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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


I want the ability to weapon swap in Diablo 3, we had it in Diablo 2 and it was an amazing feature that i'm sad to see that the new Diablo team failed to understand.

This isn't really a feature but I want the new Diablo team to get off (or Jay to) their lazy !@#' and remove the worthless affixes such as Life on Kill.

For the love of god can we please have a default pick up radius of 5 yards?
Capture the flag!
i just started my own thread actually...

i miss CRUSHING BLOW with a passion.
no more stupid auction houses
Auto-loot aura now picks up everything (gear, potions, plans, etc).
You can toggle exactly what it picks up in the settings.

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Please add an endless dungeon with an extremely large number of monsters and elites and random environments!

11/30/2012 07:51 AMPosted by pichapiegal
to be able to leave comments in AH items. would love to have a couple of words with some item owners

Three things from the first page that Blizzard should put in. #1 would be awesome, #2 they should just do a Jar of Souls that lasts longer than a minute (and probably not in Act 1, lol), and #3....should've been implemented by now. (I realize that "everything is anonymous", but some things are just beyond crap and are up for prices way the hell too high. a "Report stupid/troll" button!)

For the love of god can we please have a default pick up radius of 5 yards?

Maybe only like 2-3, but having to step into gold is just useless.
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I really wish the Tal Rasha set bonuses were changed. I don't understand the logic behind the design at all.
1. Social Aspect
2. PvP
3. Increase to 8+ players cap per game
A donation AH. I made a thread about it many moons ago.

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- Stop Exploiters - Captchas to stop bots from playing games, longer timer on trade windows to prevent scamming

i was thinking of this the other day as well. make some inherent way the game can prevent botting and cheating instead of having to track accounts and ban people. Captchas would save the team a whole lot of time they can devote to the game itself.
#1. Fun-tastic abilities added with crazy runes to make odd builds synergistic.

Sorc spell where each rune on it causes all your spells to deal damage of a different element type(fire/cold/lightning/arcane/physical) and add passives that can make a crazy elemental builds work.
Tag Shrine, like oldschool Gauntlet Legends!
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11/30/2012 09:26 PMPosted by Montus
Capture the flag!

I really want this bad lol......
Offline gamemode, at least when server is unavailable.

OR at least offline Hardcore.
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please implement an appearance tab or transmog feature in D3 because my character looks ridiculous with top half being all plate armored from IK set, and the bottom half is naked cuz i use Depth Diggers pants, and my ice climbers are a shiny sky blue which doesnt match my IK black set. its so ugly.
Record for everyone to see the Most consecutive kills u get, the most kills in one blow u get, and record the highest crit damage u get for bragging rights!!!!
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1) +1 to pick up radius. Most of the time, grabbing gold is easy but it's annoying to dance around like a leprechaun for 2 seconds to pick up that juicy stack of 3000+ gold. Not asking to be a vacuum cleaner like a gruesome feast WD or a gold find bot, just want to pick up the gold if I am literally standing on top of it.

2) more elite affixes, as long as their not more of your beloved control impairing effects, I think we have enough of these right now.

3) This one has been suggested probably 1000 times by now on threads most likely dating back to the beta: identify all. Haedrig could do it. He's a blacksmith. He can build an item in 2 seconds but can't tell me what the heck I have in my hand?

4) Topaz in weapon gives IAS instead of thorns. 14 gem levels:
0.5% 1% 1.5% 2% 2.5% 3% 3.5% 4% 4.5% 5% 5.5% 6% 7% 8%

5) Diamonds!
Weapon: Effect similar to empowerment shrine but not nearly as powerful (obviously).
Helm: +armor.
All other gear: +resist all.

11/30/2012 03:34 PMPosted by Aurex

Yes! I would throw a rare Jew in my armor with 30 int, 20 dex, 17 vit, 23 fire resist, 3% crit damage!
i'd like to significantly lower the down time affiliated with identifying items and using my town portal. having a cast time to identify items (except maybe legendaries) is really annoying after a while. the same goes for casting portals, especially after D2 which did both instantly. perhaps just have everything but legendaries automatically identified before you pick them up? also, see my post history for my lengthy thread on ideas for possible auction house changes.
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