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My character looks stupid



Just add the option to dye legendary already.

Is what my barb looks like.
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you should listen to jay wilson's answer when he was asked why there is no character customization. "it was a lot of work with very little benefit"

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MCAtyuSleTk go to 4:15 mark

He was referring to the appearance of your character's body, not their armor, and saying that customizing your beard or skin color wasn't very beneficial because in the end, you'd be wearing a helmet and armor that would cover your hair, face, and body. And this is true with regards to legendary items, which cannot be dyed, so you can't see your character's body. However, if they had made ALL armor customizable, instead of only non-legendary armor, then his statement wouldn't be true. Here in 1.0.6, when everyone goes for practically the same gear set for their respective character, being able to customize legendaries would go a LONG way in terms of character uniqueness.

I honestly can't imagine how such a respected company didn't see this in advance. Sure, it's one thing if your character is using a different skill set -- this adds uniqueness. But if everyone looks the same, you're not going to feel like an individual, no matter how unique your build is.

i was aware of the fact that he was referrin to the character's physical features. the reason i posted the clip link was helping Deadlysynz point of the careless laziness attitude of the dev team and the game director. u can clearly see this in jay wilson's answer to the customization question. u can also see it in "legendaries" when the game first released
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Everyone just look the same after patch 1.0.5 because best in slot legendary is the same...no customization on character appearance whatsoever!

but i really ROFL on the half naked barb with a fluffy cute ice climbers !! hahaha
yeah my barb looks like !@#$ wearing a pair of ice climbers. if only we could dye legendaries.
We want character appearance customization!

Please blizzard.
happynikon's Medieval Magic Mike


Yea, those 2 look kinda silly. Sorry.
12/11/2012 02:57 PMPosted by WhiteVirus
Medieval Magic Mike

Yeah, was just thinking that Ice Climbers look like stripper boots.


I'm all for as much customization as we can possibly get!
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this is a little off topic but i dont understand jay wilson and his team's decision to scrap character creation option. i would have loved to show off my barb if i was able to apply war paint or tribal tattoos on his body. id even make more than 1 barb just to make another unique look. why Blizzard South? why do you limit the players options? why do you restrict the options we have(dying legendaries)? this is 2012.
I have a similar problem.........
The Depth Diggers looks suck on Barbarian.
Could that be more decent.......
Or simply let us using the vanishing Dyes for some unfavored legendary pieces.
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a transmog feature would also give use to legendaries that are currently useless. there is no way in hell im gonna use a butcher's carver over my skorn but i would keep it in my stash for transmogging later. this would raise the value of the item and also make it worth playing normal, nightmare, or hell again. we want transmog! it only makes sense!
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I have a similar problem.........
The Depth Diggers looks suck on Barbarian.
Could that be more decent.......
Or simply let us using the vanishing Dyes for some unfavored legendary pieces.

using a vanishig dye on your deph diggers leaves you with a brown kilt... thats just another problem
And mine looks sick with vile wards and scII wings!
A transmog feature similar to wow's would definitely add more replay value to the game.
Some of the lower level items look great.
Mempo helm is the most ugly helm in the game. What is with the nasty grey hair in the back? please make an option to hide gear.
+1 to sorting this mess out.

Ok legendary dyes, and ones that make them look like another bit of gear, def up for that.

But these Barbarian clothes actually need sorted at source. Tyraels Might, Cinder Coat and Blackthorns are all harnesses/sports bras. At 60 all the armour for a barb is full plate gear, so why are lvl60 legendary armours that specifically show heavy armour in the pics some sort of leather bondage wrestling straps? It looks so stupid to be half in plate, half gimp, did they ditch the blackthornes set helmet that was a studded strap with an orange ball in your mouth? So silly.

I think Nats looks sick on a female DH, and so do Innas. I tried my hunters Innas on my barb for 24% move speed, ugly, ugly armour, took them off. Had a Ty Might chest, tried it, once I had finished crying I sold it, wait for the cash for proper lacunis, at least theyre descrete.

I think when I wizard wares something liek blackthrones it should look like shes wearing chain mail/plate armour, same with Barb, as that is what it is. Zunni boot son a wiz look ridiculous, they should retain a witchdoctor vibe.

Dye can sort out a lot of them, some sort of model swapping dye the rest, but the barbs lvl 60 leg/set items need sorted out from the ground p on principal, skin an existing model, make it a quick job, but sort it, and put some thought into it in future.
this is what i want my barb to look like

this is what it actually looks like . . .

You should not be so judgemental, when your barb looks sooooo FABULOUS....... @@ LoL....
You should respect your barbs decision to come out....
All he is missing is the blackthorn chest so he could YMCA pelvic thrust all the demons village people style. :D
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Self Conscious barb:

i only wear depth diggers when i play solo. i keep my archon faulds in my bag just incase someone joins my game

Don't want them ladies seeing some skin? O_O
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