Voice chat.[/quote


1. Weapon switching from D2.
2. Voice chat.

weapon switching is a good one to add
Quest do add one socket to unsocketed weapons.
Skills that can be upgraded so that their damage output, CC effect and range can be increased.

As in: Elemental Arrow, Frost Arrow: Increase the damage by increments of 15% and the AoE by increments of 1 Meter. Add 3% Chance to freeze with every upgrade.

Upgrades can be earned either through using a skill for a certain time - for instance one upgrade per 3 Paragon Levels - or through Blacksmith plans and gold, 2 mio per upgrade.

Upgrades are capped at a maximum of 10.

Of course, this is a bit more like Diablo 2. Which is a good thing.
Boss loot tables redesigned to include a legendary droprate similar to that of a keywarden
The #1 feature I would like to see is some form of end-game besides farming act 3 and the AH.
I don't care if it's PvP, ladder, some sort of infinite or ranked dungeon/tower, or whatever. Just something to end this mindless monotony that is the current end-game.
Skill points. Get bored to see 90% weapon damage skills all the time
How about an NPC in town that will identify all items for either a fee or free of charge? I'm dumb enough to pick up every yellow item I come across and it would be awesome if an NPC could identify all of them at once!
8 players in-game:
  • more players
  • more exp
  • more quality drop
  • more gold
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    11/30/2012 07:52 AMPosted by Gigabyte
    add plans for a hellfire ammy so that you have a choice between a ring or ammy

    read patch notes...

    Id love to play with more than 4 players... But for the content thats available right now, and the density of mobs... I can't imagine that being good.

    -id love to be able to combine Gems

    -it would also be fun to find runes, that you have to attach to your skill runes

    -Allow on foot travel between acts
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    And we've been asking for this for ever ( endless dungeon )
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    PvP and more mobs in game.. Endless paragon idea also nice.
    i want flail :(
    Items with a variety of "plus skill" properties, items that change skills or make them plain better or with new properties.
    Much more improved legendaries and set items

    -Better loot drops:
    More reasonable items... not too random or weak like now.

    -Monster density in other acts that are not act 3

    -Skil points after lvl 60 or some sort of personalization.

    For the love of god... make the blacksmith worth something.
    And make the jeweler be able to forge runewords or special gem combos or something i dont know.
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    I want more significant and fun things to do with my friends. Raise the player limit per game and give us more EXCITING things to do together. Farming keys was a decent start.... but give us something GOOD. I don't know what that is... surprise me. Team deathmatch sounded fun... I don't know it doesn't have to be PvP. Just.... SOMETHING FUN.... with friends, or even pubs it doesn't matter. Why do we have to play so isolated
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