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What is the #1 feature you want to see in D3?


end of the beta and fun
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11/30/2012 11:20 PMPosted by jvfroman
the ability to build gear from the ground up, of course with extremely high materials and gold costs. i want all the stats that i need with no wasted propertys!!

This does sound really cool lol, or even some kind of reforging like was already said providing a way to at least partly do this.
Comma's implemented in the trade window and AH
Switch Weapons
1. A LOT more legendary and set items for 60+ levels.

2. Better stats for legendary items

3. Class specific items should have affixes for the class, not int on might belts etc

4. Necromancer class, guardian or a tank class

5. Set items need to have incredibly awesome set bonuses for 3/4/5 items not crap bonuses

6. Monks need most of the passives changed to useful skills

7. Increase skill slots to 5 or 6.

8. Increase set item drops

9. Identify All

10. Increase inventory slots

11. Gear swap
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I have three, cross class builds, 100 New Paragon levels every 6 - 8 months ( kinda like a ladder reset but you still keep the same characters), and Paladin but I sure they will have them in the next expansion unless they are crazy.
I' like to see an option in the gameplay options (checkboxes) where you can choose what would be walk-over looted. Gems, JC/BS pages/books/tomes and pots can be chosen and next to each checkbox a droplist where you choose the lowest quality which should be picked up.

The items will be picked up just like gold and also affected by the pick-up radius.
11/30/2012 03:52 AMPosted by XiaoBing
Item sink in softcore

^^^ this.
Uber Diablo Walks The Earth + MORE SYNERGY http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200061788
Forgot to add:

Better loot drops for ubers!!!!!!

The ubers were meant to drop good stuff but its even more crap than the usual boss drops.
bring back socketing!
11/30/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Scourge
My #1 request would be IDENTIFY ALL.

11/30/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Illuzion
Spec skill points. Every 2 para level you gain 1 spec point in which you choose to improve rune skills. In order to reset the skill points you have to hunt act bosses to obtain 3 essences each in order to craft a Skill Reset Token.

I vote for dis 2
Make the atmosphere of the game more scary/creepy like D2 was. eg. the D2 blacksmith was a beast chasing me when i was undergeared. Other than Uber Magda and Skellie, all monsters are a joke in D3.
-More player in game

-Clan or faction

-New map for battle flag or something like this

-Unlimit player special event would be awesome
I think it would be really fun if you could use another of your own characters of a different class as a follower, maybe after you achieve a certain paragon level. Of course they would be appropriately debuffed to not be too far out of line with existing followers.

I feel this would give great incentive to build more than one character. Right now a lot of players are pretty much as geared as they're going to get, and if they do play a second character they sell everything off the first and buy all new stuff. Everyone being motivated to build (at least) a second character would help move all that less than perfect stuff that's languishing on the AH.
1. Return of the Gothic style of the previous games (especially the music, and more worn-out colours; wouldn't mind if someone modded this stuff in, dunno, but I don't think this would be that hard)
2. More specific quest rewards (like a legendary item of some sorts, that way end game farming could become somewhat more interesting. That item could be a reward for completing the whole Act from start to end for example. I know there is now the Hellfire Ring and the whole Key farming stuff, but in my opinion, that should be just the first step, I want more of similar stuff)
3. More low-level sets that are not crafted from the blacksmith.

Those are the top three things I'd like to see brought to Diablo 3 (in that order)
Soulbound items. Extreme random items you find in gameplay that cant be sold or bought.
For "you" only...
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12/01/2012 01:39 AMPosted by SimonLand
-Clan or faction

I really would like something like this, since it would be cool to have more social aspects to the game.
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I always find it interesting seeing what features appeal to each player and their different preferences and playstyles. Even in this thread alone, there are quite a variety of different answers and ideas and some of these are very much on our radar. We definitely appreciate the continued feedback, and aim to make Diablo III the best game it can possibly be. :)

How about instead of talking about it, YOU DO IT! You guys talk a great game! "we listen to our gamers" "thank you for your patience" blah blah blah...

Ok I call your "We listen" Bluff....how come still no PVP? You didn't hear that one?

Ok...How come we are force to play Online still" when there are superior games out NOT forcing DRM down our throats?

OK..What about the thousands of botting complaints? Working as intended?


Please...I know the Blues are just helpless minion/messengers, but don't insult our intelligence!

Hey calm down lol.

Edit: Did you get lost while looking for a QQ thread?
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