Diablo® III

What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


AH app for smart phones!
I wish it can be out by end of next year!
Mother of God, can we please get more different legendary and set shoulders so not every character is wearing Vile Wards, please please please, I Beg of you Bliz, pretty please.
11/30/2012 05:43 PMPosted by Vaeflare
I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)

ok i lied


steam-games is picking up linux, why not give it a shot bliz?
I wrote this post to reply to this thread
but its full so I'll post here instead since its my suggestion on how to improve the monster power system.

Hardcore-related suggestions1. Make us fear for our life again.Right now, top level characters have almost no way to die except by DC.In d2, there were scary places/monsters that made even top players fear for their lives.Add those places/monsters in, add in rewards for fighting those monsters, thanks.

I am also a paragon lvl 100 hardcore barb (EU) and I agree that hardcore has become less enjoyable now that monster damage is lower. A few patches ago I had to min/max my defence and plan ahead before engaging any elites in Act 3. Now i just rofl-stomp MP4/5 with half my focus on the game and the other half watching streams/TV/forums because i can pretty much not die. (doesn't sound very hardcore or fun:P) Increasing MP won't help since its not efficient at all for farming.

Monstor powers were a good idea but i think the scaling design was not ideal. Right now every character has 1 or 2 monster powers where they will farm most efficient depending on dps, so in reality there are 10 monster levels but not 10 real choices of how to play only 2-3. The monstor power system should reflect what the game was like before when each act got harder but you also got the chance for more rewards in a higher act so it was a real goal to strive for. If they increased monster damage and also loot drops/MF alot more with higher monstor power then playing at higher MP becomes a real goal to strive for and defensive stats would also help you farm better making gear choices even more interesting as well as skill choices as you need to consider defensive stats and not just max out dps.

The MP design i mentioned will also help counter-act the broken-ness of barb ww spec since this spec's effectivesnesss scales too well with higher monster health and would be less effective agaisnt against mobs with higher damage but not exponentinally higher health. It would also help caster classes scale at higher MPs since part of their defence is killing something faster and they would be more effective vs mobs with double damage and triple life rather then 1.5x damage and ten times the life.

IF I or anyone else has the best gear in the game wouldn't it make sense that farming MP10 should be efficient because you can take the high damage mobs deal and do the required dps to kill stuff for lots of loot. Current system seems very flawed since with with the best gear you can go MP 10 where mobs do like 0 damage have huge amounts of life and drop low loot for time spent killing them while farming low MP is the most efficient even it its barely faster with the best gear than for someone with low gear and movement speed increases who is farming MP0/1.

Imagine how amazing and fun it would be to crank up the MP to fight hard mobs for a challenge and for lots of loot. The only practical reson to do high MP now is for keys or ubers but not farming which is basically what Diablo is all about.
11/30/2012 06:19 AMPosted by Saturos
Please add an endless dungeon with an extremely large number of monsters and elites and random environments!

This x9000
I would love to see a self-found gamemode added, no auction house, trading, gold prices, economy, botters, or bs to worry about.
That would be nice :)
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For Banners: to be able to write something on them, like a motto "Diablo is Coming", so it's more of a coat of arms than just a banner.

not the number 1 feature i want, since pretty much everyone named everything i wanted, just an idea.

but really i just want MORE in general!
Lag protection in hardcore. Hands down
Skill points.... simple as that.

With paragon however it will make it very demoralizing to re-spec (as in make a new character.)

I love spec classes.

Also - more items with a smaller gap of quality that makes though think strategically about what item to wear (so not mempo, viles, echoing fury, manticore, ect)

Charms or.... TALISMAN might be neat as well ;)
8 players again... 4 is too low.
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11/30/2012 08:12 PMPosted by rogerwtf
AH app for smart phones!

Good one!
11/30/2012 07:14 AMPosted by Saga
how about a dating service LOL
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11/30/2012 08:19 PMPosted by AKBE

Ya I am all for some more classes!
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1. Raise run speed cap to 36%.

2. Have stats nominally increase, like pick up radius and added health from potions and run speed, as directly related to increase in paragon level.

3. Ability to combine 3 of the same hellfire ingredients into one of your choosing.

4. Since 99% of legendary drops are still poop, make them drop more often.
11/30/2012 03:43 AMPosted by kamikazekuso
Skill points post lv60

i like this idea too, or at least some way of 'specializing' in certain skills

it would add a lot to item diversity if +1 skill or +1 ability affixes returned. skill charms were huge in d2.
What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?

Allow us to record our gameplay and save it like it does for screenshots. I know we can do it with other program but it's cooler if there's a build-in feature for it.
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