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struggling with mp 3+

hey guys i just came back to play lately and have noticed a huge difference in these paragon levels with MP
my gear isnt that amazing however i believe i have enough AR and LS to even farm Mp3 but yet i struggled to kill some packs.

my profile - http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Infextious-2524/hero/3610789

if anyone can help me go in the right direction what stats i need to fix and what i need to run efficiently would be great help

btw i have checked alot of posts but nothing has quite helped me what im looking for .

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I'm no dual wielding expert, but I suggest getting a higher DPS MH weapon.

Your core stats in general are extremely low. 1200 Str? You need to nearly double, try to get to at least 2k Str. You could use a bit more Vit, too. I try to stay around 40k HP. I'd say you should at least shoot for 35k HP for now.

Your Armor to AR ratio is off. You've only got 3.6k Armor but you have over 500 AR. You'll want this to be closer to a 10:1 ratio. Try bumping your armor up to at least 5k.

You have some LS gear, but you don't do nearly enough damage for it to matter. Switch to LOH until you get some better DPS.

Gear I would upgrade first:

Belt - nice little extra modifiers, (movement, IAS, CD, LS, CC), but zero stats? You can get 200+ Str and some decent Vit easily on a belt. Those damage modifiers don't do any good if you don't have any base damage to begin with.

Chest - horrible chest. You can get a ton more Str and Vit than this in the chest slot.

Helm - +life and socket with +life is nice... if you have some base HP/Vit to work with. +19% of something very small is... still very small. Get a helm with more Str, some Vit, some CC, and a socket, if you can afford it.

Your jewelry, bracer, gloves, and shoulder seem fine for now, focus on the three I mentioned above first. After those three, I'd look at legs/boots next.

Good luck!
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I would like to add to jansenmd's post.

LS is effective at about 100k dps. I like to measure it by the skill HotA. If I can crit for at least 400k (No dmg increase rune), then LS of about 3% will be effective...for any skills I use. I say this because When I had 80k dps, it was enough (with 500% cdmg).

I agree that the first three upgrades should be Belt, Chest, and Helm. Specifically look for an IK belt with about 130 str or more. That way you won't have to worry when you drop LS from your main hand...because you need a new main hand. Your offhand is QUITE nice (only way it would be better is LS instead of LOH..and possibly str haha). You're going to want an Echoing Fury for 3 reasons: Weapon Master passive, faster attack than a sword, and higher min/max damage. The godly ones with str, cdmg, socket are about 1bil on an average day, but the one i have (161 str, 56 cdmg, 1150 dps) was only 6 mil buyout 2 weeks ago. I recommend getting one with a socket instead of cdmg though if you have a 70% emerald or better. When searching, look for average damage of 720. This will yield minimum damages of 540+ and maxes of 930+

And of course, you DEFNITELY need more str. Like jan said, double.

Happy hunting!

EDIT: Oh yeah, the reason I recommend Echoing Fury for attack speed increase is because it frees up your gearing options...such as str,AR,cc,cdmg...whatever you need. IAS takes up a lot of item point allocation on gear.
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hey guys i took what you said and i upgraded my chest and belt (belt actually dropped for me and i got a lucky roll for strength none on AH near that amount) as for the helm o got as much life as i could im back up around 40k mark
also got a lucky drop with the OH it was a 5.5k dps increase so i took it i duno why the LS % seems to do it for me i only tried mp2 im gonna bump it to mp5 now and see if i can hold out

i have 5 million gold now anything you recommend a buy for a good start?
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Now that you have high attack speed from weapons, it's up to you, but you could get rings with cc,cdmg (max is 50 on ring), str, and damage.

I recommend dropping some damage from your left ring (even though it's super high!) in favor of cdmg of 30 or more (while keeping ~4.5 cc). If you drop the ias from the right ring in favor of cc, you can then afford to drop to 4.5 or 5 cc on bracers that have higher AR (70+) and above 100 str.

Unfortunately, while Andariel's is super cool and fun, you will have great difficulty on higher mps because of the increased fire damage taken : / An IK helm would give you cc and more survivability. Even a low-end one. That way you could just swap helms between andariels for farming (low mp) and high mp (specifically anything that hits you with fire, haha).

Also, since you now have the IK belt (grats!), you can probably look for a replacement offhand that doesn't have loh. Look for one with higher DAMAGE not necessarily DPS, a main stat 100+, cdmg 50+, and socket.

So to answer your question: look for a weapon. Save up and wait for one that you like. By comparison, I found my rare offhand (809 dps, 104 str, 264 vit, 99 cdmg, socket) for 5 mil.

*bought it because I needed vit
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Statement regarding LS being useless at less than 100k dps is false. It works at 40k if you get 3 sources of LS. Its much cheaper and will scale better with increasing dps than LOH.

also dropping the average damage from your MH ring for some crit will not make much difference in overall dps. If you sub a dps mod for raw damage, get one that will make the build easier to use, like ias. You need 24 total ias on gear to hit the 2.86aps breakpoint on your OH. It might be a reach, but lacunis are always useful for an ias slot and the MS. If you go through the hassle of using an ef in your MH and get an ias OH, why settle for the 2.5aps breakpoint? If I weren't trying to hit the 2.86aps bp, I would not use the EF in the MH.
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Your armor and resistances are kinda low to tackle mp5 and up. Your damage is not high enough to make up for the lack of mitigation with LS. And mainly, you need about 10k health.

You can either improve your armor (optimally through Str), increase your LS (MH or OH), or increase your DPS (mostly a little CC and about 100 CD).

You have more LOH than you need, 300-400 is fine for the times you need it, I suggest selling the blackthorns and get some pants with 250 vit. You need to work in a lot more health somewhere and that is where I would do it since rares go up to 300 vit on legs and chest.

Last point - andarials with high fire damage is going to give you a LOT of problems in the higher MPs. Moltan, fire chains, desecration - all will blow you up with andys on. Sell that sucker before it kills you.
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Andarial's Helm can be good, but just not the one you have. If you look at the one on my DH you'll see what I mean. I wouldn't even look at one without all res and single digit +fire dmg.

In the end you'll probably want to equip either IK or Mempo, but Andy can be an option if correctly balanced with other gear (i.e. vita and +fire res).
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