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100K DPS/100K HP Club: Show off your build..

I know. But 100k+ hp is a huge health pool safety net that even DHs here with 100K hp say they don't need most of the time or they are using hp to facetank. I'm just saying 100K hp isn't the only or best way for any class, even DH, to gain eHP. The OP's goal (100K DPS/100K HP) doesn't make any sense to me. .

Case/Point: MP5 Act 2 Key Run, hit a waypoint with 3 elites packs and 1 or 2 trash mobs. Nowhere to run or hide from that as DH unless you want to pull even more mobs in...affixes include vortex, plague, frozen, fast, illusionist, desecrator, etc.

How many times did I die? Zero. You can say use gloom or whatever, but it runs out and you will be vortexed into the middle of a mob. If you don't have enough Hp or eHP or whatever you want to call it you will be dead before any of your skills recharge enough to buy you time. Another person in my group died several times.

600K eHP lets me ignore arcane, desecrator and plague so that I can DPS constantly while other people are using their Top 3 Control EG HUK style skills to run. That's the point. You don't do any DPS when you are running or dead.

Beyond that, I'm trying to mix it up so the game stays fresh and interesting AND I can keep learning about DH. I can only do so many Act 3 MP2 Alkazier runs before I start to go nuts.
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125k dps barb here, dont know if profile is updated
600k ehp
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90 Pandaren Shaman
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I'm going for max hp and max int on my witch doctor.

Only at like 50k dps and 85k hp haha.
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*space ghost flex*
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some people don't understand and simply never will. gj on 100k hp club
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200k+ dps barb here
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I got enough EHP to where I never die.

Then went to growing my dps while keeping that EHP.

Best way to farm for items.
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To each his own. Being the most efficient xp/item farmer is certainly a logical goal for most people.

My goal is to create a balanced and powerfull character. Why? Because I like it. It wont be the most xp/hour per se, but its pretty damn fast anyway.

Then there is ubers and grouping at mp7+, I cant count the times I have carried groups. WW barbs dying left and right and I have to solo bosses or elites and ress 3 people. Happens more often then not.

dp stats: (Remko#2173)
DPS Unbuffed: 103,958.53
EHP Unbuffed: 1,815,596
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100k dps is kind of low isn't it... I have trouble with everything. need MOAR DAmAGES
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250K DPS Wizard with Glass Cannon. I have a decent amount of AR, but need to improve my Armor and Vit.
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160K barb (on profile, but 117K in diabloprogress) with 800+ EHP...
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I only play barb soft core since i have no so much time but i know for sure you don't need so much hp!!!
Every build depending on a static stat like vitality will collapse without life Regen or life steal.
So, people try to make balanced builds instead of focusing to one thing.
You cannot make a barb an insane DPS unit because is nature tank and you cannot make a DH a tank. What you can do is try to find the balance point so you can survive in higher levels and pvp and pve. And yes this is possible
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OH GOD THIS THREAD! Something new to shoot for. I'm nearing 700 AR/7k Armor [unbuffed] but I'm seeing a maximum 65k hp. I need to gather up another 35k while maintaining the dps and the mitigation >.<
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What your aiming for on any piece is max main stat, crit, attack speed, CHD, vit, all Res, and life % or armor if you can get it. and any special stuff like mana regen on mojo or something. so how is 100k hp not optimal? 200k hp is what we are all shooting for, or higher i havent done the math. quite thinking the diablo we play today is anything like the diablo we will play in 6 months.
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11/30/2012 08:43 AMPosted by whoopadeedoo

If you played more than a two characters maybe you would realize HP is more beneficial to other classes than the barb.

Also when you reach inferno on Hc let me know just how stupid 100K Hp is.

100k hp is not optimal for any class. You're eating up a TON of affixes for health pool instead of mitigation (or damage).

Note: None of the top DHs have over 50k hp. The average is around 38k by my math.

And DH's are the #1 complainer class about dying constantly to Reflect damage.

Oh also, I can swap my gear back out.. but I am 109k HP and 150k DPS. Also my armor and Resist All are at a good place even with the extra vitality 650/5000. I get that swapped out soon as I log online.
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Anything beyond 50K HP seems superfluous to me. HPs are only there so you dont get one or two shotted. about 500K EHP does that. For everything else there's LOH, LS and ar armor.

The reason why the later are more important is it doesn't matter what ur HP are could be 1m HP you'll still die in seconds with no ar, no armor and no method to get life back to a reflect electric pack because so much dmg will get to you.
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